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UMSL Grad Students analyze JunkFoodClothing.com regarding their SEO efforts as a part of a team project for Prof Drake Digital Strategies Class 2013

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  • Busted Tees has navigation on the left hand side of the webpage.
  • Add a 4th keyword?
  • I can’t seem to open up the quick view to view image tags… help?
  • I can’t seem to open up the quick view to view image tags… help?
  • Tim– feel free to adjust the copy on this slide if you’d like, since you did the research. I removed some because it can be just talking points (full answers in the appendix)
  • -Enable the customer to delete an item throughout the checkout process or at least before you enter your payment information-Create a counter for the shopping cart so that customers and easily glance to the right hand corner and find out how many items they currently have.-When entering information do not allow the fields to shift left to right, it makes it confusing and irritating for the customer.-The total amount of the purchase wasn’t on every page, it would have been helpful to know when choosing the shipping price. Some customers may be willing to choose faster shipping if they are below their budget.
  • Busted Tees uses funny t-shirts and merchandise – Junk Food could look into using these texts in their links.Info on anchor texts: If many links point to a page with the right keywords in their anchor text, that page has a very good chance of ranking well. Real examples of this include the search engine result pages for the queries, "click here" and "leave". Many of the Google results for these queries rank solely due to the anchor text of inbound links.People have a tendency to link to content using the anchor text of either the domain name or the title of the page. This is an advantage to SEOs who include keywords they want to rank for in these two elements.
  • Best practices for website navigation generally recommend avoiding drop down menus. Most people will have clicked on a menu before they realize that additional options are available. BP also recommend keeping the menu items to 7 or less (that’s all most people can recall).
  • Here is an abbreviated example of the new navigation we recommend. All vertical and on the left where users are trained to find menus. Most important items first or last (best sellers and sale, for example)
  • Junk food clothing seo umsl class team projects

    1. 1. JcMaT sEo ConsultingSearch Improvement Recommendations ForJunk Food ClothingJason Koogler, Anh Ly, Chiachen Lin, Mitch Millstein, T.J SchaeferProfessor Perry D. DrakeUniversity of Missouri – St. Louis
    2. 2. Description Tag• Current Description Tag – Shop Junk Food Clothing’s official web store for a premium assortment of fleece hoodies, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and signature authentic vintage tees• Suggested Description Tag – Premium assortment of licensed vintage, fashion and graphic T shirts, fleece hoodies and sweatshirts
    3. 3. Title Line• Junk Food Clothing |Official Junk Food Tees | LAVintage T-shirts - Not enough about T-Shirts - Would search think this is about junk food? - What does LA (Los Angeles) have to do with T-shirts?• Zazzle – The hottest tshirts on the internet.• T-Shirt Hell – T-Shirt Hell - Funny t-shirts, Crazy t-shirts, Cool t-shirts, Funny shirts, Cool shirts, Crazy shirts!• CustomInk – Design Your Own T-Shirts Online – Free Shipping!• Busted Tees – Funny Shirts Awesome T-Shirts Cool T-Shirts | BustedTees
    4. 4. Title Line (cont.)• Title line should use some of the keywords – The keywords don’t do anything to improve search results, but what listed is a better title line than current.• Keywords – junkfood, t shirts, graphic tees, vintage tee shirts, vintage t-shirt, fleece, fashion tees, original vintage t-shirt, authentic junk food• Suggested Title Line Vintage, Fashion and Graphic T shirts, Fleece Hoodies, Sweatshirts – Junk Food Clothing
    5. 5. Search Improvement • Move the following text above the first image • Change to: – Junk Food Clothing’s is the epitome in fashion fun! Premium assortment of fleece hoodies, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and signature authentic vintage tees conjures the ambiance of American pop culture from the NFL ®, Star Wars ®, The Beatles ®, Disney ®, Marvel ® and DC Comics ®, Coca-Cola ®, Popeye ® and so much more.
    6. 6. Navigation• Navigation is horizontal• Best practice suggests using vertical navigation • Allows for increased navigation space • Creates an opportunity to put more text at the top of the page Current HomePage Improved HomePage
    7. 7. Check out ProcessCheck out in 3 steps: – Add to shopping cart, check out, login or check out as guess – Step 1: Shipping address – Step 2: Shipping method – Step 3: Payment info and submit – Summary
    8. 8. Compare to Best Practices • Same with Best Practices – Add to Cart button above the fold – “Add to cart” button and “Check out” button named thus, and easy to see. – Item Descriptions and images on cart page – Shipping calculation added to total before asking for credit card info – Use cookies and not empty cart when they leave the site • Recommendation: – Name “Check Out” button as such – Customer service number is at the bottom instead of on top
    9. 9. Comparison to Other Sites Organic Search (24 Feb.) Page Rank (1st Page) Backlinks (out of 10) T-Shirts Vintage T-Shirts Junk Food Clothing 5,600 5 7 1 BustedTees 55,256 6 4 Zazzle 54,428 7 5 2 Café Press 481,466 7 1 4 T-Shirt Hell 54,523 4 3 Custom Ink 33,903 6 9 Palmer Cash 3,336 3 6 3 Wolfgangs Vault 54,397 5 7 Homage 8,663 5 8 Worn Free 4,502 3 9• Affiliate Program - http://www.junkfoodclothing.com/affiliates/• Results not surprising (for t-shirts)• Interesting results (for vintage t-shirts)• All results on page 1• But noticed that search results vary
    10. 10. Next Steps• Improvements to home page as shown• Small improvement to checkout• Strategic decision – T shirts or Vintage T shirts?• Backlink improvement strategy• Paid search for T-shirts
    11. 11. Kate AltenhoferUMSL Visibility Meghan Jonas Scott Mettler Tiantian Xie
    12. 12. Intro to Junk Food Clothing Junk Food Clothing burst onto the scene in 1998 as the original vintage t-shirt company, creating and forever changing the premium t-shirt market. Junk Food is a licensing powerhouse with distribution rights to over 800 pop-culture properties across multiple categories including rock & roll, characters, movies, sports and foods.
    13. 13. Main Points of Proposal Searchability Image Tags Crawlability Backlinks Increasing Page Rank Navigation Checkout Process Competitor Comparison
    14. 14. Searchability Title Tags  Current Situation: ○ Keywords should be listed before company name; include additional keywords  Opportunity: ○ List keywords first, followed by website name ○ Proposed Title Line: Limited Edition, Authentic, Vintage T-shirts | Clothing – Junk Food Clothing Description Tag  Current Situation: ○ Identify key sellers on website and include those words in description tag  Opportunity: ○ Reference collections such as professional sports teams (NBA, NFL) ○ Change order of words based on what Junk Food Clothing touts as their specialty (list vintage first) ○ Advertise relevant content to searchers to let them know exactly what the given page has with regard to what they’re looking for
    15. 15. Searchability Keyword Listing  Current Situation:  <meta name="keywords" content="junkfood, t shirts, graphic tees, vintage tee shirts, vintage t-shirt, fleece, fashion tees, original vintage t-shirt, authentic junk food" />  Opportunity: ○ Proposed listing: <meta name="keywords" content="junkfood, t shirts, graphic tees, vintage tee shirts, vintage t-shirt, fleece, fashion tees, original vintage t-shirt, authentic junk food" /> ○ The listing could be improved with adding keywords – Junk Food Clothing also sells sweatshirts, sweatpants, hoodies so these should also be included
    16. 16. Image Tags Junk Food Clothing does a great job of utilizing image tags to enhance their website. Junk Food Clothing is an image heavy site, therefore the image tags are especially important for the following reasons:  Invisible text can be used with image tags and helps web spiders to gather and analyze information about Junk Food Clothing  Images can organize your page, emphasize your content, and make it visually appealing for visitors.  Image tags help ensure that search engines catalog your websites images appropriately so visitors can find your site.  Images should be tagged for those that are visually impaired
    17. 17. Crawlability Meta tags Visible Text  Current Situation: Little text available, shows at bottom of home page.  Opportunity: Utilize keywords more, move to top of page. Robots File  Current Situation: Exists already.  Opportunity: Keep up to date, utilize with testing. Site Map  Current Situation: Does not exist.  Opportunity: Create to allow more efficient crawling.
    18. 18. Backlinks Junk Food Clothing has 5,600 backlinks. BustedTees, one of Junk Food Clothing’s main competitors, has 55,256 backlinks  It’s all about the backlinks!  Backlinks are a vote of confidence in your website.
    19. 19. Page Rank Current Situation  Junk Food Clothing rank - 5/10  Key competitor ranking - 6/10 Opportunity  Include additional, more descriptive keywords  Expand/increase navigation  Improve title  Increase credible backlinks
    20. 20. Navigation Navigation  Current Situation: ○ The navigation is currently horizontal across the top of the web page. The navigation does not identify the keywords the website is hoping to capture.  Opportunity: ○ Junk Food Clothing should have the navigation bar on the left hand side so more text will be read by the web spiders. This will aid in search engine optimization. ○ Junk Food Clothing should also incorporate their keywords into their navigation bar.
    21. 21. Checkout Process Overall, we thought the checkout process on Junk Food Clothing followed the best practices for online checkout. Current Situation:  Ability to checkout as a guest  Images in the shopping cart  Shipping and taxes provided in a reasonable timeframe Opportunities:  Rename “Next” to “Proceed to Checkout”  The customer service number should be located in the header, easier to find
    22. 22. Competitor Comparison Keyword Searches  T-shirt ○ Junk Food = Outside top 200 results ○ Busted Tees = 8th ○ Café Press = 3rd  Vintage T-shirt ○ Junk Food = 1st ○ Busted Tees = Outside top results ○ Café Press = 4th
    23. 23. Proposal Summary Key Recommendations  The customer service number and address should be located in the header for easy access  Navigation should be altered to vertical alignment instead of horizontal across the top of the webpage  Keep keywords relevant and include in description tag  Advertise relevant content in description tag to let searchers know exactly what the given page has with regard to what they’re looking for  Include as many pertinent and credible backlinks as possible
    24. 24. Thank You!
    25. 25. MKTG5721Professor Drake UMSL Visibility 27University of Missouri-St.Louis Presented by: Katie Dodd Ryan Hader Christina Kennedy Tim McCabe March 5, 2013
    26. 26. UMSL Visibility 28March 5, 2013
    27. 27. Title Tag29 Current Title Tag: Junk Food Clothing | Official Junk Food Tees | LA Vintage T-shirts • Current tag does not match up well with your current set of keywords • Tag could be re-ordered: Your company name should go to the end of the line since it does not contain useful keywords UMSL Visibility March 5, 2013
    28. 28. Title Tag30 Recommended Title Tag: Vintage T-Shirts, Fleece, Fashion T-Shirts | Junk Food Clothing • More suited to best practices • Company name can go to end of title tag • Fits within the suggested 70-character limit • Reinforces their keywords (you will see in a moment why we chose these specific keywords) UMSL Visibility March 5, 2013
    29. 29. Keyword Listing31Current keyword listing: Your current keyword• Junkfood listing for your home page• t shirts is too extensive. By• graphic tees limiting your focus to 3-4• vintage tee shirts keywords, you will be able• vintage t-shirt to utilize these throughout• fleece your various tags so that• fashion tees Google can more easily• original vintage t-shirt identify and classify you• authentic junk food for searches. Revised keyword listing: 1) vintage t-shirts 2) fleece 3) fashion t-shirts UMSL Visibility March 5, 2013
    30. 30. Description Tag32 Current Description Tag: “Shop Junk Food Clothing’s official web store for a premium assortment of fleece hoodies, sweatshirts, sweatpants and signature authentic vintage tees.” Your description tag is the ideal length because the full tag can be read in Google’s search results. This is a clean and organized way to let users know what exactly your site has to offer. However… UMSL Visibility March 5, 2013
    31. 31. Description Tag33 … you currently have a higher page rank w/the term “vintage t-shirts” - - so we recommend you list that first. This revised description tag repeats your essential home page keywords: “Shop Junk Food Clothing’s official store for a premium assortment of authentic vintage t-shirts, fleece hoodies, fashion t-shirts, and sweatshirts.” UMSL Visibility March 5, 2013
    32. 32. Image Tags34 Current: <img> alt = “Shop our NFL styles!” New: <img> alt = “NFL t-shirts for men and women”Your site does use image tags with alternate (alt) text. These tags arecritical because spiders can only crawl actual text. Keyword-focusedcoyp needs to be implemented, allowing the images to be included inyour SEO programming.Keep in mind, however, that you should be sure to use a standardnaming taxonomy and label the images “t-shirts” (as opposed to t-shirtor t-shirts). UMSL Visibility March 5, 2013
    33. 33. Layout & Navigation35Page TextYour site currently focuses heavily on imagery and flash to showcaseyour merchandise in an aesthetically pleasing manner, and your text isbelow the fold. We recommend keeping this as is. The home pagecopy, however, can be updated to include the revised set of criticalkeywords. The screen shot below cuts off at the fold. UMSL Visibility March 5, 2013
    34. 34. Layout & Navigation36NavigationMany e-commerce sites seem to utilize the top drop-down method forsite navigation from the home page. We recommend having the navon the left column of your site, to increase exposure and simplify theprocess. UMSL Visibility March 5, 2013
    35. 35. Layout & Navigation37 UMSL Visibility March 5, 2013
    36. 36. Checkout Process38 The checkout process seems to be user-friendly: • It is labeled correctly as “add to cart” and not “buy” or “purchase” • LiveChat option during business hours allows for convenient customer service • It does allow for shipping to be calculated prior to entering payment info. • The “add to cart” button is above the fold on the product pages, allowing for high visibility. • The button is labeled correctly, as well. With a couple changes, this process can be even easier for your customers: • We recommend changing the “Next” button copy to “Proceed to Checkout” • Your customer service number is not clearly marked on each page. UMSL Visibility March 5, 2013
    37. 37. Competitive39Backlinking• Quality linking is critical in achieving and maintaining a successful SEO profile• Relevant inbound links are generated when you create and share quality content. Your blog currently sits on Blogger. Incorporating this into your current site will help boost quality inbound links for a strong backlink program. SEOProfiler Stats Junkfoodclothing.c BustedTees.co om m Total Backlinks 5,610 55,235 Google Rankings 276 1,033 Link Influence 76% 97% Score UMSL Visibility March 5, 2013
    38. 38. Competitive40Page Rank• Ranks the importance of your page; heavily impacted by amount of quality inbound links.• Your home page ranks closely with your rival because although they have many more inbound links (previous slide), the quality of your links seem to carry a lot of weight. Page Rank Junkfoodclothing.c BustedTees.co om m Page Rank 5/10 6/10 UMSL Visibility March 5, 2013
    39. 39. Competitive41Organic Results: “t-shirts”• Your site appears Page 4 of organic results for the keyword search “t-shirts”. Is this bad? Not necessarily…• You are focused on more specific keywords than this– such as “vintage t-shirts”. In fact, you are ranked #1 overall for that keyword search.• We recommend staying the course with more descriptive keywords so your site is found by relevant and targeted users. Organic results Junkfoodclothing.co BustedTees.com (Google) m “t-shirts” #3 on Page 4 (43) Page 1 “vintage t-shirts” #1 on Page 1 (1) #104, Page 10 UMSL Visibility March 5, 2013
    40. 40. Thank You!42 Thank you for your time today! Before we go out and explore Los Angeles, let’s use any remaining time we have for questions and discussion. UMSL Visibility March 5, 2013
    41. 41. University of Missouri – St. Louis Tianhui Yu Jimmy Truschel Lauren Reuther Eugene Spektor Professor Perry Drake
    42. 42. Current title line:What we suggest:“LA Vintage T-shirt | Women’s Men’s and Kid’s Clothing |Junk Food Clothing”
    43. 43. Current title line:"keywords" content="junkfood, t shirts, graphic tees, vintagetee shirts, vintage t-shirt, fleece, fashion tees, original vintaget-shirt, authentic junk food”What we suggestThey should consider adding “Men’s Clothing,” “Women’sClothing,” “Children’s Clothing,” “Sweat Pants,” and“American Pop-Culture.”
    44. 44. Current title line:"keywords" content="junkfood, t shirts, graphic tees, vintagetee shirts, vintage t-shirt, fleece, fashion tees, original vintaget-shirt, authentic junk food”What we suggestThey should consider adding “Men’s Clothing,” “Women’sClothing,” “Children’s Clothing,” “Sweat Pants,” and“American Pop-Culture.”
    45. 45.  “Shop Junk Food Clothing’s official web store for a premium assortment of fleece hoodies, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and signature authentic vintage tees."  Clear concise description of site  Potential to be more “grabbing”
    46. 46.  Reinforce Keywords Drive pop culture keywords Consistent with goals of images
    47. 47.  Consistent with Image tags Pop Culture references Potential for better header Tees vs. Shirt
    48. 48.  Intuitive Navigation Horizontal User is able to hover over a heading and easily see all the choices that are available Logo is clickable to easily get back to the homepage.
    49. 49.  Success:  Download times were low  Checkout process was quick Recommendations:  Allow customer to delete item throughout the checkout process.  Running total of items in the cart  Disable fields to shift from right to left  Total amount of purchase on each page of checkout
    50. 50. Number of BackLinks60,00050,00040,000 Junk Food Clothing Co. - 5,60030,00020,000 Busted Tees - 55,25610,000 0
    51. 51.  Junk Food Clothing Busted Tees
    52. 52.  Busted Tees: 6  Backlinks: 55,256 Junk Food Clothing: 5  Backlinks: 5,600
    53. 53.  Busted Tees: Page 1, position 8 Junk Food Clothing: Page 4, position 3
    54. 54.  What Junk Food Clothing does right:  Description  Tagged Images  Navigation What UMSL Visibility can improve:  Title Line  Keywords  Backlinks  Anchor Text
    55. 55. SEO Team Project Yuan Chen Nancy Concepcion Shayelle Dominguez Chao Liu Instructor: Perry Drake University of Missouri – St. Louis 2013.3
    56. 56. Executive Summary Customer InterfaceKeywords Pageand Tags Rank Optimized Site
    57. 57. Title Tag• Junk Food Clothing| Official Junk Food Tees| LA Vintage T-shirts• Optimal Format Brand Name | Primary Keyword and Secondary Keyword• Suggestions: Junk Food Clothing| Junk Food Tees| LA Vintage T-shirts |Graphic Tees 60
    58. 58. Keyword Tag• Junkfood, t shirts, graphic tees, vintage tee shirts, vintage t-shirts, fleece, fashion tees, original vintage t-shirt, authentic junk food• Suggestions: be extended  Characters, superhero, cartoons  Kids, women’s, mens, toddlers 61
    59. 59. Description Tag • Shop Junk Food Clothing’s official web store for a premium assortment of fleece hoodies, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and signature authentic vintage tees. • Suggestions: … for an assortment of casual hoodies, sweatshirts, t- shirts, shirts, tees, and signature authentic vintage tees.
    60. 60. Image Tag• Use image alt tags: “Shop the kids Spring Catalog”• Help web-bots find keywords on the page• Text is visible on “mouse over” directing to the next page• Search engines are giving more weight to Alt Tag than the Title Tag on the page
    61. 61. Page Text• Poor Use of Contrast, lack of Attraction and personality https://www.junkfoodclothing.com/privacy-policy/ http://www.junkfoodclothing.com/affiliates/ -- Reconsider the color matching and layout• Bad Typography, uncomfortable fonts (Courier New, Monospace Fonts) -- bolded text, use a Sans serif typeface• No product ratings and customer review• Bad browser compatibility (IE, Firefox, Chrome)
    62. 62. Checkout Process •Registration is too long (Nick name and log ID) •Unclear error message •No continue shopping choice when checkout •High cost of shipping and total cost no shown until at the end •Lack of detailed confirmation information •Unclear about delivery time •No order-modification options
    63. 63. ImprovedCheckout Process• Shorten Registration time• Provide Clear Error Messages• Give users the option to continue shopping from the checkout page• Tell customers the total cost earlier• Tell the customers what happens next• Inform the users about delivery time• Include gift wrap/message options• Easy to view and modify order (Amazon )
    64. 64. Navigation• Drop down menus frustrate many users• Requires a minimum of 3 clicks to reach an item• Too many top level choices• Provided categories discourage browsing• Navigation is all horizontal• Photos do not provide adequate detail• Uncomfortable font
    65. 65. Improved NavigationArt House • Show images based on broad categoriesCharacters – Characters or themesSports Teams – Limit to fewer than 7NFLNBA • Use vertical navigation to narrow Tops Bottoms choices Men’s Women’s – Gender, style, color • Most important (or popular) items first or last
    66. 66. Back links, Rankings, and GoogleAdWords Busted Tees Junk Food Clothing BT vs. JFCBack links 55,256 5,610 9.8xOrganic Rankings 1,037 276 3.8x(keywords)# of Google 30 20 1.5xAdWords Ads
    67. 67. Page Rank Are we surprised? Kind of.. • Number of backlinks Quality vs. quantity • Image tags Using keywords • Home page Text vs. images (flash)
    68. 68. Engine Search “t-shirts”Are we surprised? Not really…• Number of backlinks <meta name="keywords" content="funny t-shirts, funny t shirts, t- shirts, funny shirts, t shirts, funny tshirts, tshirts, funny tees, funny tee• Tags shirts, t shirt, t-shirt, tee shirts, shirts" /> <title>Funny Shirts Awesome T-Shirts Cool T-Shirts | BustedTees</title> Description Title Keywords <meta name="keywords" content="junkfood, t shirts, graphic tees, vintage tee shirts, vintage t-shirt, fleece, fashion tees, original• Navigation vintage t-shirt, authentic junk food" /> <title>Junk Food Clothing | Official Junk Food Tees | LA Vintage T-shirts</title>
    69. 69. Conclusions
    70. 70. Questions?
    71. 71. University of Missouri – St. Louis SEO project forJunk Food Clothing Co. • Prof. Perry Drake • Lai Doan • Drew Schuermann • Matthew Baker • Tianzhou Zhang
    72. 72. The importance of Search engine How many times have you been on Google this week? If you find what you look for on page 1 on Google search, will you continue your search on page 2, 3, or 4,… The Findings: The top results in Google get an average click-through rate of 36.4%. ◦ Position 2 gets a CTR of 12.5%. ◦ CTR’s for position 3-10 are 9.5%, 7.9%, 6.1%, 4.1%, 3.8%, 3.0%, 2.2%. ◦ The top results get as many clicks as results 2-5 combined
    73. 73. Junk Food Clothing and Competitors  Findings:  Junk Food Clothing  http://www. junkfoodclothing.com appear on page 4  Bustedtees  http://www.bustedtees.com appear on page 1
    74. 74. Titleline Junk Food Clothing | Official Junk Food Tees | LA Vintage T-shirts ◦ Not the best from an SEO perspective T-Shirts | LA Clothes | Shirts | Junk Food Clothing ◦ Significantly better
    75. 75. Keyword Listing Keyword/Phrase Global Monthly Searches junkfood 246,000 t shirts 16,600,000 graphic tees 110,000 vintage tee shirts 22,000 vintage t-shirt 110,000 fleece 1,830,000 fashion tees 6,600 original vintage t-shirt n/a authentic junk food n/aThe keyword list includes a few phrases for which the GoogleAdWords Suggestion Tool couldn’t provide data.
    76. 76. Keyword Listing Keyword/Phrase Global Monthly Searches tshirts 16,600,000 t shirts 16,600,000 tee shirts 3,350,000 T-shirts 16,600,000 shirts 30,400,000 hoodie 4,090,000 jackets 13,600,000 la clothes 55,500,000 clothing la 55,500,000This keyword list increases the number of global monthlysearches by 193,315,400.
    77. 77. Description Tag Shop Junk Food Clothing’s official web store for a premiumassortment of fleece hoodies, sweatshirts, sweatpants, andsignature authentic vintage tees. • The description tag does not include any of the keywords in the keyword list.
    78. 78. image tagsImage tags are used but some of them do not include “alt” and“title” attributes which is very important for reaching your SEOgoalsThe text they used to describe the pictures are also not goodenough. “Junk Food Clothing” is not a good option.alt="Baltimore Ravens“ alt="Baltimore Ravens T-shirts “title="Baltimore Ravens" title="Baltimore Ravens tee shirts"
    79. 79. visible page text  There is no need to put the introduction of company on the homepage. Put it in “about us”.  Include a word paragraph at the top, explaining what you’re offering on the page. Keywords also work here. http://www.zazzle.com/tshirts
    80. 80. navigation Need to be simple and easy to navigate navigation link should contain appropriate keywords to ensure relevance and enhanced page rank Filters only appear when you use search function If you have more than 20 products on a navigation page, it will be difficult for users to read through without a filter
    81. 81. Checkout Process Checkout process is slow Font size changes inexplicably No attempt to recover empty checkout abandonment
    82. 82. Linked Sites Busted Tees ◦ 3,893 websites ◦ 55,256 links Junk Food Clothing ◦ 881 websites ◦ 5,600 links
    83. 83. Google Page rank of Junk FoodClothing & competitors  Junk Food Clothing  Bustedtees.com  No surprise  SEO-4-THE BEST OPTION FOR YOUR BUSINESS
    84. 84. Questions?