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Staying Current With Technology


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Staying Current With Technology

  1. 1. Staying Current with Technology at the Loyola-Notre Dame Library
  2. 2. Staying Current with Technology at the Loyola-Notre Dame Library
  3. 3. Staying Current with Technology • In our profession there are good resources
  4. 4. Staying Current with Technology Very interesting survey on differences between students and faculty on the use of technology DENVER -- Professors think they are doing reasonably well when it comes to using technology in the classroom, according to a survey released here this week by CDW-G at the annual meeting of Educause. Not everyone agrees with the faculty view of things. Consider these statistics from nationally representative samples of students and faculty members (at two- and four-year institutions, public and private). Asked about their use and their institutions' support for technology, professors said the following: 75 percent said that their institution "understands how they use or want to use technology." 67 percent are happy with their own technology professional development. 74 percent said that they incorporate technology into every class or almost every class. 64 percent said that they teach in what they consider to be a smart classroom. Sounds like a technology savvy professoriate. But when students were asked whether their professors understand technology and have integrated it into their courses, only 38 percent said Yes. Further, when students were asked about the top impediment to using technology, the top answer was "lack of faculty technology knowledge," an answer that drew 45 percent of respondents, up from 25 percent only a year ago. And only 32 percent of students said that they believed their college was adequately preparing them
  5. 5. Staying Current with Technology Kindle for the Academic November 3, 2009 By Alex Golub E-book readers are all the rage these days --
  6. 6. Staying Current with Technology Tweeting in Class November 5, 2009 DENVER — Do Twitter skeptics really believe the popular microblogging service
  7. 7. Staying Current with Technology Hope or Hype on the Cloud November 5, 2009 DENVER — Meeting in the Mile High City, it was inevitable that the 2009 Educause
  8. 8. Staying Current with Technology Five Tech Themes for 2010 By JENNA WORTHAM The third wave of mobile applications - information into a program for analysis. Location, location, location: Start-ups like Hot Potato, Foursquare, Grindr and UrbanSpoon have generated a lot of buzz for their forays into the mobile location- based arena, but it’s only the beginning — particularly in light of the new geo- location features made available to
  9. 9. Staying Current with Technology Continued decline of the wireline: Close to a quarter of households in the United States rely exclusively on mobile phones, according to a recent report from the
  10. 10. Stayingmy colleague Nick with Web TV: As Current Bilton pointed out a few weeks ago, ditching Technology But the set-top box and watching TV online is little more than a few clicks away. while his set-up was admittedly more complicated than simply connecting your laptop to a big screen, it will get easier in 2010. In addition to start-ups like Clicker and SetJam aiming to make it easier to find what you want to watch online, Apple may even start peddling a
  11. 11. Staying Current with Technology All Your Memories Belong to the Web: Evernote, the popular note-taking service, recently announced it had hit a major milestone by surpassing two million
  12. 12. Staying Current with Technology Google’s Nexus One phone or Apple’s iPhone Pico’s mini projector