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13 card bluff m


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13 card bluff m

  1. 1. 13 Card Bluff
  2. 2. Things needed • 1 Deck of Cards • 2 6-sided Dice
  3. 3. Rules • Each person starts with exactly 13 cards • When the dice is rolled, the player must get rid of the card (or cards) that corresponds to that number.
  4. 4. For example: A “7” is rolled Our player here doesn’t have a “7” in his hand.
  5. 5. Our player has 2 choices: Draw a card, ending his turn in the process O Bluffing and putting a card that doesn’t match the dice.
  6. 6. Dice & Card System Jack = 11 on dice Queen = 12 on dice Due to the fact that you cant roll a 1 or 13: King/ Ace = 13 All other cards have their respective number value
  7. 7. The Winner & Loser • The winner is the person who can get as close to 0 and does NOT have a “King” or “Ace” • The loser is the person who ends up keeping either “King”, “Ace” or both in their hand regardless of number of cards.
  8. 8. Failed Ideas Using hand gestures Using verbal riddles Betting on cards A point system Using dice to determine suit (confusing and unappealing) Caught player takes the whole discard pile (big disadvantage to caught player) Game lasts until player runs out of cards (lasts too long)
  9. 9. Keywords • John Wayne • Card Game • Poker • 13 • Cards • Bluff • Dice • Westerns