Community day the power of certification


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This is my presentation I gave at Belgian Community day last week, talking about the importance of being IT certified. It explains the updated credentials MCSA and MCSE, followed by tips and tricks on how to prepare, register, take and pass the exam in a better way.

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Community day the power of certification

  1. 1. #comdaybe The Power of Certification IAMCT – International Association of Microsoft Certified Trainers [Peter De Tender]
  2. 2. Agenda• About the speaker• Microsoft Certification Overview• Preparing for and scheduling an exam• Test-taking tips and how to succeed
  3. 3. About the speaker Belux@iamct.or g #PDTIT Peter De Tender - #MCTBelux
  4. 4. Microsoft Certification OverviewMicrosoft CertificationOverview
  5. 5. Value of Certification
  6. 6. Changes to the Certifications and Exams Broader Skill Certification Relevance Set Rigor Requirement s Deeper Skill Recertification Set NO MORE MCITP CONFUSION
  7. 7. Microsoft Certifications Solution/cloud focus Microsoft Certified Solutions Master (MCSM) Master Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert Expert (MCSE) Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) Associat e
  8. 8. MCSE and MCSD certifications
  9. 9. Study for SuccessHow to prepare yourself
  10. 10. Topics covered on the exam Replace the Ns with your exam number to find your prep guide: NNNList of available languagesSecond tab shows Skills Measured.Third tab shows Preparation Materials, including a link to theLearning Plan for the exam.
  11. 11. Use multiple methods Listen to an expert MCT Watch the Complete the Read about describe the task being task on your Assess the task task completed own Yourself Practice Tests Instructor- Training Kits led training E-Learning Virtual labs Certguard
  12. 12. Community resources Microsoft Study Peers and User Born to Virtual groups colleagues groups Learn Academy (MVA)
  13. 13. The Single most important preparation methodPractice practicepractice
  14. 14. About taking an examAbout taking an exam
  15. 15. How to register for your exam Special Rescheduling Accommodation s fee Extra 30 Exam fee (varies minutes for by country) ESL candidates Call or visit m
  16. 16. During your exam ThinkAnswer the POSITIVE—ones you Trust your You can doknow first instincts Don’t rush it!
  17. 17. How to interpret the questionsAll questions have Business Problema consistentanatomy Goal StatementQuestions are not One or Multiple Correct Answersintended to trickyou Multiple Distracters
  18. 18. Question types go beyond multiple choice Extending Matching Code Case Choose Hot Area items Review Studies All That Apply Short Answer Code Active Screen Drag & Drop Build Lists Best Answer
  19. 19. Multiple Choice Items
  20. 20. Extended Matching Items
  21. 21. Case Study Example Item
  22. 22. Drag & Drop Example Item
  23. 23. Short Answer Code Example
  24. 24. After the examAfter the exam
  25. 25. Scaling converts the raw score to aScoring common scale Allows for comparisons from one administration to next Ease of communication Based on input from SMEs, minimum qualifications for competency, and difficulty 700 ≠ 70% of item pool After the candidate submits the exam, the testing software automatically compares the answers selected by the candidate against the answer key provided by Microsoft
  26. 26. How to PRO: Windows Server 2012, Installing & read your score report Configuring Mrs. Certy Fication tc7lon57c3 Friday, November 13, 2012 gb4 70-410 0294A8 YOUR SCORE: nnn 789 PassIdentifying and Resolving Deployment and Client Configuration Issues (19%) Designing Application Packages for Deployment (17%) Designing a Windows 7 Client Deployment (15%) Designing Client Configurations (16%) Designing a Standard Image (17%) Planning & Managing Client Life Cycle Strategy (16%)
  27. 27. After you leave the test center Within 48 hours: receive MC ID in e-mail from Microsoft Passed? Get temporary access code for MCP site Tips: • Keep printed copy of score report Within 2 weeks: associate MC ID to Live ID & access MCP • Register with a valid e-mail address site • Set spam blocker toTranscript and transcript sharing tool, certificates, Logo Builder… accept e-mail from • Keep your MC ID handy! At any point: get help from your Regional Service Center
  28. 28. If you didn’t passIf you didn’t pass... Don’tcry
  29. 29. Try, try again Practice the Schedule Review your objectives Take a break your exam score report you were again weak on
  30. 30. Q&A
  31. 31. Some help for your next examWho wants to win a freeexam voucher? (value 150 Euro!!)
  32. 32. Did you pay attention?• What does the new MCSE acronym stands for?• How many MCSE credentials are there currently available?• What was the name of the exam candidate?• How many years does the MS certification program exists this year?• (hand forms over at session exit, a drawing will do the rest…)• Email address + CellphoneNr
  33. 33. Q&A
  34. 34. The Power of CertificationThank you!