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Rushyl Home app. To help teachers teach and do HW the same way as they do in class and share instantaneously with parents on the mobile device via an app by a 4th graer.

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Rushyl hw app

  1. 1. The Application Age
  2. 2. Mobile Apps THAT WILLMAKE YOU A The Application Age
  3. 3. Out with the Old.. As the world has evolved over the last 100 years, we have seen some unbelievable leaps in technology. From Nikola Tesla, to Jagadish Bose, to Geglielmo Marconi, to Henry Ford, all the way to Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, our world has been shaped and reshaped by the technological instruments we use in our everyday lives. Telephones, televisions, computers, and cars make up just some of the many luxuries that make our lives run smoothly in the United States and in most of the world.And of course, as time continues to moves forward, so has technology…..
  4. 4. In with the Amazing.. Let’s examine the majorleaps throughout the world of technology and thebenefits of these devices in your everyday lives.….
  5. 5. Vision for 21st Century - Student Learning with Three Essential Elements- Social-based learning- Un-tethered learning- Digitally-rich learning
  6. 6. Kids Creating Apps and Ideas
  7. 7. Summary So Far!!! So, as you can see, technology has truly turned the world upside down over the last100 years. From the invention of the radio to the development of the internet, hybrid cars, smart phones and fully electronic medical records, technological discoveries and inventions have shaped every facet of our present lives. Everything we need is at our very fingertips. The only question that remains is, what’s next???
  8. 8. Carden day’s rushyl hW appRushyl HW App will put Carden on the leading edge of the nextrevolution in technology.- Entire Process is just a 3 click process- Area for parent discussion if school wants- Parents view and updates just 2 click design- Parents will get auto notification when HW is availableWhat Does the App Do:- Help Students get HW and information about their class when they can’t attend school (being sick, travel, Family Visit, unexpected event in the family etc.)- Help Parents know what is the HW for the day almost Real Time- Eliminates confusion in case there is any info. missing in kids notes- Help Carden Day School to get to the leading edge of technology and mobile trends. Be the first known school ever to create a HW app by a 4th graderWhat the APP Does NOT do:- Does not replace the writing of HW for the kids- Does not remove the student teacher connection- Does not teach students how to do the HW
  9. 9. Technical Specs and Value for My School• The entire system is designed with all • We have looked around and no school in bay items done in 3 clicks area and United States so far has done• It is the 1st product that does not add any something like this more typing or electronic conversion for • We have connections with Marketing teachers companies who will do a PR push to 100,000s• It creates almost an instantaneous of Media outlets to talk about the App and the parents collaboration at Carden Day Carden Day School School • This should enable Carden Day, It’s Owners,• It is really Fun Principal and Rushyl’s teachers names to all• Help’s school and my principal follow all over the media. Thus giving the school a huge classes right from their iphone, ipad, or recognition. many other mobile devices. • Not many schools can claim to create next• All past HW will be available for upto a generation kids at this time. Carden day can be year and if the school does not want to the very few on the charts. save it, they can be removed with 1 click • We will fund the media campaign for the app • But not to forget it solves the basic need in the world of HW. Connecting not just kids but Parents, School, Kids and Teachers in the APPLICATION WORLD
  10. 10. A Few Snapshots 
  11. 11. A Few Snapshots 
  12. 12. Snapshot – Cont. and Parent Email Snapshot of Email To Parent 
  13. 13. Thanks & Credits- Apps for Superheros by TEss30;, PowerPoint - Theappage by College CBT - PowerPoint - Varshyltech