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2011 Gsa Taiwan Final


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Taiwan: A unique opportunity - driving open standards in the gaming industry

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2011 Gsa Taiwan Final

  1. 1. TAIWANA Unique Opportunity…Driving Open Standards in The Gaming Industry
  2. 2. Taiwan – Inspiring Innovation1st Number Of Utility Patents6th Networked Readiness Index13th Global Competitiveness RankingMore Than 70% High Tech Goods
  3. 3. Taiwan – A Unique Opportunity
  4. 4. CMO to CIO“This is what I need to grow the Business.”
  5. 5. CIO to Vendor “When can you make this happen?”
  6. 6. Vendor to CIO “These are my terms and conditions”
  7. 7. CIO to CMO “This is the best our vendors can do.”
  8. 8. Join Industry LeadersSaskatchewan Alberta ManitobaBritish Columbia Ontario Netherlands Quebe c Marylan d Oregon Illinois Austria Missour i Sloveni a NSW South Australia VIC
  9. 9. GSA in Asia
  10. 10. Its All About The Data Own And Control Your Data Integration creates: Revenue, Operational & Customer Focused Application Opportunities
  11. 11. Control your Own Destiny
  12. 12. “So do you want to drive your own Business?”