Speed Technology Dating at Internet Librarian 2012


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These are the slides from our presentation at Internet Librarian 2012. Toby Greenwalt, Jeremy Snell, and Patrick Sweeney compiled a list of 30 new kinds of technology that can be easily and cheaply implemented in your library.

For speaking engagements please contact PC Sweeney at http://pcsweeney.com/speaking-at-your-event/

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  • Speed Technology Dating at Internet Librarian 2012

    1. 1. Speed Technology Dating Patrick "PC" Sweeney Branch Manager San Mateo County Library R. Toby Greenwalt Virtual Services Coordinator Skokie Public Library Jeremy Snell Web Librarian Mechanics InstituteInternet Conference Code – librarian
    2. 2. Jeremy Snell
    3. 3. PC Sweeney
    4. 4. Jeremy Snell
    5. 5. PC Sweeney
    6. 6. Jeremy Snell
    7. 7. PC Sweeney
    8. 8. Jeremy Snell
    9. 9. PC Sweeney
    10. 10. Jeremy Snell
    11. 11. PC Sweeney
    12. 12. Jeremy Snell
    13. 13. Screw eBooks! PC Sweeney
    14. 14. Jeremy Snell
    15. 15. PC Sweeney
    16. 16. Jeremy Snell
    17. 17. Show Me PC Sweeney
    18. 18. Jeremy Snell
    19. 19. Tablets PC Sweeney
    20. 20. htt
    21. 21. Jeremy Snell
    22. 22. PC Sweeney