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  • 1. social gathering, as of invited guests at a private home, for conversation, refreshments, entertainment, etc.: a cocktail party. 2.a group gathered for a special purpose or task: a fishing party; a search party A LIBRARY PARTY 3.a detachment, squad, or detail of troops assigned to perform some particular mission or service. 4.a group of persons with common purposes or opinions who support one side of a dispute, question, debate, etc. 5.a group of persons with common political opinions and purposes organized for gaining political influence and governmental control and for directing government policy: the Republican party; the Democratic party THE LIBRARY PARTY
  • Times are tough We aren’t connected to each other Lack of cooperation People aren’t excited You don’t have a mentor People are stressed, or sad Don’t have resources Don’t have social capital in our communities
  • Partying Brings people together A place to celebrate our profession To build networks and opportunities for cooperation Makes people happy Social connections
  • Have people stand up and talk to each other for a couple of minutes.
  • Facebook Twitter Youtube Social media is… A Party! Join it! G+ Hangouts Tinychat Start A video party
  • Farmer’s Markets Bars Restaurants Meet everyone in your community Be positive Turn gatherings into fun events celebrating the library! Start a party for your community outside of the library
  • Cla presentation rough notes

    1. 1. Music Playing Slides or video - icebreakers/ Andrew W.K partytips / librarian JP / 8bit library / partying definitions / a history of partying
    2. 2. PARTY TIPS! -By Andrew WK Don't try to impress people. Try to inspire them.
    3. 3. PARTY TIPS! -By Andrew WK Looking beautiful has nothing to do with being an awesome person.
    4. 4. PARTY TIPS! -By Andrew WK 93% of all things that make us nervous are things we should do more of.
    5. 5. PARTY TIPS! -By Andrew WK Encourage people and give them warm back pats, starting with yourself.
    6. 6. PARTY TIPS! -By Andrew WK Sometime during today, go someplace but don't walk or run... just skip!
    7. 7. PARTY TIPS! -By Andrew WK True luxury isn't having fancy cars and diamonds, true luxury is having health, friends, and time to party together.
    8. 8. PARTY TIPS! -By Andrew WK Laughing 'til you puke is a rare and life-changing experience.
    9. 9. PARTY TIPS! -By Andrew WK Sing your own song. Do your own dance. Resist the urge to conform.
    10. 10. PARTY TIPS! -By Andrew WK Learn how to love zombies!
    11. 11. PARTY TIPS! -By Andrew WK True success isn't measured in dollars. It's measured in joy.
    12. 12. PARTY TIPS! -By Andrew WK Be nice or go home.
    13. 13. PARTY TIPS! -By Andrew WK Listen to music you don't like, and love it .
    14. 14. PARTY TIPS! -By Andrew WK Focus on love, partying, and bringing joy to the people around you. Everything else is bullshit.
    15. 15. PARTY TIPS! -By Andrew WK Never hold back from loving something just because you might get hurt. Fearlessly love it with all your might
    16. 16. PARTY TIPS! -By Andrew WK Ever since I decided to party hard, my life has been freaking awesome!
    17. 17. PARTY TIPS! -By Andrew WK Become Chuck Norris.
    18. 18. PARTY TIPS! -By Andrew WK a golden opportunity like that only comes once in a lifetime. Celebrate your life and PARTY.
    19. 19. PARTY TIPS! -By Andrew WK Never be too careful.
    20. 20. PARTY TIPS! -By Andrew WK Bacon.
    21. 21. PARTY TIPS! -By Andrew WK Make at least one step today towards fulfilling your fantasy.
    22. 22. PARTY TIPS! -By Andrew WK There is no reason to do stuff the way other people do. Your the only person who matters.
    23. 23. PARTY TIPS! -By Andrew WK You're not fully human until you love someone else more than yourself.
    24. 24. Rocking Around the Profession <ul><li>OR… How Partying In (and Out) of the Library Substantially Improves Our Professional Practice </li></ul>
    25. 25. Party - Definition
    26. 26. Party - Problem…
    27. 27. Party - Solution
    28. 28. Ways to party! (in the library) <ul><li>Start Jill and Anna’s preso </li></ul>
    29. 29. Jill and Anna’s slides
    30. 30. In the Profession <ul><li>Start a </li></ul><ul><li>Dance Party </li></ul>
    31. 31. In the Profession Networking Socials
    32. 32. In the Profession Seminars and Conferences
    33. 33. In the Profession ONLINE!!
    34. 34. In the Profession Meet this guy
    35. 35. Meet your community