Annotation Of Local Advert two


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Annotation Of Local Advert two

  1. 1. From just looking at From the facial this you can tellexpressions Rover tell The you can that the play isthat this is a truly sad about two people play. because of the image. The person who This is the wrote this play name of the was a famousplay, so people witter.know what theplay is called. Romeo and Juliet The date of the By William Shakespeare play, so people Musical Play know when it is. Date:The price of ticket, Thursday 6/24/10 at 7:30pmso people know how Running time: much it is. How long the play 2hr 25min is. Purchase of tickets: £31.07 Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy written by a famous writer called William Shakespeare. Romeo who is a Montague goes to a party and at the party he met Juliet, immediately he falls in love with her. He later finds out that Juliet is a Capulet but still he doesn’t care because he loves her. Romeo and Juliet fall so deeply in love that no one can separate them, unfortunately their families do not agree of their relationship because they cannot forgive and forget about the past. Friar Lawrence agrees to get the lovers married thinking that the fight between the two stubborn families will end. However the hatred between the families gets worse. Juliet does not want to get married to a man that she does not know and does not love, so she
  2. 2. arranges with Friar Lawrence (the priest) to fake her death with asleeping potion that will make her sleep for hours also that will makeeveryone one think that she is dead. Friar Lawrence promises to tellRomeo to meet her when the potion wears off and to take her with him to Mantua where Romeo currently staying. There they will live happily ever after without anyone knowing that she’s alive. Sadly Romeo does not receive the message send from Juliet on time, hegoes to the tomb where he sees Juliet lying beautifully, peacefully, and relaxingly. Romeo drinks poison and dies, Juliet’s potion wears off. She finds her lover dead and cannot take it so she takes hisdagger and stabs herself. The two families find the bodies and theyshare sorrow, at last they make peace with each other because theylearned that fighting wouldn’t get them anywhere, it only leads them to death and sadness. A paragraph summarise the play called Romeo and Juliet.