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omodo Internet Security houses exclusive features to secure your PC


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With Comodo Internet Security, the user can best experience a great deal of virus protection through its outstanding features like defense+ techniques.
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omodo Internet Security houses exclusive features to secure your PC

  1. 1. Comodo Real time Scanning for Unknown Threats
  2. 2. Comodo Real Time Scanning  The Real Time Scanner also scans the system memory on start. If you launch a program or file which creates destructive anomalies, then the scanner blocks it and alerts you immediately - giving you real time protection against threats.  You also have options to automatically remove the threats found during scanning and to update virus database before scanning. It is highly recommended that you enable the Real Time Scanner to ensure your system remains continually free of infection.  The Real Time Scanning setting allows you to switch the On Access scanning between Disabled, Stateful and On Access and allows you to specify detection settings and other parameters that are deployed during on-access scans.
  3. 3. To set the Real Time Scanning level  Click on the 'Real Time Scanning' tab in the 'Scanner Settings' panel.  Drag the real time Scanning slider to the required level. The choices available are Disabled (not recommended), Stateful(Default) and On Access. The setting you choose here are also displayed in the Summary screen.
  4. 4. Real Time Scanning levels  Scan memory on start  Do not show antivirus alerts  Automatically update virus database  Show notification messages  Heuristics Scanning Level
  5. 5. Heuristic scanning Levels  Off  Low  Medium  High
  6. 6. Avoid Real Time Scanning .  Do not scan files  Keep an alert on the screen  Do not scan script files
  7. 7. Source Url: Scanning.html Read: How to Handle unknown threats