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Bus dev tapsmack vk ow jan-10


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TapSmack business plan that got first round of funding. If you need a copy of the template feel free to write to me at

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Bus dev tapsmack vk ow jan-10

  1. 1. “Welcome Smackers”<br />
  2. 2. Our Story… <br /><ul><li>Introduction
  3. 3. Business Opportunity
  4. 4. Products
  5. 5. Competitors (We have NO Direct Competitors) </li></ul>First to offer Co-Creation<br /><ul><li>Marketing Plan
  6. 6. Financials</li></ul>Why TapSmack?<br />Why Now?<br />What is new and different?<br />Who are we?<br />
  7. 7. What is and what is not<br />Why TapSmack?<br />Why Now?<br />What is new and different?<br />Who are we?<br />TapSmack IS…<br />A Platform for co-creation<br />U-site savvy for Gen C<br />Fueled by Consumers & Prosumers<br />Personalized Branding<br />Scalable<br />TapSmack is not<br />Just another website for art (deviantart, ZazzleThreadless)<br />Simply social networking (Myspace, DIGG, Facebook)<br />A consumer driven effort<br />Going away soon<br />
  8. 8. Executive Summary<br />TapSmack wakes the “sleeping giant of social activity” <br />TapSmack is a platform that activates an organization’s social channels and user communities.<br />Improved Communication –creation and leverage of social advocates<br />Improved Marketing - micro-demographic craft messages peer to peer<br />Reduced Design Costs – member driven talents, creativity and community vetting <br />New Fundraising Channel - Personalizing your cause – stickiness and return donors<br />
  9. 9. Collective Creativity<br />Creativity is <br />seeing solutions that others <br />may not see<br />Collaborative Thinking<br />Exceeding Boundaries<br />Productive Power<br />VALUE<br />Bridging people and ideas in innovative environments to create that which is unknown<br />
  10. 10. How TapSmack Works<br />You, the <br />Prosumer<br />Creative input<br />Co-creation <br />Production<br />Personal Brand <br />Recognition<br />Fame ($$)<br />Post <br />Submission<br />Voting<br />Community input<br />Co-Creation<br />Review:<br />Personal Brand<br />
  11. 11. TapSmack Today…<br />“Hatched” with apprx. $250K in funding<br />Our first public release in beta January 15th2010<br />THE only company offering the next wave to social networking and co-creation that is “Prosumer-Ready”<br />Blogging has begun (Less than 40 DAYS - 3 independent write-ups as “hottest” “hot and up-coming”)<br />Almost .5MM hits per month and climbing<br />More important generating $$, almost $1 per user<br />Production platform and capability has been validated<br />Already successfully deployed in non profits, organizations, 2 active schools and general smackers<br />Getting to be a lexicon as a verb… “Did you Smack Today”, I am proud to tell you “I also Tap and Smack my duck daily”<br />
  12. 12. TapSmack Partners & Customers<br />
  13. 13. Markets<br />TapSmack currently targets:<br />General Smackers, Non-Profits, schools, Brands<br />Musicians, Independent Artist/Songwriters<br />Long term, TapSmack intends to target:<br />Brands<br />i.e. Southwest Airlines, Miller Beer<br />
  14. 14. Big Ideas and Great Impressions<br /><ul><li>We have over 22000 entries in search engines already including google.</li></ul>What the www is saying about TapSmack…<br />( ) <br />Phraggle: iconPhraggle: Maybe it'll be the next big thing. <br />You can buy the design from the site. I bought a design and even ordered a shoe. Really interesting site. I think they will do really well and the whole concept of bridging ideas with creative people is awesome<br />Now that definably sounds worth looking into! That would be an interesting new way to look at art communities, sounds pretty nice :)<br />
  15. 15. Advancing milestones for gathering inertia (Time)<br />Marketing Overview<br />Input cost<br />$<br />$$$$<br />
  16. 16. Revenue Models<br />Royalties and Licenses from brand acceptance ($$$$)<br /><ul><li>Branded Designer (Fashion Trend setters)
  17. 17. Manufacturer/Retailer </li></ul>Web-advertisement ($$$)<br />Advertising for other sites/vendors<br />Advertising attracting others towards us<br />Outsourcing Model ($$)<br /><ul><li> Marketing Campaign (Beer shoes)
  18. 18. Virtual Focus and Product groups</li></ul>Subscription Model -Annuity ($)<br /><ul><li>Idea Creators
  19. 19. Idea Generators</li></ul>Physical production ($)<br /><ul><li>Physical (T-shirts, Shoe, Tattoo, Stickers for sporting events, etc)
  20. 20. Exclusive Commissioned Art - direct to consumer high value art
  21. 21. Virtual galleries (low commission entry high return for artists)</li></ul>$$$$<br />$$$<br />$$<br />$<br />FREE<br />Low hanging fruit are easy to attain, but give lower return ($)<br />The entry cost is proportional to the return<br />
  22. 22. Testimonials<br />“We were fortunate to discover TapSmack and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to any organization.”<br />-- John Williams, Marketing Manager, Stanford Blood Center<br />“TapSmack more than exceed our expectations. It was easy to work with TapSmack’s to engage our community students and artists. We will be using TapSmack for all of our future events.”<br />-- Gigi Tate, Principal, Stratford School<br />“We worked with TapSmack to design face tattoos for our annual Bay Area Dream Mile fundraiser. We were so impressed with co-created design that we’ve decided to use it for all Dream Mile fundraisers throughout the US.”<br />-- UmeshLakshman, Action Coordinator, Vibha - Bay Area<br />
  23. 23. Free Offer<br />Additional<br />Venues<br />Freemium<br />Limited non-commercial rights use ($0.50-1.00/idea idea)<br />Limited commercial rights usage ($1-10/piece/unit time)<br />Exclusive rights usage ($1K - $50K)<br />Product profit sharing negotiable options (eg. $2 per product on average)<br />Regular - $5/month <br />Artists submit up to 3 pieces for wearable designs with interactive feedback<br />Premium - $15/month <br />In addition to regular benefits, a book of all ideas and submitted art will be provided to the user monthly/quarterly<br />Uber- $5000/month Open access to 2 artists of the user’s choosing for a specified time period or 3 artist who will produce a master project piece – A variant of Contracted Art<br />No Subscription Fee<br />Ability to multiple artists but cannot directly purchase art<br />Regular users cannot hire an artist to post an art for other people’s ideas<br />Revenue Source –<br />Corporate buyout, advertisement, sponsorship, vendor and/or social advertisement <br />
  24. 24. Revenue Model<br />Primary Sources of Revenue<br />Revenue Sharing on all goods<br />Artist (30%), Idea Creator (30%), Partner (10%), TapSmack (30%)<br />Example: If 10,000 Virtual Designs (@ $1) are sold to support WWF, the WWF (Idea Creator & Partner) gets $4,000.<br />Licensing of TapSmack platform<br />Secondary Sources of Revenue<br />Value Added Services<br />Managed Design Campaigns<br />