Another way Guardian helps build your business: Expanded client services

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InDesign Flyer for Guardian Life Insurance (Team Bio)


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Team biographies for Life Products Marketing at Guardian Life Insurance (InDesign)

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InDesign Flyer for Guardian Life Insurance (Team Bio)

  1. 1. Another way Guardian helps build your business: Expanded client services Guardian Advantages Guardian Premium Financing: roKeraGe underwritinG team GettinG to Know Your B The value of life insurance. The power of credit. Mike Lynch Second Vice President and Chief Underwriter E-mail: Phone: 610-807-6111 Guardian — a Solid, Reliable Insurer from the Moravian College inFinancing Program allows life insurance Mike graduated Our Premium Bethlehem, PA with a B.A. in economics. He • Excellent financial ratings; one of the veryGuardian as a junior be purchased with premium dollars borrowed from a started with few insurers to Underwriter Trainee, and has been with the underwriting department for 25 years. upgraded in 2008 by Standard & Poor’s and A.M. Best. commercial lender. • Paying record dividends to policyholders in 2009. Interests or Hobbies Many of your a uent clients who are considering purchasing Strategic Alliances with Strong running, classic rock and roll and watchingcharitable, or business planning— Mike enjoys life insurance for estate, the Phillies. Lending Institutions or for building cash value for some other purpose—may Reputable lenders who have vast experience with have important reasons for using “other people’s money” to Premium Financing and continue to extend credit minimize their out-of-pocket outlay for policy premiums. in tight markets, including Concord Capital/Inscap, Sentinel and Insurative. Pete Johnson Assistant Vice President For example, their balance sheet might be largely illiquid or E-mail: want to use their liquid assets for other purposes. they might Phone: 610-807-6541 Pete joined Guardian in March If payingas Assistant Vice President of Life Underwriting and Flexible, Competitive Life Policies of 2009 the premiums would require them to sell securities, they might not want to realize capital gains on appreciated he has over 20 years experience in the life insurance industry. Prior to joining the company Features that help you fit your client’s needs, including has worked for MassMutual, John Hancock, SunLife “sell Liberty the current market. competitively priced Secondary Guarantees. Strong low-basis assets or to and low” in Mutual. policy designs that help guard against value depletion or Interests or Hobbies guarantee lapse. Some clients might not want to pay premiums out-of-pocket Pete is an avid sports fan and enjoys the outdoor life in the Pocono Mountains. exclusion at this time because they’ve exhausted their annual Flexible Program Features or uni ed credit. And there may be others who simply nd it Traditional and hybrid programs available. appealing to leverage a low borrowing interest rate against a higher insurance crediting rate. Expert Advanced Planning Staff Our professionals will: So be on the lookout for clients in these situations. e • Guide you through technical, legalGuthrie Tom and tax issues, Director combination of their insurance needs and capital requirements • Provide illustrations and case design, and E-mail: an attractive selling opportunity when you o er the Phone: 610-807-7957 represents • Support you through the underwriting process. Guardian Premium Financing Program and its many Tom has worked at Guardian for over 25 years as a life and disability underwriter, and is currently dedicated to workingcompetitive advantages.agents. Prior to joining Guardian, with brokers and elite Tom was with New York Life and Phoenix where he held various underwriting and sales jobs. Tom started his career at Guardian in the New York Home office and then moved out to Bethlehem, where he is currently stationed. Interests or Hobbies To learn how life insurance plus premium financing creates an enhanced selling opportunity, give Tom is married with three children and enjoys watching baseball once the snow melts. For Producer Use only. Not for Use with the Public. The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America 7 Hanover Square, New York, NY 10004-4025 The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, 7 Hanover Square, New York, NY 10004-4025
  2. 2. Cecilia Celebran Life Underwriting Specialist E-mail: Phone: 610-807-2506 Cecilia has been an underwriter for more than 25 years, most of it in life brokerage. Cecilia started her career at Aetna Life in 1982 as a Major Medical and Disability income underwriter, then joined CT Mutual as a Disability and Life Underwriter in 1986. Cecilia can also say that she has worn the hat of a field underwriter, having joined a major Brokerage Agency for 2 years as the Sr. Medical Director, and therefore understands the pressure of being in an agency setting. She was a member of the education committee of the Academy of Life Underwriters and was a past officer of The NorthEast Underwriters Association. Interests or Hobbies Cecilia enjoys visiting with her 2 year old granddaughter whom she adores very much, loves music, loves to dance and enjoys watching NCIS, Law and Order and CSI. Scott Brammell Life Underwriting Specialist E-mail: Phone: 610-807-2505 Scott graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a bachelor’s degree in Zoology. While doing graduate work in anatomy and physiology, Scott also worked at a local hospital in the pathology department performing autopsies alongside staff physicians. Prior to joining the insurance industry as an underwriter, he also worked at hospitals in Colorado treating chronic and acute renal failure patients. Joining Guardian in July 2009, Scott brings over 15 years of underwriting experience in the brokerage environment. Interests or Hobbies When not underwriting, Scott enjoys cooking, skiing/snowboarding, brewing beer and roasting his own coffee. Dawn Gensits Team Leader Case Design E-mail: Phone: 610-807-8588 Dawn is a recent addition to the Brokerage team. In her prior role at Guardian, she led the Universal and Variable Life New Business team. She has over 17 years of industry knowledge, including experience at John Hancock where she acquired a strong background in brokerage relationships. For Producer Use only. Not for Use with the Public. The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America 7 Hanover Square, New York, NY 10004-4025 2010—02286