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Without Walls #notttuesday May 2012


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Without Walls... the art of conversation curation - Door entry: bring a business card

Caron-Jane (CJ) Lyon , a Notttuesday regular is taking the stage to share some insight in to:

* Organic Audience Development
* Audience sustainability
* Using Twitter for events
* Community Network building
* Social Media real time feeds

In 2010 Caron, along with video blogger and brand advocate Phil Campbell they joined forces as collaborators and set up a HD community web studio and 'on the ground' real time event team.

Caron worked as a stagemanager before retraining as a web designer in 2003. In 2006, As she realised she was not a designer social media emerged and slowly the realisation hit that being a stagemanager was harder to escape than she first thought! Caron is an event specialist with an unhealthy knowledge of social media! A self proclaimed Internet adventurer and explorer.

From creating social networks for Arts Council England’s Amb:IT:ion program and Pilot Theatre's Shift Happens conferences, live streaming interactive coverage for Architects Journal and Audiences Europe to Twitter 'conversation curation' (digital show calling) audience engagement and event support are the common theme. The only difference she now provides digital resources and new resources are not in short supply!

As a consultant Caron provides the knowledge and training organisations or individuals need to make media, connect and talk across the web in real time.

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Without Walls #notttuesday May 2012

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