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Observe what's in store


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Observe what's in store

  1. 1. Observe what’s in Store Paul Cestnik
  2. 2. Calm exuded• Colorful display of teas• Passionate salespeople• They know their tea• No place to sit• Smells nice
  3. 3. Opportunities• Clearer pricing• A bar to sit at• A couple of small tables• Honey for sweetening
  4. 4. Crazy Canucks• Overwhelming - so much stuff• Everything including the kitchen sink• Who can I ask for help?• What’s with the money?• Hot dogs
  5. 5. Opportunities• Better signage• Better organization• More staff• Better uniforms
  6. 6. Local Lumber Yard• Friendly, neighborly• Knowledgeable staff• Un-sexy• Basic
  7. 7. Opportunities• Extend range of products• Bright shirts so you can find helpful staff• Hot dog stand• How-to sessions
  8. 8. Hip• Great place to hang out• Cool, calm, quiet, stylish• One stop shop for books, gifts, music & stationary
  9. 9. Opportunities• Extend range of cool gifts• Leverage the “unplugged” lifestyle• Uniforms so I can find people to help• Set up book clubs
  10. 10. Big Box meets Hockey• Vast – and clean, not like a locker room at the arena• HUGE selection• Jocks for staff, smart ones
  11. 11. Opportunities• More inviting front door• Add some fun: indoor shooter pad, videos of old games, hockey music
  12. 12. Think like a traveling shopper To see the opportunities for growth