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Guilin Girls 1996 Paul Donker Duyvis Pddstudio Come2me Nl


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Guilin Girls 1996 - Paul Donker Duyvis /
From: pddstudio1 | 9 oktober 2007 | 109605 weergaven
Guilin Girls 1996 Video Movie by Paul Donker Duyvis.

Happy and Curious Chinese Children playing in the Guilin River
Story of an Encounter

a Story of an Encounter without Words
about watching each orher with an open mind.

The beautiful music comes from a cassete given to me by a traditional Singer living in Inner Mongolia.
I heard the woman singing and I was moved. She saw it and gave me a cassete with her songs.
A few days later these Guilin Children jumped upon me with a generous smile.
I decided o combine these two precious gifts to memorize these moments of communication without words . . .
Listning to them still makes me feel good and than I wonder what happened to the young girls and the Mogolian Singer.
Hopefully they are still so happy and generous.

Paul Donker Duyvis

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blackdeckbox 1 maand geleden
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Richytao 4 maanden geleden 2
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henndri 4 maanden geleden
5 maanden geleden
Glory to God Yahweh Jesus!!
Bless the Children ..So wonderfull Lovely smile
Rev Javier Lipnica
Trion Life Lover
javierlipnica 5 maanden geleden
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cant aford clothes or
san379 6 maanden geleden
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MGCC68 10 maanden geleden
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this song is mongolian song its called long song just listen how amazing
ikhbolor 11 maanden geleden
1 jaar geleden
amazing!! great editing of pictures with such powerful music. Great work, and to think these kids are the future, girls that are women now in a China that is increasingly more powerful by the day. Future leaders, workers, housewives, mothers. Peace
mcmarbles 1 jaar geleden
1 jaar geleden
It's funny how they start with these stale emotions, then suddenly they're laughing and smiling. Some great photos.
huckool 1 jaar geleden

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I must admit I used to think that asian races all looked the same in facial appearance, but this video has certainly proved me wrong. What beautiful carefree expressions! They will all be grown up now, probably married and with children .... i hope they are still so happy.

2 jaar geleden 2
This works great creates an emotion. Nice effect. It feels almost like a flashback from old time.
Sohave 2 jaar geleden 2
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I love it.

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