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Comodo provides Default Deny approach


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50,000 new malware released each day, how can a blacklist system be always up to date? It can’t. We call these undetected threats “zero day malware”.
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Comodo provides Default Deny approach

  1. 1. Comodo Takes Lead in Threat Containerization
  2. 2. What is Containment? While Information and data that are accessed over the network by the users, Are the users sure that they are safe over the network while accessing it. Containment technology helps in controlled access of any information or application by means of controlled entry points and exit points that stands as a medium of connectivity.
  3. 3. The container is clearly defined with a set of security policies that stands as a security mechanism to protect the users' system from any malicious attack. The user can handle and access any kind of information through any type of service over the network, it can be through mails, or through file transfers and through many other aspects.
  4. 4. Comodo's contribution of containerization technology Comodo SecureBox and Comodo Internet Security Solution makes the best use of containerization technology implementing the process of containment though sandboxing technique to provide a secure environment for the corporate network to ensure data safety, even when the computer network is compromised through malicious attacks.
  5. 5. Comodo's Containerization Technology 1. Comodo Introduces the Revolutionary SecureBox 2. Comodo Launches MyDLP for Data Loss Prevention 3. Comodo Acquires SurGATE Labs 4. Comodo Releases Free ModSecurity Rule for LightSpeed Web Servers 5. Comodo Internet Security 8 Released 6. Comodo Mobile Device Manager Puts Focus on User 7. Comodo Introduces the Korugan UTM Appliance
  6. 6. Comodo Containment
  7. 7. Comodo Containment