'Still Red Hot' - Virgin Atlantic Campaign


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'Still Red Hot' - Virgin Atlantic Campaign

  1. 1. The Virgin Airlines campaign is called „Still Red Hot‟, this typeof campaign is a commercial campaign which is trying to sellVirgin Atlantic airline ticket to go and explore different cornersof the world. The main message of this campaign is to getpeople using their airlines as they are persuading manypeople that their airline is the best airline to use whentravelling. This airline has been around for 25 years until nowas and they are trying to tell their target audience that theyare „Still Red Hot‟
  2. 2. The Virgin Airline‟s main target audience are young adultswho are frequently travelling around, tourists and people whoare able to afford to travel around and for both sex. As thetarget audience are young adults who travel often, thecampaign enforces this idea through the attractive genders intheir promotion of this campaign. Through the different typesof promotions it is very easy to spot that this airline is foreveryone.
  3. 3. „Still Red Hot‟ campaign uses a wide range of different strategies andmethods to reach it‟s target audience. They do this through; adverts,T.V interviews, Magazines, Billboards, Posters, leaflets, their websiteand much more.The strategies used for this campaign highlights all the positivessides of Virgin Atlantics, and all of these are done through the list ofmethods above. The methods persuade people to use Virgin Atlantic‟sairlines as they promise to be the best airline across the world.
  4. 4. Virgin Atlantic has been very successful as in the space of 2moths they have mad about £5 million in 2002, this is an epicincrease as their airlines are the “best”This airline is one of the best airlines for jobs as they employover 1,900 employees and they are also very good at trainingthem.Customer feedback show that Virgin Atlantic have a 89%success rate in helping many people over come their fear offlying.
  5. 5. One of the important techniques this campaign uses isposters. Through the use of posters they are able to advertiseVirgin Airlines. The poster on this slide is very eye catching asthe colour red stands out, also the cartoon of a women is veryattractive as they are showing that their airlines are exactlyhow it shows to be on the poster. Furthermorethe poster have contact details and the officialwebsite of this campaign, they also show thepricing to travelling to different places roundthe world and from this people would be able totell that this airline travels around the world inmany cities. The images on this poster is verysuitable as it is consistent in all theiradvertisements
  6. 6. Another technique which is used by the campaign is a T.V advert. The link below is of the advert is trying to persuade, inform and attract the target audience of this campaign. Through one advert they have shown all their target audience. The technique of this advert is constants as the colour „red‟ is shown in all their advertisements, this is because red is a really attractive and vibrant colour to remember and through this colour the campaign would be recognised.http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&feature=endscreen&v=gIqwUV-qOiU
  7. 7. The final technique which this campaign has used is to havetheir own website. The print-screens below are of the websiteand the image on the right is an imagine of the same cartoonfemale which was used in a poster, and the other imageconnotes where the airline travels. The website shows all thedestinations people could travel to, and most of all they havetheir own holiday package on offer. This technique make manypeople aware of the offers this airline makes and most of allthe website contains a lot of useful information about thecampaign and most of all the colour scheme on this website isthe same as all of it‟s advertisements