Evaluation Of Our City Life Street Dance


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Evaluation Of Our City Life Street Dance

  1. 1. Our group of dance performance were all well organisedbecause we rehearsed the dance routine also we madesure that we were all doing the right moves for the dance. Toillustrate how well organised we were, we made a ‘V’ shapeat the beginning of the dance and changed the ‘V’ shapeinto two straight lines, this looked effective because wecame up with it together as a group. We communicatedwell with each other and knew what we liked and dislikedabout the dance that we had come up with so theretherefore we knew what we had to do and how to perform itso it looked outstanding.We were in our school uniform so therefore our costumeslooked the same instead of it being city clothing. Ourcostumes should have looked different because then itwould of looked realistic, professional, and colourful so itwould have looked like a good street dance. Different typesof clothing important in a dance because the audiencewould be able to tell what the characters (dancers) mightbe like and what job they might have, so costume is reallyimportant to have in a dance also different types of clothingwould make the dance look interesting and lively.We were full of energy when we were performing our dancebecause we kept moving around and doing differentmovements that we came up with. Once we started todance we kept dancing until we came towards the endingof the dance, we were full of energy and therefore we didnot stop. This was really effective because if there was noenergy in the dance that we were performing then ourdance would have looked really boring and unorganised,from watching the video clip you can tell that we were full ofenergy.
  2. 2. We should have used different levels in our dance so it wouldhave looked enjoyable to watch. Our city life dance shouldhave had at least eight different levels at different timesduring the performance etc low, medium and normal levels.If we had done this then our dance would have looked reallyeffective, by doing this it would have looked professionalalso it would have improved our dance. If we were toimprove our dance we should have used low levels to makeit look interestingOur style of dance was street dance. This is because ourdance was based on city life so we had to come up with asort of entertaining dance that people would normally seeyoung teenagers doing in the city. The way we performedthe dance it made it look like that it was a street dancebecause the style of our dance was street dance. The styleof dance that we choose to do was really entertainingbecause it was based on city life, how the city is like andhow the people of the city might be like, we showed thisthrough our dance.We should have used more props to represent differentpeople’s roles in the dance so they know how the city is likeand what sort of people live in the city, also it would havelooked really good. We should have used bags, books etcbased on the style of our dance. Props help by creating areally good realistic story about the city life, by doing this ouraudience would of understood the theme of our dance.