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Barron's online broker survey 2014 barrons


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Barron's 19th annual ranking of the best online brokers(2014)

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Barron's online broker survey 2014 barrons

  1. 1. Dow Jones Reprints: This copy is for your personal, non-commercial use only. To order presentation-ready copies for distribution to your colleagues, clients or customers, use the Order Reprints tool on any article or visit w w w See a sample reprint in PDF format Order a reprint of this article now SATURDAY, MARCH 15, 2014 Barron's Online Broker Survey 2014: How the Brokers Stack Up Tables containing data used to assess online brokers. General Brokerage Information | Trade Experience | Range of Offerings | Research Amenities | Costs | Mobile | Reports and Service GENERAL BROKERAGE INFORMATION Website Phone Number (for new customer queries) Browser or Software- based? Portfolio Margining Clearing Firm Target Customer Capital One Sharebuilder https://w w w 800-747-2537 Brow ser No Pershing Main Street investors looking for simplicity and value. Charles Schw ab https://w w w .schw 866-855-9102 Both Via optionsXpress account Self Clearing Investors searching for everything from advice to advanced trading tools. eOption w w w 888-793-5333 Brow ser No First Southw est Options traders seeking significant cost savings. E*Trade w w w 800-387-2331 Both Yes Self Clearing. Engaged, active investors and long-term mass affluent investors. Fidelity w w w 800-343-3548 Brow ser Self Clearing. Everyone from novices to active traders, and those in betw een. Interactive Brokers w w w 877-442-2757 Softw are Yes Self Clearing. Active traders, institutions and advisors searching for attractive pricing and extensive research amenities. Kapitall w w w 888-952-7482 Brow ser No Pershing Gen Y investors looking for a modern trading experience. Lightspeed Trading w w w 888-LSPD-123 OR 646- 393-4800 Both Yes Apex Clearing Sophisticated investors, including active retail traders, hedge funds, institutions, proprietary trading groups and algorithmic "black box" firms. Livevol w w w 866-575-0268 Softw are Yes Interactive Brokers Active options traders w ith over 1,000 contracts per month traded. Merrill Edge https://w w w 888-637-3343 Brow ser No Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner, & Smith Investors w ho w ant good trading tools as w ell as access to advice. OptionsHouse w w w 877-653-2500 Brow ser No. Apex Clearing Active traders w ith high levels of technical and financial savvy interested in options trading. optionsXpress w w w 888-280-8020 Brow ser Yes Self Clearing Self-directed investors using derivative products to increase income or hedge their assets. PlaceTrade w w w 800-507--5223 Both Yes Interactive Brokers High net w orth individuals and businesses interested in active trading and financial planning. Scottrade w w w 800-619-7283 Both No. Self Clearing; One unit, OptionsFirst, clears through APEX. With a variety of tools and platforms, the firm can assist investors of all levels and interests. SogoTrade w w w 646-885-6594 Brow ser No Apex Clearing Self-taught and self-directed investors and traders. TD Ameritrade http://w w w 800-454-9272 Both Yes Self Clearing. Forex clearing by KCG Americas From mom and pop trading long-term to the very active derivatives trader. TradeKing w w w 877-495-5464 Brow ser No Apex Clearing Active self-directed traders focused on options. tradeMonster http://w w w 877-598-3190 Brow ser Yes Apex Clearing Investors and traders w ith a deep interest in options and in finding
  2. 2. trading opportunities. TradeStation w w w 800-808-9336 Both No Self Clearing, JPMorgan, RJ O'Brien, and Citibank prime brokers for forex. Highly active, sophisticated retail traders interested in advanced analytics and trading tools. TradingBlock w w w 800-494-0451 Both Yes Apex Clearing From engaged stock investors, novice to intermediate level option investors, and advisors to active traders. TRADE EXPERIENCE Customizable Trading Defaults Tax Lot Selection When Placing Order Multiple Order Entry Can trades be placed in dollar amounts (ex: $10,000 of MSFT)? Can orders be staged for later entry? Can an automated trading strategy be implemented? Can you place orders in multiple accounts simultaneously? Trading Journal Dividend Reinvestment Capital One Sharebuilder No Prior to settlement Yes Yes Yes No No No Yes Charles Schw ab StreetSmart Edge Yes Yes. Yes. Yes No No. StreetSmart Edge: Yes Yes. eOption No No No No No Yes No No Set by account. E*Trade E*Trade Pro Yes Yes E*Trade Pro: Yes E*Trade Pro: Yes E*Trade Pro: Yes E*Trade Pro: Yes E*Trade Pro: Yes Yes (broker- assisted) Fidelity Active Trader Pro Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Interactive Brokers Yes (extensive) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Kapitall No No No No No No No No Yes Lightspeed Trading Yes (extensive) No Yes No Yes Yes RealTick or Sterling: Yes No No. Livevol Yes No Yes No No Yes No No No Merrill Edge Yes Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes Yes OptionsHouse Yes Yes Yes No Yes No No No Yes optionsXpress Yes Yes Yes Yes. Yes No Yes Yes Yes PlaceTrade Yes (extensive) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Scottrade Yes Prior to settlement No No No No Yes Scottrade Elite: Yes Yes SogoTrade Yes No No SogoElite: Yes No Yes No SogoOptions: Yes Yes TD Ameritrade Yes (extensive via thinkorsw im platform) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes TradeKing Yes No Yes Via live broker Yes Yes No Yes Yes tradeMonster Yes (extensive) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes TradeStation Yes Live broker Yes Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes No TradingBlock Softw are only No Via softw are No Yes Via softw are No No By request to trade desk RANGE OF OFFERINGS Average No. "Easy to Borrow" Stocks (1) No- Commission ETFs Mutual Funds: Total Mutual Funds: No Load Mutual Funds: No Transaction Fee Options: Complex, Max # legs Bonds (2) Single Stock Futures Futures/ Options Futures/Commodities Foreign ADRs Foreign exchange International exchanges Capital One Sharebuilder 0 0 1,121 1,121 498 1 None No No No Yes No None Charles 3,000 119 16,478 11,528 6,880 2 C, T, Via oX Via oX Via oX account Yes 8
  3. 3. Schw ab M, CD, I account account currencies eOption 3,500 0 8,876 1,289 451 4 C, T, M, CD No No No Yes No None E*Trade 6,000 100 7,661 4,467 6,164 8 C, T, M, CD, I No Live Broker Yes Yes 56 pairs Canada (3), Mexico, S. Africa, Pacific Islands (6), Asia (3), Europe (4) Fidelity 3,000 76 12,177 5,189 2,781 4 C, T, M, CD No No No Yes 16 currencies online, 190 pairs via broker Canada, Mexico, So America (2) Europe (24), Asia (10), Pacific Islands (3), So Africa. Interactive Brokers US: 10,200. Global: 17,000 37 1,900 1,900 0 8 C, T, M, I Yes Yes Yes Yes 21 currencies, 84 pairs Canada (4), Europe (46), Asia (11), Pacific Island (Most exchanges) Kapitall 0 0 2,000 500 500 N/A None No No No No No None Lightspeed Trading 5,000 0 0 0 0 4+ T via broker No No Yes Yes 38 pairs None Livevol Same as IB 0 0 0 0 8 None No No No Yes No None Merrill Edge 5,700 0 12,477 5,710 4,802 2 C, T, M, CD, I No No No Yes No Via live broker OptionsHouse 4,200 0 12,087 4,485 0 4 C, T, CD No No No No No None optionsXpress 3,000 0 10,400 6,000 0 4 C, T, M, CD Yes Yes Yes Yes 21 pairs Most futures exchanges PlaceTrade Same as IB 37 6,752 1,945 0 8 C, T, M, I Yes Yes No Yes 18 currencies Canada (4), Europe (46), Asia (11), Pacific Islands (Most exchanges) Scottrade 0 0 14,887 7,515 2,999 4 C, T, M, CD, I No No No Yes No None SogoTrade 4,200 0 11000 4,000 1,400 4 Via broker No No No Yes No None TD Ameritrade 3,000 101 13,680 5,941 3,083 8 C, T, M, CD, I Via broker Yes Yes Yes 137 pairs Via live broker TradeKing 4,300 0 12,098 4,497 0 4 C, T, M, CD No No No Yes 6 pairs None tradeMonster 4,000 0 13K 4,500. 500 4 C, T, M, I. CD via broker Yes Yes Yes Yes No NYSE LIFFE and ICE Futures Europe TradeStation 3,400 0 4,413 898 0 4+ Via broker Yes Yes Yes Yes 44 pairs Canada, Europe (9), Asia (6), Sydney TradingBlock 4,200 0 11,934 4,283 0 4+ C, T, Yes Yes Yes Yes Via None
  4. 4. M, CD, I softw are platform (1) Number of stocks on the broker's "Easy to Borrow" list as of 2/1/2014 (2) Bonds: C=Corporate, T= US Treasuries, M=Municipal, CD=Certificates of Deposit, I=International RESEARCH AMENITIES Stock screener Options Strategy Scanner Mutual Fund Screener Bond Screener Real Time Streaming Stock Quotes? Real Time Streaming Options Quotes? Volatility Data Historical Volatility Data? (1) Stock history for charting Analyst reports Real- Time Streaming News Additional Research Capital One Sharebuilder Fundamental Data None Yes No No No Yes No 20 years S&P, Sabrient Systems, TheStreet Ratings, Markit Research Team Consensus MarketWatch,, S&P Research Notes, ticker-based new s feed sorted by security types, sectors, and industries. Morningstar ratings and reports. Charles Schw ab Fundamental Data; Recognia on StreetSmart Edge Yes Yes (several on w ebsite) Yes Yes Yes Yes IV 6 years, AV 19 years. 15+ years (active trader platforms) Schw ab ratings and research, Argus,, Credit Suisse, Economist Intelligence Unit, MarketEdge, Morningstar, Recognia Chart Patterns, Reuters, S&P, Vickers Insider AP Online, Business Wire , Canada New sWire, CCNMatthew s CNBC, Companynew sGroup , Daily Options New s, Dow Jones, GlobeNew sw ire, Hugin, Investrend, Jagnotes, JCN Corporate New s, Knight Ridder/Tribune, M2, MarketWire, MarketWatch (U.S. and Canada), Mergent (Asia/Pacific), PR New sw ire, PrimeNew sw ire, Reuters, Street Insider, Trade Ideas, U.S. New sw ire, United Press International, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission – Edgar Filings BondSource New Issue Alerts, "On Investing" (quarterly magazine), MarketEdge, Schw ab Center daily and midday updates, Schw ab Investing Insights, Mutual Fund Select List updates eOption Fundamental and Technical Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes (for open issues) 20 years Summary of analyst ratings (buy, sell, hold) MarketQ streaming (may incur fee). Business Wire, PR New sw ire, RTT New s Comtex New s, OneOption, Recognia E*Trade Fundamental and Technical Yes Yes (available outside login) Yes Yes Yes Yes IV 15 years, AV 21 years 34+ years S&P Capital IQ, Moody's, Thomson Reuters, Morningstar, MarketEdge, Trefis, Research Team (Smart Consensus), free Minyanville Buzz & Banter for clients w ho trade 30+ times per quarter, free Credit Suisse for customers w ith $100k+ in assets; and 30-day trial for E*Trade Pro: CNBC streaming, Dow Jones, MarketWatch, PR New sw ire, BusinessWire, MarketWire, GlobeNew sw ire, E* Dow Jones, MarketWatch, PR New sw ire, Business Wire, MarketWire, and GlobeNew sw ire Commentary from E*TRADE Capital Management, Morningstar, S&P Capital IQ,
  5. 5. new account holders, Seeking Alpha, Trefis, Minyanville, Dreyfus, BondDesk, CME Group, and Daily FX Fidelity Fundamental and Technical Yes Yes (3 scanners) Yes Yes Yes Yes IV and AV 1 year 40 years for basic, 35+ for advanced Analyst recommendations and upgrades/dow ngrades from over 125 firms. Access to research reports on more than 6,000 stocks from more than 10 independent 3rd party research firms. Equity Summary Score from StarMine. Active TraderPro and display streaming new s, as does the iPad app., Business Wire, Canada New sw ire, CCNMatthew s, Company New sGroup, Dow Jones Realtime New s, Hugin, Investrend, JCN New sw ire, JCN Netw ork, MarketWatch, Market Wire, MCT Business New s, Midnight Trader, PR New sw ire, PRN European, PrimeZone, Reuters, SEC Filings - 10k Wizard, The FlyOnTheWall, UPI Top New s, UPI Business New s, UPI Business Health New s, UPI Hi- Tech New s, Markit OnDemand, Market New s Intl Fixed Income Bullets, Bond Buyer. S&P Reports, Hightow er, Zacks, Recognia. Interactive Brokers Fundamental, Technical, Media Sentiment Yes No Yes Yes (Default) Yes (Default) Yes IV and AV 6 years 30 years Analyst Upgrade/Dow ngrade Bulletin , Zacks, Briefing Daily Sector Wrap, Briefing Rate Brief and Briefing Fed Brief. Premium reports available. 24/7 Wall Street,, Seeking Alpha, MarketWatch, SmartMoney, Morningstar, Fox Business, IB Trader's Insight. Premium new sw ires available for additional fee: Dow Jones,, FlyOnTheWall, Benzinga Pro, MT LiveBriefs. IB Daily Lineup, MarketPlace@IB, w orldw ide data, Morningstar equity analyst reports. Kapitall Fundamental N/A No No No No No No 10 years Zacks average New s ticker Kapitall Wire,
  6. 6. consensus, Zacks risk score Lipper. Lightspeed Trading Fundamental, Technical, TradeIdeas (Technical) Yes No No Yes Yes Yes IV and AV 1 year (3rd party softw are) 10 years None Professional new s feed ($10/month). Audio broadcast new s service. Strategic partnerships provide clients w ith daily stock specific new s and analysis. VIP accounts have access to additional research. Livevol Fundamental Yes No No Yes Yes Yes IV and AV 2+ years 2 years None None Premarket movers, block trades, earnings analysis Merrill Edge Fundamental Data, Recognia Screener Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes IV and AV 20+ years Bank of America/ Merrill Lynch Global Research, BAML's universe of "Buy" rated U.S. equities, stock ideas by BAML Global Research, Technical Titans List, U.S. Economy Weekly, Fixed Income Digest, S&P (Credit),and S&P Capital IQ (Equities), U.S. Research Notes (Intra‐day), Morningstar Research. Thomson Reuters, Dow Jones. PR New sWire, Business Wire, BAML Morning Call, Morningstar, S&P Intraday Research Notes OptionsHouse Fundamental Data Yes No No Yes Yes Yes IV and AV 1 year 5 years Analyst opinions, displays consensus rating details, visualization of historical consensus opinion versus price and P/E ratio, and aggregated analyst opinion. Integrated into platform from a variety of sources Benzinga optionsXpress 5 scanners that cover fundamental, technical, and chart patterns Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes IV 10 years, AV 12 years 10+ years S&P Equity research, S&P options research, Morningstar research for mutual funds and ETF analysis. Futures reports: Hightow er, Wyckoff, and internal new sletter Xpresso. Dow Jones New sw ire, Interactive Data (futures), Zacks. PlaceTrade Fundamental, Technical, Media Sentiment Yes No (Manual screen upon request) Yes Yes Yes Yes IV 1 year, AV 1 year 5+ years All IB reports. Full- service clients receive additional research. Same as Interactive Brokers Full-service research available upon request. Scottrade Fundamental, TradeIdeas (Technical) Yes (OptionsFirst platform) Yes Yes Yes Yes (Elite and OptionsFirst) Yes On OptionsFirst: IV 1 year, AV 1 year 24 years S&P, Second Opinion Weekly, Reuters, Morningstar Dow Jones, Comtex, Yahoo Finance Headlines S&P, MarketEdge,, Press releases SogoTrade Fundamental and Technical Yes No No Yes Yes Yes In beta test 20 years Consensus analyst ratings and earnings estimates Comtex, Chinese WorldNet Barchart Market Data Solutions
  7. 7. TD Ameritrade Fundamental, Technical, Analyst Ratings Yes (extensive on thinkorsw im) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes On thinkorsw im: IV 11 years, AV complete history 15+ years S&P Capital IQ, TheStreet, Credit Suisse, ResearchTeam, Ford, Jayw alk, Market Edge, Vickers Insider Trade, Morningstar. Fixed income reports: Moody's and S&P Capital IQ. thinkorsw im's company profile tool includes Trefis. Dow Jones Real-Time, Benzinga, Midnight Trader, MarketWatch, numerous press release w ires, TradersAudio live pit audio, CNBC Video, Benzinga Audio Squaw k, Econoday calendar data and, Wall Street Horizons. streaming pit talk from TradersAudio and S&P, and International CNBC video (Europe and Asia, and Futures Now ). TD Ameritrade delivers over 131 hours of live broadcast trader focused content every day. tastytrade, Thomson Reuters video, Benzinga new s squaw k, Global New s from Ransquaw k, Real time streaming CNBC, Shadow trader,, and S&P. Argus's Morning Perspective and Market Watch reports. S&P Capital IQ's Stock Picks and Pans, Trends & Ideas, Word on the Street, and Market Movers Columns, Five STARS Stocks reports. First Call's Most Recommended, Earnings Surprises, and Upcoming Announcements reports. Market Edge's technical idea reports. Market Java Alert e-mailed each morning. Credit Suisse Industry reports; Dow Jones North American Morning Briefing; TD Economics reports; The Credit Suisse Focus List; S&P's Sector Watch; Arbeter's Technical Market Insight reports and built into thinkorsw im, the RED Options daily market summary and blog. TradeKing Fundamental, Technical back-testing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes IV 1 year, AV 1 year 33 years S&P stock reports None. Static new s from Benzinga,, Seeking Alpha. MarketGrader, Recognia. tradeMonster LiveAction scans in real time on fundamental Yes, including AdjustTrade that scans Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes IV 1 year, AV 20 years 20+ years 10-15 Proprietary daily reports. Live daily w ebcast w ith guest analysts. Reuter's optionMONSTER, Zacks, Benzinga, headlines and symbol specific new s from Briefings pre- market and throughout the day. Built-in
  8. 8. and technical data. Recognia scanner. on current positions reports. ResearchLAB team produces analyst reports on hundreds of symbols and symbol groups throughout the day. Premium research available. AP, AllBusiness, AllThingsD,,,, BusinessWeek, CNBC,, Consumer Reports, Daily FX,,,, Fast Company, Forbes, Fox Business, Fortune, Fortune Small Business,,,, Indie Research,, Investor's Business Daily,, Law .com, MarketWatch, Minyanville, Money,, Motley Fool,,,, Reuters, Seeking Alpha, Silicon Alley Insider,,,,, U.S.New s, The Wall Street Journal, Business Wire, CNW Group, GlobeNew sw ire, Marketw ire, PR New sw ire. Tw itter feed for positions and w atch lists. ResearchLAB analyst reports. Various premium 3rd party research reports at additional fee. TradeStation Technical and fundamental scans. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes IV 7 years, AV complete history 46 years daily, 23 years intraday, 6 months of tick data None Comtex New s (free), Dow Jones ($95/month). Market briefings, stock and ETF updates, Forex in Focus. TradingBlock Fundamental. Yes No No Yes Yes Yes IV 1 year w eb only, AV 1 year Web 5, softw are 10+ years Play of the Day on Web. Web: none. Softw are: CCS Business Wire ($30/month). Links to external sites. (1) IV = Implied Volatility, AV = Actual Volatility COSTS FOR ACCOUNT WITH $100,000 OR MORE Commission: Stock Order (1) Commission: 10 options contracts Commission: Covered Call (2) Mutual Fund Commission (outside NTF list) Commission: Per Futures Contract Broker- Assisted Trades Platform or Maintenance Fee Account Transfer Fee (outgoing) Voluntary Reorganization Fee (for corporate actions) (3) Monthly Trading Costs: 6 Stock Trades, Monthly Trading Costs: 200 Trades Margin Rate: $10,000 Balance Margin Rate: $25,000 Balance Margin Rate: $50,000 Balance Margin Rate: $100,000 Balance
  9. 9. 2 Options Plus $30K Margin Capital One Sharebuilder $6.95 $14.45 $10.70 $ 19.95 N/A $19.95 None $75.00 $25.00 $70.60 $2,327.50 7.70% 7.50% 7.25% 6.70% Charles Schw ab 8.95 16.64 12.79 0.00 Via optionsXpress Add 25.00 None 50.00 39.00 86.98 22559.00 8.50 8.00 7.00 6.88 eOption 3.00 4.00 6.50 14.95 N/A Add 6.00 $50 for inactive accounts. 60.00 50.00 26.00 13200.00 5.00 5.00 4.50 4.00 E*Trade 9.99 17.49 23.73 19.99 2.99 Add 25.00 none 60.00 30.00 94.92 22598.00 8.44 7.94 7.44 6.14 Fidelity 7.95 15.45 11.70 49.95 (purchase only) N/A 32.95 None 50.00 for retirement accounts; others are free. 38.00 78.60 21277.50 8.08 7.58 7.08 6.58 Interactive Brokers 1.00 7.00 6.00 14.95 0.85 30.00 (closing orders only) None for accounts over $100,000. Free No fee 20.00 4725.00 1.57 1.57 1.57 0.50 Kapitall 7.95 NA NA No fee N/A 30.00 None 50.00 30.00 63.60 1590.00 NA NA NA NA Lightspeed Trading 2.99 w eb / 4.50 softw are 6.00 5.25 N/A 0.60 20.00 None Free No fee 29.94 16050.00 6.00 6.00 5.00 5.00 Livevol 6.50 6.50 6.50 N/A N/A 30 (closing orders only) None Free No fee 52.00 1300.00 Merrill Edge 6.95 (4) 14.45 17.65 19.95 N/A 29.95 None 49.95 30.00 28.90 20195.00 8.625 7.50 7.50 6.125 OptionsHouse 4.75 10.00 9.75 9.95 N/A No additional fee. None 50.00 No fee 48.50 11475.00 4.00 4.00 3.00 3.00 optionsXpress 8.95 12.95 21.90 9.95 3.50 No additional fee. None. 50.00 No fee 79.60 22815.00 8.25 8.25 7.25 7.00 PlaceTrade 10.00 7.50 8.75 19.99 N/A No additional fee. 30/year for IRAs Free No fee 75.00 6925.00 2.07 2.07 2.07 1.57 Scottrade 7.00 19.50 13.25 17.00 N/A No additional fee. None 75.00 25.00 81.00 20775.00 7.50 7.25 6.75 6.50 SogoTrade 5.00 10.00 10.50 15.00 N/A 25.00 None 75.00 35.00 50.00 17750.00 6.50 6.50 5.50 5.50 TD Ameritrade 9.99 10.47 13.74 49.99 2.25 Free for Apex Clients None 75.00 38.00 80.88 23296.00 8.75 8.50 7.50 7.25 TradeKing 4.95 11.45 13.15 9.95 N/A Add 20.00 (rarely applied) 50 for inactive accounts w ith 2,500 or less. 50.00 50.00 52.60 21015.00 7.75 7.75 6.75 5.50 tradeMonster 4.95 12.50 15.00 15.00 1.50 15.00 None 50.00 None 54.70 16745.00 6.75 6.00 5.50 4.75 TradeStation 5.00 10.00 14.99 14.95 0.25-1.20 Add 20.00 $35/year for IRAs. 50.00 20.00 50.00 22125.00 8.50 8.25 7.75 7.75 TradingBlock 7.50 w eb / 5.00 softw are 15 w eb / 10 softw are 18.75 w eb / 12.50 softw are 20.00 1.00 No additional fee. None 50.00 No fee. 75.00 20125.00 7.45 7.45 7.45 7.45 (1) Stock order of 500 shares (2) 500 shares of stock plus 5 contracts. (3) There are no fees for mandatory reorganizations.
  10. 10. (4) For accounts with over $100,000 at Merrill Edge, there are 100 commission-free stock transactions monthly. MOBILE Mobile Platforms Supported Mobile Streaming Data Mobile Multi-Leg Options Mobile Mutual Fund Trading Mobile International Trading Mobile Account Application Capital One Sharebuilder iPhone, iPad, Android No No iPad Only ADRs iPad Only Charles Schw ab iPhone, iPad, Android, Window s Yes Yes Yes ADRS and Toronto Via mobile brow ser eOption iPhone, Android No No No ADRs No E*Trade iPhone, iPad, Android, Window s Yes Yes (iPhone, Android) Yes (iPhone, Android) ADRs, Foreign Ordinaries Via mobile brow ser Fidelity iPhone, iPad, Android, Window s Active Traders No Yes Mobile brow ser app iPad Only Interactive Brokers iPhone, iPad, Android, Window s Yes Yes Yes (brow ser app) Yes Yes Kapitall None N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Lightspeed Trading None No No No No Via mobile brow ser Livevol iPhone, iPad, Android, Window s Yes Yes No No No Merrill Edge iPhone, iPad, Android, Window s Yes Yes Yes No Via mobile brow ser OptionsHouse iPhone, iPad, Android, Window s Yes Yes No No Via mobile brow ser optionsXpress iPhone, iPad, Android, Window s Yes Yes No No Via mobile brow ser PlaceTrade iPhone, iPad, Android, Window s Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Scottrade iPhone, iPad, Android Yes No No ADRs No SogoTrade iPhone, iPad, Android, Window s No No No No No TD Ameritrade iPhone, iPad, Android, Window s Yes Yes Yes No Yes TradeKing iPhone Yes Yes No No No tradeMonster iPhone, iPad, Android, Window s Yes Yes Yes No . TradeStation iPhone, iPad, Android Yes No No Yes No TradingBlock None No No No No No *Not applicable
  11. 11. REPORTS AND SERVICES Customizable Portfolio Performance Reports Stock Loan Program Minimum to Open Cash Account (1) Live Chat Available No. of Live Events in 2013 No. of Webinars in 2013 Checking Account Bill Pay Credit Card Capital One Sharebuilder No No None Yes 5 22 Yes Yes Yes Charles Schw ab Yes Yes None if linked to Schw ab One Checking. $100 otherw ise. Yes 7,488 589 Yes Yes Yes eOption Yes Yes $500.00 No 0 24 Yes Yes Yes E*Trade Yes No None Yes 49 81 Yes Yes Yes Fidelity Yes Yes $2,500 Yes 5,400+ 30 Yes Yes Yes Interactive Brokers Yes Yes $10,000. ($5,000 for IRA, $3,000 if under age 26) Yes 23 90 No No No Kapitall No No None Yes 0 10 No No No Lightspeed Trading Yes No $5,000 for Web Trader; $25,000 for Lightspeed Trader Yes 0 100+ No No No Livevol Yes Yes $35,000 Yes 2 0 No No No Merrill Edge Yes No None Yes 290 20 Yes Yes Yes OptionsHouse Yes No $1,000 Yes 0 30 No Yes optionsXpress Yes No None Yes 20+ 350+ Yes Yes No PlaceTrade Yes Yes $5,000 ($3,000 if under age 26) Yes One on one on request 90 (via IB) No No No Scottrade Yes No $500 Yes 11,815 378 SogoTrade Yes No None Yes 0 0 No No No TD Ameritrade Yes No None Yes 100+ 3800+ Yes Yes Debit Card TradeKing No No None Yes 0 123 Yes No No tradeMonster Yes Yes None Yes 30 250 Yes No Yes TradeStation Yes Yes $5,000 Yes 15 472 No No No TradingBlock No No None No 0 0 No No No (1) Account minimum is $2,000 for opening a margin account at all brokers. This is a regulatory requirement. Comments? E-mail us at