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Richard f Gordon gage and tori revised


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4th grade Astronaut Biography Project on Richard F. Gordon

Published in: Technology, Education
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Richard f Gordon gage and tori revised

  1. 1. Richard F. GordonTori Ryles Gage Churchwell You are the best astronaut ever
  2. 2. IntroductionRichard F Gordon was born oct.5,1929.He was bornin Seattle, Washington. When he got older hemarried Barbra J. Field. He now has two anddaughters four sons. Sadly one died. He likes togo skiing and to play golf. He graduated from NorthKitsap High school. He received a bachelor ofscience degree in chemistry from the university ofWashington in 1951 too. Sometimes he tested testpilots. Richard also severed chairman and co-chairman of Louisna Heart found. tori and I think you are better than Niel armstrong
  3. 3. Richard was one of 24 people that have flew tothe moon. He orbited the earth in the Apollo XII.NASA choose Richard to be a astronaut in 1963.Video Apollo 12
  4. 4. EDURichard F. Gordon graduated from North Kitsaphigh school, Poulsbo , Washington. He receiveda bachelor of science degree in chemistry fromthe university of Washington in 1951. My teacher thinks your the best me too
  5. 5. Personal DataRichard F. Gordon enjoys skiing and golf. He ismarried to the former Barbra J. Field. He has 4sons and 2 daughters. Thats one small step for you being cool one giant leap for you being AWESOME!!!!