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Super pac hacks for your library


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This is my section of the presentation for the Public Library Association Conference 2014 in Indianapolis by EveryLibrary and EveryLibrary California.

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Super pac hacks for your library

  1. 1. Super PAC hacks for your library
  2. 2. Campaign and PAC
  3. 3. Positive and Goal oriented
  4. 4. Willing to Take a Risk
  5. 5. Everyone Works Together for the greater good
  6. 6. Campaigns are a culture of love for the cause
  7. 7. How do we start building that in libraries?
  8. 8. It Starts With Recruiting
  9. 9. Campaigns hire for Passion and not experience
  10. 10. Campaigns build networks of supporters
  11. 11. Campaigns know who to Focus on
  12. 12. Tell the success stories of the organization
  13. 13. Have a message
  14. 14. Live your message
  15. 15. Keep your eye on the message
  16. 16. So how do you create the message?
  17. 17. Focus your message Libraries supply books to children, and dvds to adults, and cds, and adults use our computers, support literacy, and support healthy living, and businesses use our databases, and families come to storytimes, and we have programs for people, and we have computer classes, and we internet access, and internet access is important for some reason, and we answer questions, and we find information, and people work in our libraries, and people have a space to do homework, and there is the area for people to knit, and cats are great pets, and I love my cardigan, and we support the arts, and, and, and.
  18. 18. Libraries change lives
  19. 19. Then repeat it
  20. 20. Repeating the message - online
  21. 21. Repeating the message - Social Media Tricks
  22. 22. Repeating the message - Canvassing
  23. 23. Repeating the message – Community events
  24. 24. Repeating the message -Earned Media Campaign
  25. 25. Repeating the message - email
  26. 26. Repeating the message - SWAG
  27. 27. Repeating the message – To Politicians
  28. 28. Repeating the message – Paid media • Billboards • Commercials • TV ads • Radio Ads • Newspaper ads • Magazine Ads • Google Ads
  29. 29. Repeating the message -House Parties