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Short Film Research


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Short Film Research

  1. 1. The history of short films began in 1910’s in the United States ofAmerica. The custom in film making was to include a feature followedby a single or shorter subject. The short films could be animated or liveaction. The theme of the films in the earlier history of short films wasusually comedy. Short films were usually in the structure of traveloguesback then.However in the 1930’s short films began to die, but in the 1955 anothercompetitor made a remarkable short film that was the rise of television.Charlie Chaplin started making short films then later began as a comicactor.
  2. 2. Love field combines elements ofhorror, suspense and drama A tocreate a story that takes theaudience on a roller coaster ride ofemotions.This Nike short film is advertisingtheir products, using young actors toget to their most important targetaudience which are teenagers andyoung adults.They use a lot of imagery and fastpictures to attractive any audienceand give them a feel of how thingsare with them.
  3. 3. Talk to Frank advertises theirservice where they help andshow you the consequencesof drug abuse they use a lot ofpictures and good graphics totrick our minds which makesus want to watch it more.
  4. 4. The conventions of making a good film is first of all making it short adding lots of animation and imagery also graphic designs. Making it new so it attracts a lot of publicity.Also because it so short there should be a strong message sent outfor example “talk to frank”, where they try to send a good messageacross on how bad drugs are also another purpose of short films is that it can also advertise things like Nike trailers to advertise their product.