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  • This is great information on the importance of reviews. I found a site that specializes in helping you get positive reviews from customers I like also. Check it out here:
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Automotive IRM Training - Getting & Marketing Reviews

  2. 2. “If it is to be, it’s up to me.” Jackie B. Cooper as quoted in “The Prosperity Equation” by Jim Ziegler PCG Digital Marketing
  3. 3. You Only Know What You Know! PCG Digital Marketing
  4. 4. Zero Moment of Truth • Download a free copy of this eBook written by Google • This is a very fundamental concept which should fuel your business investments in digital marketing and social media. • Ignorance of ZMOT in expensive! • PCG Digital Marketing
  5. 5. • 83% of car shoppers used the internet to research vehicles • 79% used search to research a Dealers • 37% found social sources to be an influential driver when making purchases, double from 2010 • 44% of consumers posted comments about the dealer they purchased from. 80% positive • 28% changed their dealership selection based on a dealer review. • There are more reviews online for a 39 cent pen than most dealership.
  6. 6. PCG Digital Marketing
  7. 7. Shopping Cycle Compressed
  8. 8. Goals • Who is the new “Digital” Customer • Understanding Reviews and how they impact your business. • How behavior onsite impacts online reputation • What processes Dealers need to implement • On Site Branding of Reputation PCG Digital Marketing
  9. 9. Reviews are Used Everywhere PCG Digital Marketing
  11. 11. What is your Reputation?
  12. 12. Circle of Influence Customer Friends & Family Online Marketing Past Experience Traditional Marketing PCG Digital Marketing
  13. 13. It Has Nothing To Do With CSI • Consumers have no clue what your OEM CSI Scores mean. • You can have the highest CSI scores and be perceived as having the worst ONLINE CSI scores in the market. • It’s not what is found on just ONE website!
  14. 14. Keys to Your Online CSI Success • Top down involvement in needed. • Define behavior needed to achieve level of service • Train on new behavior • Follow up and encourage star employees.
  15. 15. Main Site
  16. 16. Why Not Create Sliders for Each
  17. 17. Google + Local Need Photos of Customers, Check Categories, Make sure listing is claimed
  18. 18. Google + Local Photos of happy people enhance the experience for the consumer
  19. 19. Google + Local
  20. 20. Know Where You Drive Customers
  21. 21. More recent reviews needed. Respond to negative reviews
  22. 22. Yelp needs Help Needs optimization and response to reviews. Need more effective strategy to get reviews
  23. 23. Asking for Review • Ask Everyone • Ask while paperwork is being done or downtime • Ask for personal review, not just for dealership review • Explain to them that an email will be sent out with a link PCG Digital Marketing
  24. 24. Where To Post • Google + Local • Yelp • Third Party Platforms • Sites in Your Google + Local Account • Type “Name of Business Reviews” for list
  25. 25. Responding to Reviews • Keep it Short • Respond to all Negative • Respond to 2/3 of positive • Give your name, title and direct phone # • No email in response unless # is there as well PCG Digital Marketing
  26. 26. You Have To Respond!
  27. 27. Email Templates • Write out a personal thank you • Compare it to your Template • Change it to be more personal • Include a short video • Link to reviews and ask for reviews PCG Digital Marketing
  28. 28. Creating The “Atmosphere” for Reviews PCG Digital Marketing
  29. 29. Put Your Staff Front and Center
  30. 30. Marketing Reviews Inside and Out PCG Digital Marketing
  31. 31. Wall Of Fame PCG Digital Marketing
  32. 32. Sales People Front and Center PCG Digital Marketing
  33. 33. How to Use Social for IRM • Monitor Reputation • Respond to customer service comments • Broadcast the positive • Showcase the human element of your business • Learn from the data
  34. 34. Social Platforms • Instagram: – “Artsy” Photos & Short Videos – Descriptions & #hashtags • Facebook& Google+: – Build: Photo and Video Happy customers, Candids of employees, Community Involvement – Protect: Respond & Broadcast - screenshots of Reviews • Twitter: – Build: Photos and Videos – Protect: links to blog posts – re-tweets
  35. 35. Social Platforms
  36. 36. Summary • Create The Atmosphere On Site • Create a specific process to get reviews • Let customers know results and changes • Market your performance online (sales and service) • Use all effective Channels to do so • This does not stop. New Culture begins today! PCG Digital Marketing
  37. 37. Reputation Management Checklist • Check all review platforms listed on Google + Local account PCG Digital Marketing
  38. 38. Reputation Management Checklist • Found all review platforms on page one for search of Dealer Name + Reviews • Created Spreadsheet listing all sites that will be focused on over next few months • Checked review sites daily for new reviews • Responded correctly to reviews PCG Digital Marketing
  39. 39. Reputation Management Checklist • Reviews are easy to find on website • On Site there are materials showing Staff asking for feedback • On Site there are other customer feedback branding assets • Changes that are being made based on customer feedback are being communicated at the dealership level. • Reputation results are being discussed in weekly meetings. PCG Digital Marketing
  40. 40. Final Thought PCG Digital Marketing
  41. 41. PCG Digital Marketing
  42. 42. • Join online communities that allow you to engage with your peers and get help for free and keep up with the constant changes in the digital world: • • • • • • Need Assistance, Just Call! • Office: 732.450.8200 • Email: • Email: • PCG Digital Marketing
  43. 43. Thanks PCG Digital Marketing