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From Advocates to Activists


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In this presentation I talk about moving from advocates for libraries to becoming activists for libraries. How do we engage the public and rally support more actively for more political power for libraries.

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From Advocates to Activists

  1. 1. ● 94% of Parents say libraries are important for their children. 79% say “very important”. 2 ● 58% of Americans have a library card. 3 ● 62% of card holders have visited the library in the last year at least once.4 2. Pew, May 2013 3 and 4. Harris Interactive | ALA, January 2011
  2. 2. Nationwide, of all voters: 37% will Definitely vote yes for the library 37% will Probably vote yes for the library 26% will Probably or Definitely vote no
  3. 3. You
  4. 4. —it is necessary to begin where the world is if we are going to change it to what we think it should be. That means working in the system.” (Alinsky, 1971)