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3D Printing Is Just the Beginning: The Future of Makerspaces within Academic Libraries


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ACRL webcast, co-presented with Lisa Kurt.
Description: The maker movement is growing across the country and world. With interactive, participatory events and growing local communities, we've seen a shift. Individuals, professionals, and hobbyists from areas such as engineering, design, science, art, and more are coming together with one common thread: the desire to make.

Public libraries were the first on the scene to take notice and respond, but now we're beginning to see academic libraries recognize this untapped potential for their own communities. This emerging learning trend holds the promise of enormous change, bringing many researchers and students together from across disciplines in a truly collaborative way. This movement is about more than just the purchase of expensive equipment; it involves engagement, outreach, and knowledge about what drives the academic community. The academic environment is shifting toward content creation in a variety of forms, in turn reshaping learning, curricula, and research across the board. In order for libraries to continue to support the research and learning needs of their institutions, it is critical to go beyond traditional library materials, to understand what new resources and technologies the library can support for all on campus to use.

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3D Printing Is Just the Beginning: The Future of Makerspaces within Academic Libraries

  1. 1. 3D Printing Is Just the Beginning:The Future of Makerspaces in Academic LibrariesLisa Kurt, Engineering + Emerging Technologies LibrarianTod Colegrove, Head of DeLaMare Science and Engineering LibraryUniversity of Nevada, Reno Photo by Nick Crowl:
  2. 2. your presenters!Tod Lisa
  3. 3. makers are everywhere… retrieved from:
  4. 4. retrieved from: makerspace.comWhat happens in a makerspace ?
  5. 5. You know of STEM…how about STEAM?science. technology. engineering. art. math. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED VIDEO: photo by Inkyhack:
  6. 6. makers organize MAKE magazine categories: art + design desktop manufacturing computers + mobile craft electronics energy events + holidays flight + projectiles green home + garden imaging kids makers microcontrollers recreation + entertainment robots science shop craft toys + games workshops + tools vehicles retrieved from:
  7. 7. makers share
  8. 8. makers = communitypsst…look a librarian!
  9. 9. Photo by Nick Crowl: = opportunities
  10. 10. “There are two critical things to realize. First, play is not trivial, frivolous or non-serious, in fact, quite the opposite. Play can be the place where we do our most serious learning. And second, it is something we do all the time. When we explore, we play. When we experiment, we play. When we tinker or fiddle, we play. Science is play. Art is play. Life, to a great extent, is play. Every great invention of the past hundred years has had an element of play in its creation. So we are using the word in a very deep and serious way.” -John Seely Brown Retrieved from:Photo by Nick Crowl: g_an_i_1.html
  11. 11. arning through play, which includes makin
  12. 12. inspiration found in many places.
  13. 13. IDEO.
  14. 14. exploratorium.
  15. 15. MIT Media Lab Retrieved 10/26/2012:,,
  16. 16. eyeo festival 2012. Retrieved 10/26/2012:
  17. 17. really good things happen out of serious play and makingRetrieved 10/24/2012:
  18. 18. getting to know people brings great opportunities
  19. 19. start small. talk to people. take interest.
  20. 20. maker breaks.
  21. 21. get to know your community
  22. 22. what excites them? Photo by Tod Colegrove:
  23. 23. “YOU can change the world” Photo by Nick Crowl:
  24. 24. they are listening……and they want to have an impact. Photo by Nick Crowl:
  25. 25. mini maker faire…librarians as peers. Photo by Nick Crowl:
  26. 26. getting to know people brings great opportunities. Retrieved from:
  27. 27. DLM Library featured on SparkFun
  28. 28. student project featured on SparkFun
  29. 29. Bridgewire collaboration Photo by Nick Crowl:
  30. 30. WordCamp collaboration Photo by Nick Crowl:
  31. 31. Reno Collective collaboration hackathon coming soon Retrieved from:
  32. 32. Holland Project, future collaboration
  33. 33. Travis Good, make magazine
  34. 34. ok, sure. makers. sounds neat, but… Photo by Tod Colegrove: …why in academic librarie
  35. 35. Photo by Tod Colegrove:“keep your standard of life high” May 15, 1912
  36. 36. …but labs and departments are not accessible for everyone on campusphoto by Leo-setä available here:
  37. 37. Remixed. retrieved from:
  38. 38. the pretty building is not critical. conversation is. Retrieved from:
  39. 39. walls on every floor painted with whiteboard paint Photo by Tod Colegrove:
  40. 40. Photo by Tod Colegrove:
  41. 41. 3D printing supports rapid prototyping extrusion method ABS plastic + PLA support materials Lye bath to remove support material once completePhoto by Nick Crowl: Right 2 Photos by Will Kurt
  42. 42. 3D printingStratasys uPrint SE plus: July 2012 arrival3DTouch: May 2012 arrival Photos by Nick Crowl:
  43. 43. Chris, computer science + theta tau“I like the networking portion and getting people from other backgroundstogether. You get your average engineering types, but it’s also nice to see thebiologists and the artists coming in here. It allows us to break out of the boxand cross-pollinate in ways we normally can’t.”
  44. 44. Ben King, chemistry “one of the very hard things about teaching chemistry is explaining that molecules have shape. This basically removes that obstacle ... so it will change how we teach chemistry and how we look at molecules on a daily basis. Its also just plain fun."Photo by Tod Colegrove: Photo of King by Jason Hildago from Engadget:
  45. 45. Doug, engineering + art
  46. 46. Pavel Solin, applied mathematics Online STEM lab: from: PLaSM
  47. 47. Nick, library staff + photographerPhoto by Nick Crowl:
  48. 48. 3D resources available on campusDLM Library: Rhino 3D, Solidworks, Autodesk IntventorFree online: Tinkercad, Blender, SketchUpKnowledge Center labs: 3D Studio Max, Solidworks Photos by Nick Crowl:
  49. 49. it’s not about the 3D printer.
  50. 50. whiteboard wall contest!
  51. 51. Lego mindstorm kits, arduino kits, AR drones, button ma Makey makey kits, etc.Photos by Nick Crowl:
  52. 52. inspiration often comes from peers Photo by Tod Colegrove:
  53. 53. making is infectious.Photo by Tod Colegrove:
  54. 54. ones to watchFayetteville Fab Lab: Unquiet Library/ Buffy Hamilton: Public Library: Library as Incubator Project: Public Library: Hill/ 4th Floor Chattanooga Public Library: and the participatory library/ Monica Harris:
  55. 55. more than one way to accomplish the goa
  56. 56. know your community.
  57. 57. start now. perfect later.
  58. 58. it’s okay to fail. expect to.
  59. 59. go forth. make.
  60. 60. questions? Special thanks to: Nick Crowl Chris Bennett Chrissy Klenke Erin Silva Fisher The awesome students of UNR Facebook: Flickr: makerspaces-in-academic-libraries OR