Social Media - benefits and concerns for employers


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Introduction to Social media by Peter Cosgrove as a part of the William Fry breakfast briefing on “Social media – a Web of challenges”

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  • My role today is to give you a background on the explosion in social media and the truth behind some of the rumours you may here.I will concentrate on what companies are using it for currently but also the concerns many employers still have and I still hear companies are not even opening up linekedin to their employees in certain circumstances – hopefully after this you will.
  • I want to start with a story about communication and my 2 kids…..Social media is the new tool but it does not mean everything else goes out the window – your kids will still talk behind the bike sheds So if you go to any social media day course they will tell you this is the future – it is a tool and the idea and the creative process is still the most important thing
  • The explosion in social media can be see = - look at some of the demographics – its not just small kids now says these numbers
  • Its not going away, so how are companies embracing it?3 ways: Selling, company brand and recruiting staff….
  • What you say to your audiences about yourself will be far less important than what audiences say about you All brands can look the same to grads – think of what you say on your website – integrity, professionalism etc it all sounds the same
  • People want to work for a “good Company”
  • Challenge – so much of the comments are anonymous..Should I buy a HTC or an iphone?Playing Offence
  • This is the important point – people are trusting what they see written by people they know, more than adverts or third party editorials or articles - this is the important for you to understand
  • I spoke to a grad yesterday and asked how many times he checked fb a day – once every 20 mins on average…but I am not a heavy user!Here are companies who understand that there is a huge community of people on line that they are actively targeting to fill roles quickly and cheaply!Think of the milk round without having to go to the university
  • Child Protection officer course – one kid calling another kids names on facebook – its not a social media thing – this happened before facebook – so don’t blame the behaviour on the media.Anyone come from a town of less than 5000 people - don't tell me people did not know what each other were doingA lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes. Mark Twain
  • 1 billion tweets per day. 30 billion piece of content shared on facebook each month. Youtube – 36 hours uploaded every minute.Bird flu story:Google found out about the pandemic 4 days before WHOBefore anyone thinks that it might be better to ban certain social media sites in the workplaceForrester research/ Melbourne – it led to 9% less productivity when sites were banned.
  • Use of information….a little Big brotherUsing facebook for a referenceSearching on 25 – 35 year old females on facebook
  • Intro and story So McDonald’s paid for a Twitter promotion, which completely backfired. Clicking on a hashtag takes any visitor to Twitter’s website to a list of the latest and most popular tweets on the subject, which in McDonald’s case was dominated by hostile messagesAlthough Twitter says most of its advertisers are happy with the results from using promoted tweets, the McDonald's incident – dubbed “McFail” by some observers – follows similar backlashes against social media campaigns last year from brands including Wendy’s, another fast-food chain, and Qantas. The Australian airline’s “QantasLuxury” promotion came just a month after it was forced to ground its fleet and led to a flurry of angry tweets from customers who had been stranded. “Social audiences aren’t going to respond in the ways you might hope to what is transparently a marketing ploy,” said Paddy Herridge, chief operating officer of Social360, a social media monitoring firm. “Brands with an established set of negative issues are always going to have those issues thrown in their face if they try and encourage positive interaction on an open forum like Twitter.”
  • Its not going away – the rules that used to apply still generally apply in business – anything that does not work is scrapped!Differentiate the media from the problem.New media means more legal loopholesAnd it just happens that we have one here - so over to Catherine
  • Social Media - benefits and concerns for employers

    1. 1. Social Media - A Web of Challenges Peter Cosgrove | March 8th 2012
    2. 2. Agenda Introduction to Social Media Social Media for Business Employer concerns Conclusion
    3. 3. Introduction to Social Media
    4. 4. The Numbers… Over 50% of the World Population is under 30 years old. 1 billion tweets are posted every day. Social gamers will spend $6 billion on virtual goods in 2012. 36 hours of video are uploaded onto youtube every minute. The largest growing demographic on facebook is female 45 – 55 year olds.
    5. 5. “I HATE SOCIAL MEDIA!” Differentiate your view of social media be what the objective view is. You may dislike it and hear horror stories about it but that does not mean it cannot be a tool which is useful for individuals or for business
    6. 6. “Think of social-media tools as todays versionof the telephone. Yes, they are used for frivolityand all sorts of noneconomic activity (chattingwith friends, passing the time), but they alsohelp communication happen more efficiently.” When CEOs ask how do we monetise social media – ask them how they monetise the phone
    7. 7. Social Media for Business
    8. 8. Your Brand is not what you think it is What you say to your audiences about yourself will be far less important than what audiences say about you
    9. 9. Simon Cowell has the right idea... Connecting people to your brand is about the story of your company and the people in it, not the logo, marketing material etc“People will forget what you said, people will forgetwhat you did, but people will never forget how youmade them feel.”
    10. 10. You cannot control what people say? If you want to see what people are saying about your brand, you can, the conversation happens whether you are there or not
    11. 11. Social Media sells things… Companies like Vodafone check tweets like “what is better an iphone or a HTC” and then respond with “ I see you are looking for a phone, we have some great tariffs..!””
    12. 12. Companies want others to talk about them –Our trust levels…. referrals are such a strong sales toolOnly 20% of people trust advertising.But over 80% of people trust the recommendations oftheir network.And 33% trust their selection of blogs.
    13. 13. Example of companies building communities and Recruiting staff using “social recruiting”Companies who are actively “social recruiting”
    14. 14. Going MobileI hate networking!! 242 million apps were downloaded on Christmas Day Google number 1 focus is on mobile
    15. 15. Return on InvestmentI hate networking!!  Social media makes marketing ROI easier It’s a lot easier to measure and therefore work out the online marketing that works and does not work
    16. 16. Employer Concerns
    17. 17. Ownership Who owns the data? How is the data being monitored? Employees “too relaxed” in how they use it.
    18. 18. References and tracking They say they can predict to about 80% employees who are looking to move through a social algorithm
    19. 19. Case Study: McTwitter #fail Don’t run campaigns if you do not think through all the possibilities!“Every time I visit a McDonalds a little piece of me dies”
    20. 20. Conclusion
    21. 21. Trend – Tomorrow’s candidateI hate networking!! James is 12  …his last Christmas list was online using price comparison site data!  …her favourite film is Ironman, he downloaded it from iTunes  ...he put together his holiday videos into a 5 minute movie using the iMovie app  … after scanning a QR code on his mum’s iPhone, he won a trip to Disneyland  … he taught his dad to stream football online => Do you think he’ll ever send you his CV or reply to a job ad?
    22. 22. Understand and inform• Differentiate the media from the issue.• Understand how it can benefit you.• Understand the legalities.
    23. 23. QUESTIONS? Name: Peter Cosgrove Title: Director – Cpl Phone: 01 614 6160 / 087 6200836 Email: Twitter: @petercosgrove Website: