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Intellectual emotional mix of different people


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Intellectual emotional mix of different people

  1. 1. What type of person do you interact with best? From experimental psychology. Philip Corsano Gnostam LLC March 1st 2013
  2. 2. Types FeelingsActive Reflective= conflict and time wasted Facts
  3. 3. Groups are not all the same Doers do not like integrators, and the feeling is mutual; Doers work best with brainstormers; Problem solvers and integrators can work effectively; Doers and problem solvers work well; Integrators and Brainstomers can work.
  4. 4. Determining Characteristics Does = Impatient, tend to be highly effective emotional sales persons, story tellers. Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story; Problem solvers = Fact based, but driven to find results. Tend to manage doers, and avoid time brainstormers as time wasters; Integrators, fact and reflexion based. Analysis paralysis can be downside, but also very effective “factory and process managers”; Brainstormers love idea generators, but loose patience with too much fact, and bond with doers.
  5. 5. Build a team Make sure you understand who you have in your team; Don’t delude yourself that people do what they say, watch what they do…… Optimize, change, don’t let conflicts fester and escalate!