Prendergast vale house_evening 23rd_october


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Powerpoint presentation from the house evening. 7 Cibber information.

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Prendergast vale house_evening 23rd_october

  1. 1. Welcome to our HouseEvening
  2. 2. English Curriculum Mapping TERM 1 TERM 2 TERM 3 TERM 4 TERM5 TERM 6 Studying and English in the English in the From play to Cultural Cultural using world of the daily world stage Understanding Understanding language. imaginationWriting for Real Novel: Holes, by Non-fiction and Drama in Introduction to Myths andand for Pleasure Louis Sachar Media performance Poetry Legends Each term takes a primary focus on reading, writing and speaking and listening.
  3. 3. • Students are learning to assess their own and others’ work using National Curriculum criteria.• We use the assessment focuses from the Assessing Pupils’ Progress scheme to help students to improve specific skills.
  4. 4. Term Term 1 Term 2 Term 3Content Ch1 – Integers and Ch7 – Calculations Ch13 – Transformations decimals Ch8 – Probability and symmetry Ch2 – Sequences Ch9 – 2D shapes Ch14 – Surveys and Ch3 – Measures Ch10 – Functions and data Ch4 – Fractions and graphs Ch15 – Calculations decimals Ch11 – Percentage and graphs Ch5 – Representing and ratio Ch16 - 3D shapes and data Ch12 – Expressions construction Ch6 - Expressions and equations
  5. 5. • Before half term all pupils will be given a homework book, which includes a CD of the book we use in school• Pupils have access to a website called To log on to the site they need username: pvalecol password: number Assessment in Maths• Topics studied are assessed formally at the end of each term through an end of
  6. 6. • Student work is assessed using the assessment focuses from the Assessing Pupils’ Progress scheme and the national curriculum level descriptors• Tasks used for assessment include practical activities, verbal and written communication tasks as
  7. 7. A variety of tasks will be set including:• Levelled test questions• Research tasks• Spellings / definitions• Longer answer explanation questions• Creative tasks• Revision and learning homeworkAll students will be equipped with the Collins revision guide for the purposes of supporting them in their learning. This book should remain at home for support with their home studies until it is no longer required and can be returned*
  8. 8. Year 7 1Introductionunits 2Royal powerReligion in ourworldEmpires andtrade Humanities: 1Earth’s power 2Revolutions Autumn Autumn Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer Summer
  9. 9. Assessment in Humanities:Students will be assessed on their levelin all four Humanities subjects atintervals throughout the year.They will also self-assess and receivefeedback on their homework tasks.
  10. 10. Autumn Spring Summer Me myself I /Yr 7 identity Portraits Photogra Exhibition phy Project:Art Portrait painting/ Dressing up/Lucian Freud Skin tones Cyborg Masks African/ Ventian/ Death Masks Portraitur Theme Graphics- Graphic portraits (CAD Food -(Arcimboldo) Food Resistant materials -Pop Art Big Idea / IndustryTec Textiles - Monsters )Branding/Typography types/classifications Plastics ProjectYr 8 Environment/ the world Photography Printmaking Architecture. Dan Cruickshanks/Fantasy Ceramics: The Lewisham Tapestry: Illustrated Ceramics Exhibition Project:Art Buildings Grayson Perry and Clarice Cliff Theme My World Textiles - (Grayson Perry The Resistant materials- Walthamstow Tapestry) Graphics - Drawing: Perspective, Architecture 3D Wood Applique, sublimation, Food (local narratives) foods Big Idea / IndustryTec Projections, Architectural CAD (laser cutter) embroidery machine from around the world ProjectYr9 Still Life - the natural world v mechanical worldArt Drawing and Painting Mixed media pieces Ceramic SculptureTec Resistant materials- Food - Graphics Textiles Big Idea / IndustryYr 10 Themes
  11. 11. • Art and Technology is assessed in accordance with National Curriculum Levels on a termly basis.• All HW is marked for Attainment and Effort and you can see this in the back of the Art sketchbooks.
  12. 12. Each student studies Physical Education for a minimum of two hours forty minutes over the duration of the timetable (not including options).. All students across the College study Health Related Exercise. Each year group study five different sports with a mixture of team and individual aspects.
  13. 13. DAY Before School LUNCH 12.15pm – 12.45pm AFTER SCHOOL 4.15pm – 5.15pm MONDAY One to one golf Year 7 and 8 - Racquet Year 7 and 8 Girls – Football lessons with Mr Academy (Tennis, Badminton, Mr Dewes – Sports Hall Dewes – Table tennis and Squash) Appointment only Mr B – Sports Hall TUESDAY One to one golf Year 5, 6, 7 and 8 – Golf Year 8 Boys – Football lessons with Mr Academy Mr B – Sports Hall Dewes – Mr Dewes – Sports Hall Year 7 and 8 Girls – Netball Ms Appointment only BoundsWEDNESDAY One to one golf Year 7 and 8 - Racquet Enrichment Activities – all lessons with Mr Academy (Tennis, Badminton, students Dewes – Table tennis and Squash) Mr Temowo – Secondary Choir Appointment only Mr B – Sports Hall (every other Wednesday) Year 7 Boys – Football Mr Dewes / Mr Cinnamon – Sports HallTHURSDAY One to one golf Year 5, 6, 7 and 8 – Golf Year 7 and 8 – Basketball lessons with Mr Academy Mr Temowo – Sports Hall Dewes – Mr Dewes – Sports Hall Year 7 and 8 – Lacrosse Appointment only Miss Bounds – Primary MUGA Year 5 and 6 – Football (Boys and Girls) Mr Dewes – Secondary MUGA Year 7 and 8 – Badminton Mr B FRIDAY One to one golf Indoor football Year 7 and 8 – Staff Sports (No students) lessons with Mr 2nd Team Mr Temowo – Secondary Dewes – Mr Dewes Choir (every other Fri) Appointment only
  14. 14. Students across the whole school study general musiconce every two weeks, and have the opportunity for anextra whole-class music lessons through the optionscurriculum.In these lessons the core aim is to build students’musical ‘thinking skills’, that is their understanding ofhow music works, through the development ofinstrumental, vocal and general performance work.Year Current Unit Future UnitsAreas of study rounds7 Singing vocal Keyboard skills; Percussion8 Intro to popular song Song writing; Guitar Skills
  15. 15. • All students study Spanish for three hours per fortnight, in two 90 minute lessons.• In the first term the year 7s have been focusing on the topic of themselves, learning how to recognise and give information about their names, ages, birthdays and family. They have also been working on their speaking and listening skills• Grammar is a vital part of learning a language but is incorporated into the topics instead of learning it as a separate subject.• The pupils also have the exciting opportunity of a Spanish assistant who has been taking them out of lesson for 15/20 minutes of small group conversation. This has proven a big hit!
  16. 16. • It is really important to reinforce what has been studied in a Spanish lesson at home, so homework is set every lesson.• All the year 7s have been given a homework booklet and often their homework is a couple of pages from this book, to work on what they did in the lesson and check they understood it.• Vocabulary learning is also a common homework and it is one that parents are encouraged to help with!• The pupils are assessed in all four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing, and each skill is worth 25% of their overall grade.
  17. 17. Debating is run through the Debate Mate programme, where mentorsfrom top universities come to coach our students.
  18. 18. Debating gives students:• More confidence• Above-average progress in Science, English and Humanities• The chance to compete against other schools• Enjoyment!
  19. 19. So far, we have watched films datingfrom 1931 all the way up to 2009.We have watched silent films, blackand white films, musicals and films fromother countries.Students have been writing reviews forpublication on andrequesting films for future screenings.
  20. 20. Muay Thai encourages Students will have a weeklyphysical fitness , develops lesson in Thai boxingstrength and balance, and delivered by a visiting promotes self discipline. instructor from Keddle’s Gym (based in Orpington). This club has an established history of training title holders in a variety of different martial art disciplines but its foundations are based in Muay-Thai. The gym has produced a number of European and World Champions.
  21. 21. • Pupils learn about a variety of Genres
  22. 22. This enrichmentsubject encouragesstudents to thinkdifferently and reflecton how they canmake a difference intheir local community.
  23. 23. • Running and other forms of aerobic exercise do so much good for our minds and bodies• Running and the ability to maintain activity for a length of time are vital skills that can be applied to a number of other sports, making running a good training technique for a variety of athletes. Additionally, running qualifies as a life sport; one in which participants are likely to maintain over their life spans.
  24. 24. Once chosen for the team you need to sign and return the contract that you would be given, before we can move. on. Comply with all the rules stated on the contract. Have fun and be ready to work hard in training and win matches .
  25. 25. • The Fastest game on two feet.• We are have a squad to play competitively
  26. 26. • Pupils are building up a business plan to start up a school enterprise.• Do we have the next Alan Sugar in PVC?
  27. 27. • New technologies will provide students with the opportunities to access some of the latest cutting edge technologies. Current projects include: Future Projects:• Microcontrollers such as the Makey Makey – Lego NXT Mindstorms- will that can turn anything into a games controller allow students to solve everyday problems with robotic technology.• Augmented realities. Students will explore the world of augmented realities, design their own 3D model in Sketchup and then use – Raspberry Pi and Arduino- developing software to create their own students will explore the augemented reality object. world of programming
  28. 28. • Pupils are working from patterns to make Skirts and Shorts
  29. 29. • We are excited to be able to offer your child to study not just one but two modern foreign languages at key stage three with the addition of French to the options timetable.• French is an important international language and is one of only two languages spoken over 5 continents (the other being English!).• Pupils study French for 90 minutes a week and it is possible to continue in the following terms with intermediate level.• French will also be offered as a GCSE option for those who have taken French as an option during Key Stage 3.• The pupils are writing letters to a French school at the moment, which is a great chance for them to establish some links with real life French culture and language.
  30. 30. • Lewisham Music Service will be providing small group instrumental tuition. On a range of instruments including: voice, piano, drums, winds, reeds and brass.• Choir takes place on Fri and Weds• ‘Come and Play’ sessions give students opportunities to practice
  31. 31. • Students will have the opportunity to go into primary sessions.• They will act as a mentor as an older brother and sister to one pupil in the primary• They will develop their leadership skills and act as a
  32. 32. T1 Per Gro Year 6 Year 6 Year Year 6 Year 6 Year 6 Year Year 6 Year Year 6 Year 6 Year 6 Year 6 Year 6 Year Year 6 Year Year 6 iod up homewo homewor 6 homewor home homework 6 homewo 6 homework homew homewo home homew 6 homewor 6 homewo rk club k club home k club work club home rk club hom club ork rk club work ork club hom k club home rk club work club work ewor club club ewor work club club k k club club club 4 7C Tyra Eshak Alex Rache Jonat Shafiye Matth Ades Tracy Reid a Pun Ormes l han el ew ewa Walo Harris Etuk Chowd Brown Afola Oyom hury bi bo/Ibr ahim UddinM2 Per Gro Receptio Reception Year Year 1 Year 2 Year 2 Year Year 3 Year Year 4 Year 5a Year 5a Year Year 5b Year Year 6a Year Year 6 b iod up n 1 3 4 5b 6a 6b 2 7C Joe Marc Micha Nelso Nath Sasha Bailey Shan Bradl Whitehe O’Co el Etuk n an Holdwa Hills e ey ad nnor Bitcha Scarl y Prize Dirien ett man zo/Di nni Cabd ullahi
  33. 33. Cibber Prep Time / One to one meeting with Mr DewesName: Shane PDate of meeting: 23rd October 2012Agenda1 checking of planner2 Subject work3 Behaviour4 AOBMinutes1 checking of plannerPlanner is looking extremely smart with work recorded and headings filled in. Well done.2 Subject workShane has received a number of praise stamps including Art and Humanities. This is excellent so pleasekeep it up.3 BehaviourNo behaviour records have been logged which is excellent please ensure you say well done to him.4 AOBAn excellent start, I am hoping to see this continue
  34. 34. BehaviourThe Learning Code Procedures Consequences
  35. 35. The Learning CodeIn perpetuum.....• Following the reasonable instructions of adults the first time they are given.• In the right place at the right time doing the right thing.• Behaving towards others as we would want them to behave towards us.Discimus
  36. 36. Returns meeting Collect one-day replacement from Parents may be contacted and Any students who has been Incorrect uniform issued with a temporary school office at start of day asked to bring in replacement MUST attend the returns meeting at the end of that day. Failure to attend will result in At start of period 1, collect one- social exclusion or further Forgotten school equipment day replacement from teacher consequences. Head of House will be informed In the Primary phase, class and may issue consequences teachers will be expected to raise these issues with parents at the earliest available Late to school Sign in at the main office opportunity.Personal electronic devices and Parents may be asked to come in Confiscated Secure storage or disposed of other banned items and collect from Head of House Late to lesson Resolution at break/lunch/after May be referred to Director of school within Faculty Learning for subject/phase Lack of subject equipment/homework Teacher follows behaviourInappropriate behaviour in class Teacher may follow up with DOL flowchart below (warning, yellow for the subject/phase card, red card) Head of House may enforceInappropriate behaviour outside Teacher may enforce immediate further sanction (e.g. social of class sanction or refer to Head of House exclusion)
  37. 37. • Parents should check diaries daily.• Check HW is recorded and is being completed on time.• Look out for incomplete HW stamps.• You can write notes to teachers in the diary
  38. 38. Attendance• All students strive for a minimum of 97% attendance• If your son/daughter is absent from College you MUST contact the College absence hotline (020 8297 3540).Punctuality• All students must be on College site for 8.25am• Lateness to College isnot acceptable andwill be dealt with onthe day