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The Ugly Truth about Stupid Customers


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Presented as a warm-up session during J and Beyond 2011 conference

The Ugly Truth about Stupid Customers

  1. The Ugly Truth AboutStupid Customers<br />A Scientific Approach<br />
  2. Raise Your Hand<br />If You Have Ever Encountered Such A Customer<br />
  3. Introductory Remarks<br />
  4. Introductory Remarks<br />This Presentation is the Result of years of Scientific Research into the Behavior of the SpeciesHomo Customeris Stupidus<br />Sponsored by the Rl.Ac.f.t.A.o.U.o.S.C.a.t.B.t<br />Conducted by Eminent Specialists in the fields of Psychology, Anthropology, Econometrics and Sociopathic Sciences<br />
  5. Introductory Remarks<br />Less Enlightened Pseudo-Scientists have claimed that there is No Such Thing as 'a Stupid Customer ' …<br />For Years, Renowned Scientists have Documented many Observations of this Species in the Wild !<br />WRONG !<br />
  6. However !<br />While the Customeris Stupidus does in fact Exist, it is a rather Rare and Shy Creature<br />Most Observations have been exposed as cases of Confusion with the Customeris Vulgaris !<br />Such mis-classification is known to have Desastrous Consequences!<br />
  7. What We Shall Present Today<br />A Correction of the hitherto available Classification of the Customeris Stupidus<br />A Proven Approach to avoid the Potentially Lethal Consequences of Exposure to this Species<br />May we ask the Gentlemen in the audience to cover the Eyes of the Ladies when necessary<br />
  8. Homo Customeris Frustratus<br />« I Thought You Knew That »<br />
  9. Customer: What did you say ? Translate the content myself ? Not automatic, is it ? I thought that was going to be done automatic ally ! <br />Had I know you were incapable of <br />building this I would have gone with <br />Drupal, my friend assured me that <br />his site does all that and more, he <br />doesn't need to bother at all, well, <br />you've really put me in a difficult <br />spot with your Open Source <br />approach, I won't fall for that again !<br />You: But when I asked you during our first meeting whether you needed <br />a multi-lingual site, <br />why did you say 'No' ?<br />
  10. Managing Expectations<br />It has been ProvenbeyondreasonabledoubtthatCustomeris Frustratus does NOT exist<br />Frustratus is often confused with cases of AcuteDisappointment, which can lead to chronic Displeasure<br />The only Approach known to work is Prevention by usingDocumentation<br />
  11. Customer: Er … you're right. <br />How stupid of me.<br />You: But why did you <br />not react when we <br />presented our initial <br />analysis document ?<br />
  12. Home Customeris Alwaysmohrus*<br />The Ever Expanding Expextation<br />† after Prof.Dr. Ursula.K.Always-Mohr (°1934 – †2009)<br />
  13. Customer: So you're saying you think it's Normal that my Site isn't compatible with Explorer XXVI ? The entire 3D-effect is missing, I'ld say <br />that's not the quality you would expect from a professional webdesigner, <br />perhaps I <br />should have <br />worked with <br />another company <br />altogether …<br />You: But how was I to foresee in 2011 <br />what technology would be current <br />30 years later ?<br />
  14. Avoiding 'Scope Creep'<br />Prof. Always-Mohr discovered that in all likelihood, the Alwaysmohrus (also known as Extendum Continuum) became extinct around 1430<br />Since then, documented sightings have proven to be cases of regular Customeris (Customeris Vulgaris) withincreasedAssertivitylevels<br />In such cases, it is Capital to write down all Promises in a Contract<br />
  15. You: But doesn't the contract clearly mentions which browser versions we will test against ?<br />Customer: Er … you're right. <br />How stupid of me.<br />
  16. Homo Customeris Reclamatus<br />The Unhappy Customer<br />
  17. Customer: You promised me the site would be ready today, I've got <br />a Board meeting in an hour <br />and now I see a missing image, <br />on the home page no less, in the <br />section the Boss wrote himself, <br />I'm making a fool of myself if this <br />comes up on the screen, you bunch <br />of incompetent morons, you'll <br />give me an ulcer, wait till my Legal Department get their hands on <br />you lot, they'll skin you !!<br />You: … (lost for words)<br />
  18. Dealing With Reclamatus <br />Demonstration<br />
  19. Customer: Er … you're right. <br />How stupid of me.<br />You: I understand this must be very annoying <br />for you, and I'm sorry. Perhaps we can discuss later what can be done to avoid this in the future, but I'll quickly fix the image and make your demo a success. <br />How about that ?<br />
  20. Conclusion<br />
  21. Remain Vigilant !<br />Time is Lacking to discuss <br />Customeris Pauperis (who cannot pay you just now)<br />Customeris Amateurus (who ruined the site by upgrading to 1.6)<br />Customeris Ignoramus (who thinks the Facebookfeature set is part of a standard website installation)<br />To Guide you, we've composed a little Song<br />
  22. The Ballad of the Stupid Customer<br />
  23. The Ballad of the Stupid Customer<br />Intro<br />Dear Customer, I love you so, but something I must tell<br />from time to time you turn my life into a bleedin' hell<br />I cannotsleep, I beat my wife and drink until I'm blue<br />But change is in the air tonight and what must change is you <br />
  24. The Ballad of the Stupid Customer<br />1st Verse<br />I'll document precisely what I think you really meant<br />because I'm trying to avoid discussions at the end<br />I'll write it down on paper, for you to read and sign<br />I'll build your site, I'll turn it live and it will be sublime<br />
  25. The Ballad of the Stupid Customer<br />Chorus<br />Customers are Stupid, acting like a fool<br />They don't know what they really need, <br />like they never went to school<br />They can be very irritating and so, my Friend, are you<br />so go and mend your silly ways and try to get a clue<br />
  26. The Ballad of the Stupid Customer<br />2nd Verse<br />Everything in life must end, so my fixed price contracts do<br />you'll get what you have ordered, down to the final screw<br />But should you ask for one more thing, as simple as it may<br />I'llwrite up an addendum and tell youwhat to pay<br />
  27. The Ballad of the Stupid Customer<br />Chorus<br />Customers are Stupid, some are greedy too<br />They hope they'll never have to pay for the things they make you do<br />Now I don't work for nothing, neverdone and neverwill<br />so be a sport, call your bank and pay the final bill<br />
  28. The Ballad of the Stupid Customer<br />3rd Verse<br />I know that I'm not perfect and there's an error on your screen<br />but what you said about me and that sheep was really mean<br />I'll fix the bug and hope thatthatwill lighten up your mood<br />perhaps you'll quiet down again and stop being so rude<br />
  29. The Ballad of the Stupid Customer<br />Chorus<br />Customers are Stupid, angry and irate<br />But all that cursing in my ears doesn't help me concentrate<br />So please stop screaming on the phone and uppercase your mail<br />Leave me be to find the problem that makes your pages fail<br />
  30. The Ballad of the Stupid Customer<br />4th Verse<br />I think you understand by now I've had it up to here<br />you'll have to change your ways a bit, I hope it's crystal clear<br />Should you return tomorrow for another Joomla gig<br />then we will do things my way or I'll gut you like a pig<br />
  31. The Ballad of the Stupid Customer<br />Chorus<br />Customers are Stupid, Customers are dumb<br />But maybe if we help them, all these faults are overcome<br />If you set your mind free baby, maybe you'll understand<br />Customers are useful and some are downright grand<br />
  32. The Ballad of the Stupid Customer<br />Epilogue<br />To this enlightened audience, there's one thing left to say<br />I'll give you one more golden rule to live by every day<br />Customers are people just like you and me<br />I hope that you will all become a happy family<br />
  33. The End<br /> - @pdelbar<br />