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PDF3D Value Needs/Solution Business Benefit


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PDF3D Value statement, why is 3D PDF important, what is core need, what problems are solved, how 3D PDF is used to address these needs. PDF3D Integration packages offer solutions for distinct cases, SDK toolkit for direct integration, server deployment, or end-user desktop applications. See for more details.

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PDF3D Value Needs/Solution Business Benefit

  1. 1. Technical 3D PDFDocument Generation
  2. 2.  Universal Client Cross-Platform Win/Mac/Linux > Billion Adobe Reader Installs ISO-32000 + PDF/E (3D) Date: 3/6/2012 Slide: 2
  3. 3. • Need to Democratize 3D Data o Remote Location Sharing o Collaborating o Reviewing with complex 3D models o Public Web distribution o Avoid Special download, installs o Avoid custom learning curve o 3D Viewers ARE NOT 3D Documents, loss of context with supporting info Date: 3/6/2012 Slide: 3
  4. 4. • Share 3D Models With Collaborative team o Remote staff actively participating in workflows o Identify and resolve issues earlier o Improve Efficiency• Replace static 2D screenshots o Publish key models in 3D PDF file o Interactive Review & Exploration• Free Adobe Reader users can o View, Interact, Select Objects o View model layer relationships without specialized viewers Date: 3/6/2012 Slide: 4
  5. 5. • Produce easy-to-share 3D PDF files o Single PDF Combines All Project Information o Integrated Project Report • Protect Sensitive Content o Share 3D analysis results in PDF without sharing native files o Add file securityDate: 3/6/2012 Slide: 5
  6. 6. IntegrateIntegrated ModellingAnalysis to ApplicationsPDF, OEM “Save-As 3D PDF” Automate Indirect Batch &Production Webserver Collaborate End-User 3D Model File FilesConversion Date: 3/6/2012 Slide: 6
  7. 7.