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Bibliographic%20instruction,%20 cmc,%20#1


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Bibliographic%20instruction,%20 cmc,%20#1

  1. 1. A tutorial and guide to the best kept secret on campus. By : Margaret Ganger
  2. 2. What is the Curriculum Materials Center ( CMC)
  3. 3. Who uses the CMC? Developed initially for elementary and secondary education students All other university students Faculty and S taff The General Public
  4. 4. Whatkinds ofMaterials areavailable ?•Expository Text•Fiction Books•Children’s booksin S panish, Frenchand otherLanguages•Magazines•Instructional Kits•Multimediamaterial•Textbooks•Activity Books•Pictures•Maps
  5. 5. How to Find What your Looking For  The predominant listing in the CMC isThe University Libraries under the “ P” section utilize which relates tothe Library of Congress Language andClassification S ystem. Literature.  S ubclass PZ relates to: PZ( 1) -90 Fiction and juvenile belles lettres PZ( 1) -( 4) Fiction in English
  6. 6. S ubclass P Philology. LinguisticsS ubclass PA Greek language and literature. Latin language and literatureS ubclass PB Modern languages. Celtic languagesS ubclass PC Romanic languagesS ubclass PD Germanic languages. S candinavian languagesS ubclass PE English languageS ubclass PF West Germanic languagesS ubclass PG S lavic languages. Baltic languages. Albanian languageS ubclass PH Uralic languages. Basque languageS ubclass PJ Oriental languages and literaturesS ubclass PK Indo-Iranian languages and literaturesS ubclass PL Languages and literatures of Eastern Asia, Africa, OceaniaS ubclass PM Hyperborean, Indian, and artificial languagesS ubclass PN Literature ( General)S ubclass PQ French literature - Italian literature - S panish literature - PortugueseliteratureS ubclass PR English literatureS ubclass PS American literatureS ubclass PT German literature - Dutch literature - Flemish literature since Afrikaansliterature - S candinavian literature - Old Norse literature: Old Icelandic and OldNorwegian - Modern Icelandic literature - Faroese literature - Danish literature –Norwegian literature - S wedish literatureS ubclass PZ Fiction and juvenile belles lettres
  7. 7. How do I use the Catalog About | Services | Help & FAQ | Ask-A-Librarian| Find Items | Article Databases | Library Catalog University Libraries are conducting their annual user satisfaction survey. Users are encouraged to evaluate the library or libraries they use most often. Catalog Quick Search News and Announcements •Friends of University LibrariesAnnual Meet My Library Account April 26, 2012 – 6:30 p.m. St. Thomas Catholic Church•Databases by Subject •Search Library Reserves•Aquila Digital Community •Online Tutorials •RefWorks Workshops •Style Guide Help April 25 – 26, various times•Interlibrary Loan •Libraries and Collections Cook Library Room 110•Circulation Policy •Friends of the Library•Request Library Instruction •News | Events | Exhibits | Newsletter Above is a picture of what the catalog screen looks like. Go to the Catalog Quick S earch area and type in your selection.
  8. 8. What do you see next? If you search for The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle, you will see a listing of 18 found items. S o how do you know what is in the CMC? S croll down the left side, you will see a listing of all of the university libraries. Locate the Curriculum Materials Center and click on it with your mouse. The system will revise your search to show only items located in the CMC. ( Now revised to 10 items) There are a variety of items listed (A Braille book, activity books, instructional materials and books) . How many books printed in 1987 are located in the CMC? Look carefully and don’t be fooled.
  9. 9. How Many Did You Locate? 1. 5 2. 3 3. 6 4. 1 If You answered 3 books you were correct. Congratulations .
  10. 10. Practice what you have learned. Match the following Book Titles to their call numbers 1 . PZ7.H732226 Tu 20101. The Complete Adventures of Curious George by Margaret 2. PZ7.G1273 Gr 2008 Rey 3. PZ7.R3302 Ad 20052. Turtle in Paradise by Jennifer Holm 4. PZ7.W65535 Cit 2010  3. The Graveyard Book by Neil 5. PZ7.S 8177 S y 1969   Gaiman4. S ylvester and the Magic Pebble by William S teig5. City Dog, Country Frog by
  11. 11. If You matched the following congratulations. 1. PZ7.R3302 Ad 2005 The Complete Adventures of Curious George by Margaret 2. PZ7.H732226 Tu 2010 Rey Turtle in Paradise by Jennifer 3. PZ7.G1273 Gr 2008 Holm The Graveyard Book by Neil 4. PZ7.S 8177 S y 1969    Gaiman 5. PZ7.W65535 Cit 2010   S ylvester and the Magic Pebble by William S teig City Dog, Country Frog by Mo Willems
  12. 12. What kind of items can you find in the CMC? The CMC offers a variety of magazines for children.  Cricket  National Geographic Kids  S ports Illustrated Kids  Big BackyardPast issues are available upon  Quest request.  Zoo Books
  13. 13. Expository or Informational Text can be found in several locations in the CMC The row after the book return are items Q- Z. These books range in category from science to Library science and information Resources.The first two rows of the stacks arelabeled from A-N. These books areoutlined by the Library of Congressclassification system and includeGeneral Works items to Fine Arts.
  14. 14. Fictional Printed Materials The bulk of this collection begins with (PZ) and is located in the main stack area. S ubclass PZ PZ(1)-90 Fiction and juvenile belles lettres PZ(1)-(4) Fiction in English PZ5-90 Juvenile belles lettres Oversized Books
  15. 15. Children’s books in S panish, French and other LanguagesS panish books are in the French Books are in thePZ 73 and PZ74 section. PZ 24.1 section.Example: Example:The Pied Piper = El flautista de Ce que dit la musique africaine Hamelín / Abdoulaye S adji ; illustrations de Granjabiel PZ24.1 .S24 1985 PZ74.1 .C44 2008 -
  16. 16. Instructional Kits The Instructional Kits are located in the compact shelving. Instructional Materials include reading materials, Language arts materials, math games, social studies, puppets, science kits, as well as health materials and more.
  17. 17. Multimedia Materials The Media Center contains CD’s, DVD’s & VHS Videos that correspond with many book selections, there are also books with accompanying CD’s or cassette tapes located in this area.
  18. 18. S tate Approved Text Books Currently the circulating text books (books you can check out) are located on the right side and the non-circulating ( books you can not check out-reference on the left. Text only) are books include language, reading, math, science, social studies, music, foreign languages, and more.
  19. 19. Activity BooksEx: Teaching with Favorite Activity Books consist ofNewberry Books/ by Lori the following categories:Licciardo-Musso •ArtCall Number: •Bulletin BoardsACTIVITY LangArt L53Tn Gr.4-8  •Critical Thinking •General •Language Arts •Math •Reading •S cience •S ocial S tudies •S pecial Education •Thematic Units
  20. 20. Pictures and Maps Pictures MapsThere are On the bottompictures of there are mapsvarious items that are circulating andsuch as: people, are reflective ofplaces, animals, global locations.and scenes. The Envelops atThe pictures are the top alsorepresented contain maps,across all however they aredisciplines. non-circulating items.
  21. 21. ComputersThere is a computer available for patron use on the counter as well astwo additional computers located next to the media center. There aremany additional computers available in the library commons.
  22. 22. Ellison Machines and Dies There are 4 Ellison Machines available for use in the CMC. The Dies include upper and lower case 2” and 4” letters, as well as a variety of different shapes, numbers, and punctuation marks. There are also 2 large paper cutters for your convenience. Please use the recycling bins at the end of the cabinetry.
  23. 23. Bulletin Board Paper & Lamination S ervicesThe CMC offers Bulletin Lamination services areBoard paper in four colors also available for a cost of $ 1.50 per foot. Thefor a cost of .70 cents per lamination machinefoot. requires a ½ hour to• Red warm up so please allow yourself enough time.• Yellow• Green• Blue chool-Bulletin-Board.html
  24. 24. Conclusion Thank you for your attention. If further assistance is required please see a librarian at the desk in the CMC or at the main