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PDF forms, digital signatures and workflow in Microsoft SharePoint


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PDF forms, digital signatures and workflow in Microsoft SharePoint

  1. 1. PDF forms, digitalsignatures signatures andworkflowWebinar will start shortly
  2. 2. PDF forms, digitalsignatures signatures andworkflowEnhance your PDF form based processes with
  3. 3. Now works with Easy and straightforward tool,Nintex which enables PDF formWorkflow collaboration in SharePoint 3
  4. 4. Case study 1/4Change of addressrequest• Reuse existing form• Deploy it to SharePoint• Integrate to workflow• Start using 4
  5. 5. Case study 2/4Integrating PDF form• Integrate PDF form with SharePoint• Map required fields• Deploy the form• Adjust settings 5
  6. 6. Case study 3/4Modifying workflow• Add PDF form read action• Choose what to read• Choose data path• Modify PDF form• Finish workflow adjustment 6
  7. 7. Case study 4/4Filling the form• Distribute the form• Receive filled-in forms• Run through the workflow• Successful completion 7
  8. 8. Why PDF?Advantages of PDF• Same look and feel• Better compliances• Free Adobe reader• Offline compatible• Digital signature support 8
  9. 9. PDF ShareForms Technical aspectsEnterprise 9
  10. 10. PDF Share Forms workflowactionsUsing Nintex API• Easy to integrate• Same look and feel• PDF form related actions• Supports both static PDF and dynamic PDF/XFA forms• Nintex variables can be used in Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms• Support of SharePoint 2010 and upcoming 2013 10
  11. 11. PDF ShareForms Live demoEnterprise SharePart 1. Simple integrationwith Nintex and PDFForms Advanced examplePart 2.with PDF Share Forms,Nintex Workflow, Nintex Formsand ARX CoSign 11
  12. 12. PDF ShareForms Q&AEnterprise 12
  13. 13. PDF ShareForms Get your freeEnterprise trial today Ask us for more details and free trial 13