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  1. 1. Cholesterol
  2. 2. Step 1- Consumption of food with high cholesterol content Step 2- Cholesterol is absorbed by the small intestine where it enters the bloodstream. Step 3- Cholesterol then enters the liver Step 4- In the liver cholesterol joins with triglycerides to from VLDL Step 5- VLDL is broken down into LDL when triglycerides are broken off and deposited as the lipoprotein circulates through the bloodstream Step 6- LDL then enters the bloodstream and is transported to the peripheral system Step 7-. Plaque forms on the walls of the artery as LDL travels through the bloodstream Step 8/9- HDL removes plaque(excess cholesterol) from arteries and releases it into the liver Step 10- Bile is released and cholesterol is eliminated in feces or repeats steps 4-9
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