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A PDF of some portfolio samples.

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Portfolio (pcorey)

  1. 1. Presentation Design Peter Corey Graphic Designer
  2. 2. PowerPoint With additional graphic elements from Photoshop and Illustrator
  3. 3. 65% of Men with LUTS Did Not ImproveWhile Taking an Alpha-blocker In controlled prospective clinical trial, After 3 months of alpha-blocker treatment, men with LUTS did not report symptom improvement Not Improvement was defined as Improved Improved > 3-point decrease in IPSS 65% 35% (n=44) (n=24) Adapted from Lee et al. Illustrative Data
  4. 4. Consumer Insight:Health Information Seeker 40+1.2% of pop – 3 million Demography I take preventative Medical conditions • 55+ limit lifestyle some medicine • Female, Div/Wid/Sep extent • Black, Hispanic, Asian • Retired • HHI <$50K • High School Grad I look for health info I often discuss new • C&A County so that I can choose prescription meds • South from different w/doctor treatments Media Profile It’s worth paying I research treatment • Heavy Newspapers more for branded options and then and Magazines RX meds ask doctor • Heavy TV • Heavy Radio • Light Internet I take medication at I request drug the first sign of pain samples from my or discomfort doctorPresentation Title Company ConfidentialDate © 200X Abbott Source: MARS 2005 OTC/DTC Study
  5. 5. Humira BPM Application Delivers Increased ROI Database Audit Evaluate all sources / components of existing data and growth potential Data Analysis* Optimization Identify best customers and prospects, Ongoing evolution and refinement of understand LTV associated with $ value, and key lifecycle variables to support, segmentation and contact strategy to retain or grow relationships maximize ROI and LTV Response Evaluation Analysis All CRM activities clearly linked to quantifiable New Registrants business outcomes and evaluated against key Generated by Mass Media efforts metrics; response volume, response rate, cost-pers, sales, conversion, PCS data, 800#, open rates, micro-site hits, new scripts, etc. Target Segmentation Contact Strategy Best way to communicate with RA Using data analysis and Behavior Path prospects and customers to gather Marketing, determine best approach and maximize learnings* Data Mining, Campaign Performance Evaluation and Analysis, Customer Segmentation and Test Design, Predictive Modeling, Loyalty and Purchase Cycle Modeling, ROI and LTV AnalysisPresentation Title Company ConfidentialDate © 200X Abbott
  6. 6. Defendant’s O2OPTIX Net Sales December 10, 2001: Injunction granted $400,000 January 7, 2002: $255,000 CIBA Vision sends out corrective letters to Eye Care Professionals $200,000 $200,000 September 20, 2001: Vistakon seeks court order for injunctive relief August 2001:CIBA Vision begins disseminating false claims in $75,000 sell-sheets and journal ads $8,000 August September October November December January 2001 2002
  7. 7. Undue ExperimentationA chemist has two options to get an enantiomer: 1 Separate the racemate into left and right enantiomers 2 Use chemical substitution to create the enantiomer “from scratch” H H O H
  8. 8. An Introduction to InitiativeAugust 2006
  9. 9. The “up” company … … in a “down” market. 11
  10. 10. The “Up” Company in a “Down” Market What’s Up?  Leveraging Guardian’s Financial Strength  Excellent ratings  Increasing dividends and WL policy values  2008 year to date financial results  Mutuals and other privately held companies 2
  11. 11. What’s Up?Guardian’s 2008 9/30/08 Financial Results vs. PeersPre-Tax Operating Margin 5.9% 3.9% 2.1% 1.2% Mass Mutual New York Life Northwestern Mutual 8
  12. 12. What’s Up?Guardian’s Commitment to Mutuality . . . Long Term Good News “Looking for bright spots in this recession?” "Comprehensive portfolio management software throws a lifeline to investors overwhelmed by the task of tracking their assets." Philadelphia Inquirer Worth, May 2007 “Today is the cut-off date for qualifying financial institutions to apply to participate in the Treasury Department’s recently created Capital Purchase Program . . . Given Guardian’s substantial capitalization, more-than-adequate surplus and the strength of our investment portfolio, the company was not in need of the funds this program would provide.” Memo to Guardian employees from Dennis Manning, 11-14-08 “Home Sales Decline”; pending home sales fell 4% in November, from 86.9 to 82.3 . . . National Association of Realtors “With their survival on the line, publicly traded insurers are scrambling for cash by cutting dividends and issuing new shares (diluting existing investors), begging regulators for a relaxation of capital requirements, and lobbying Washington for a cut of the $700 billion Wall Street bailout. Their mutually owned rivals haven’t asked for a dime. Their statutory surpluses (the regulatory counterpart to book value) have held steady or even increased. Some are announcing plans to pay out near-record dividends to policyholders.” Business Week, 12-01-08 “Idling Indicators” home sales, service jobs “Economy hits hospitals; survey shows tight credit, poor patients, and down stock market are hurting them” “Guardian has no holdings with the investment firm operated by Bernard Madoff.”! Dennis Manning Letter to Policyholders, 12-18-08 “Alcoa to slash 13,500 jobs; 13% of the firm’s workforce affected by “Guardian has a well diversified portfolio that has high credit quality and economic downturn . . .” ample liquidity and that has been designed to manage investment risk.” Guardian featured by Forbes in Mutual Life Insurers article with President & CEO, Dennis Manning 9
  13. 13. PowerPoint — Watermarks
  14. 14. Excel — Bubble Charts (2) (1) (1)
  15. 15. InDesign With additional graphic elements from Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects
  16. 16. Original hi-res image Image after rendering in Photoshop for front cover of product brochure
  17. 17. • Affluent individuals who want to purchase life insurance to leverage the value and tax advantages for: – personal estate planning • Business owners who don’t want to use existing assets, but do want to fund: – executive benefits – a buy-sell agreement – key person insurance Leveraging the power of credit to pay your life insurance premiums may enable you to save on taxes — and keep your investment options open for other opportunities. And paying life insurance premiums with borrowed money minimizes your out-of-pocket outlay.Brochure spreads
  18. 18. For the Closely Held Business Owner — Business Succession : A Case StudyFront cover of product brochure Truth can be stranger than fiction
  19. 19. E-card flyer
  20. 20. A nother year is upon us and the PAS Compliance Department has been hard at work dealing with a myriad of issues. In this issue of Compliance In Your Corner their name out there in the public eye. Potential clients now have all sorts of personal electronic devices at their disposal such as iPhones and BlackBerrys to get information quickly and easily. we will continue our review of some of the major issues that we Because of this technological revolution websites have become encountered in 2009. an essential tool in an agency’s marketing plan. Agencies and Registered Representatives host all sorts of information on their Here is Part II of our top ten compliance issues PAS addressed websites including agent bios, the latest product information, last year. videos, and newsletters to pique a potential client’s interest. While websites can be seen by any potential client with a A computer or other electronic device, you must remember that mazing technological advances and the huge client your audience also includes securities regulators. FINRA, via potential available over the internet have many agencies conferences and various “Notice to Members” alerts, has let it and Registered Representatives (RRs) establishing websites to getQuarterly newsletter
  21. 21. Innovative Underwriters Innovative Underwriters – Offer your clients A Value Added Service products/services not Building Your Success – One Client At A Time available through your Innovative Underwriters, a full service brokerage general agency, is dedicated to offering competi- primary carrier tive solutions for your clients to help fill the gaps in their financial portfolio. As part of the Guard- Turn rated/declined cases ian family, IUS upholds the same high standards of privacy and confidentiality, assuring your client’s into commission dollars personal information remains confidential. Shop the insurance Tel: (800) 446-7872 market with Personal Risk Fax: (215) 875-3594 Evaluation System Call today to Discuss Your Case Provide your clients with Innovative Underwriters LTC coverage Work with insurance professionals who know how to get things done 1700 Market Street Full line of Suite 3232 competitive annuities Philadelphia, PA 19103 www.innovativeunderwriters.com Provide insurance coverage Info@InnovativeUnderwriters.com for all your clients, not just Innovative Underwriters is a wholly-owned the healthy ones subsidiary of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America. Direct access to a medical underwriter ® Building Your Success— The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, 7 Hanover Square, New York, NY 10004 One Client At A Time Photoshop composition; brochure spread
  22. 22. Photoshop composition with 3-D layers from After Effects