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Teacher Orientation

  1. 1. + Youth Theatre at the U Teacher Orientation 2009
  2. 2. + Agenda/Topics to Be Covered Youth Theatre at the U vision Who’s who YTU policies Required paperwork
  3. 3. + Our Vision  Youth Theatre at the U (YTU) Communicate teaches young people to communicate, collaborate, create and celebrate by Collaborate experiencing, hands on, the theatre arts. In the classroom and in rehearsal, students learn valuable Create principles, techniques, and skills that help them grow as people, and as artists. Through discipline-based Celebrate dramatic discovery, students learn to express their ideas, emotions, opinions, fears, ne eds and desires, both on and off the stage.
  4. 4. +  Youth Theatre at the U's showcase productions are a product of work done in the classroom. They grow from an environment of learning and enrichment for the whole child. Young people are often involved in the entire creative process and development of productions.
  5. 5. + Re: Act This year’s theme is REACT. React to your surroundings React to what’s happening in your community, your world
  6. 6. +  As you plan and refine your courses, think about how students can connect and share their work with the community.  Is there an art exhibit that can inspire or extend your work?  Is there a senior center we can invite or travel to to share with?  Is there a professional in the community that can illuminate a topic for you?
  7. 7. + Important Contact Information:  Youth Theatre Main Office,  581-6098  Penelope Caywood, Artistic Director Penny’s Cell 801-599-2084  Linton Dean, Office Manager
  8. 8. + Our Staff  Youth Theatre has a unique relationship with the University of Utah. As an entity of the Department of Theatre, the organization's staff is comprised of University faculty, staff, and students, complimented by a mix of professional guest artists from the Salt Lake community and the national young people's theatre community.
  9. 9. + Creative Drama Faculty  LindaBrown  GlennBrown  NicholasDunn  HeidiHackney  SteveJackson  JenniferJohnson  JoeRogan
  10. 10. + Musical Theatre Faculty  LintonDean  ErinEmpey  ErinFair  DarinHathaway  LauraKrummenacher  AmyOakeson  Musical Directors/Accompanists  BrentFotheringham  CathyNeff  EliSargent
  11. 11. + Specialty Company Faculty  AnnaChristiansen - Shakespeare  AnthonyGaskins - Advanced Acting  JamieWilcox – Advanced Acting  ZacZumbrunnen – Melodrama
  12. 12. + Auxiliary Faculty  Kelby McIntyre – Morning office and Elective  Zak Kimbrell – Properties Manager  Laura Krummenacher – Costumes Manager  Erin Empey – Stage Manager  Pilar Davis – Lighting Designer
  13. 13. + Teaching Assistants  SteveKnell  ConnorRickman  JordanWarsoff
  14. 14. + Teen Aides  KatrynaWilliams  AmberBowler  MaggieBradford  GeorgiaKnell  AndrewFox  JacobHouser  Cassidy Oldroyd  LeaHunter  MadelineRencher  CarsonKohler  MaxHuftalin  OliviaVessel  KatieStansfield
  15. 15. + PT Morning Electives  Acting for Film & TV, ages: 8-  Musical Theatre Dance, ages: 10, Instructor(s):Nick Dunn and Connor ALL, Instructor(s): Amy Oakeson and Linton Rickman Dean  Actor's Studio, ages: 10-13, Instructor(s):  Musical Theatre Ensemble ages: 8- Darin Hathaway and Jamie Wilcox 11, Instructor(s):ErinFair  All That Jazz, ages: ALL, Instructor(s): Erin  Poetry Out Loud, ages: 10-13, Instructor(s): Empey and Steve Knell Anthony Gaskins  Riotous Youth, ages: 8-11, Instructor(s):  Stage Combat, ages: 10-13, Instructor(s): Anna Christiansen Joe Rogan, Steve Jackson, and Jordan Warsoff  Improv, ages: 10-13, Instructor(s): ZacZumbrunnen  Stage Makeup, ages: 8-11, Instructor(s): Heidi Hackney  Masks - Lion King Style, ages: ALL, Instructor(s): Linda & Glenn Brown  Stage Tech, ages: ALL Instructor(s): Jennifer Johnson  Stomp the Yard, ages 10-13, Instructor(s) Kelby McIntyre
  16. 16. + PT Afternoon Electives  Acting for Film & TV, ages: 10-  Poetry in Motion ages: ALL, Instructor(s): 13, Instructor(s): Nick Dunn and Connor Erin Empey and Anthony Gaskins Rickman  Political Theatre, ages: 10-  Riotous Youth, ages: 10- 13, Instructor(s): Darin Hathaway 13, Instructor(s): Anna Christiansen  Puppetry and Performance, ages  Improv, ages: 8-11, Instructor(s): ALL, Instructor(s): Glenn and Linda ZacZumbrunnen Brown  Mask-Making, ages: ALL, Instructor(s):  Stage Combat, ages: 8-11, Instructor(s): Amy Oakeson and Jennifer Johnson Joe Rogan, Steve Jackson, and Jordan Warsoff  Musical Stomp, ages 8-11, Instructor(s): Laura Krummenacher and Cathy Neff  Stage Makeup, ages: 10- 13, Instructor(s): Heidi Hackney  Musical Theatre Ensemble, ages: 10- 13, Instructor(s): Linton Dean and Brent  Vocal Studio, ages: ALL, Instructor(s): Fotheringham Erin Fair and Ellie Sargent
  17. 17. +  There are 165 students enrolled in the Preteen session. Your classes will be full – between 12-17 students.  We have faculty meetings on Wednesdays after school.
  18. 18. + Youth Theatre Policies
  19. 19. + Arrivals and Departures  Staff members must arrive no later than 8:45 a.m. and may leave no earlier than 3:30 p.m. unless arranged in advance with the administration.  Staff members are required to attend morning announcements and participate in warm-ups.  Inthe event of illness, auditions, or other scheduling issues, staff members must call a member of the administrative staff to work out substitutes for classes. Substitutes must be Youth Theatre at the U employees.
  20. 20. + WARM – UPS A Warm-up schedule will be posted in the West Institute.  The purpose of warm-ups are: 1. To create a larger sense of community at Theatre School. 2. To start the day with a more focused feeling -- regardless of whether the warm up will help get students get in a playful mood, promote group trust, or encourage spontaneity.
  21. 21. Signing In and Out  All students must sign in at the beginning of the day, and out at the end of the day. (Students at PTC and PAB will sign out with their Company leaders at the end of the day.)
  22. 22. + Should a student need to leave early (dentist, doctor’s appointment, etc.), they must be signed-out at the YTU main office by a parent/guardian or an authorized individual. Do not allow students under the age of 16 to leave your classroom to check themselves out—even if they have a note. An authorized YTU staff member will come to your classroom to retrieve the child when an authorized individual has arrived to pick up the child. Students over the age of 16 may check themselves out with a note from a parent or guardian.
  23. 23. + Students will be required to wear nametags for the first two weeks of class.
  24. 24. + LUNCH TIME  Theatre School for Youth has an ―open campus‖ policy for lunch. Staff and students may either bring their own sack lunch or purchase it from one of the restaurants located within walking distance of the school.  Staffmembers must sign up for a lunch location in the morning. Staff members must then go to their lunch location and remain there throughout the lunch hour.  Studentsmay not be in any of the buildings or classrooms during lunch without staff supervision.
  25. 25. + You may go to any of the following “on-campus” restaurants for lunch:
  26. 26. + BIG ED’S
  27. 27. + THE PIE PIZZERIA
  28. 28. + SONO EXPRESS
  29. 29. + GANDOLFO’S
  30. 30. + SUBWAY
  31. 31. + B&D Burgers
  32. 32. + EINSTEIN’S
  33. 33. + Sack Lunch will be held on the PTC front lawn.
  34. 34. + T-Shirt Policy  Itis required that all staff and students wear official YTU T-shirts at all times. This includes lunch. Staff or students not wearing official T-shirts must ―borrow‖ one. If a staff member repeatedly refuses to wear a T- shirt, he/she will be terminated. If a student repeatedly refuses to wear a T-shirt, they must be sent to the office, whereupon they will be sent home.
  35. 35. + Official shirts this year are Purple with a green logo. Yes, that’s right. Purple and Green.
  36. 36. + Students and teachers can also wear t-shirts from previous years.
  37. 37. + Staff and Students are not allowed to cut or alter their T- shirts.
  38. 38. + Appropriate Dress If you are interested in buying extra t-shirts then go to our website at www.youththeatre.utah.edu and visit the YTU SHOP. (This link will be up in a couple of days)
  39. 39. + It is suggested that girls do not wear skirts or dresses.
  40. 40. + Safety Policies 1. Never leave students unattended or unsupervised.
  41. 41. + 2. Staff and students must always use the crosswalks to cross the street.
  42. 42. + 3. Students who are caught jay-walking will receive a behavior strike.
  43. 43. + Pioneer Theatre Company Students are allowed only in the studios and the Babcock Lobby unless supervised by a staff member. Pioneer Theatre Company is still a workplace during the summer, so treat their staff members with respect. Speak quietly in the hallways, and stay out of the PTC lobby. Students and staff are permitted to enter only through the north and south lobby doors. Please encourage parents to wait for their students outside on the south patio when picking up their student at the end of the day.
  44. 44. + Do not enter PTC through the front doors or the stage doors.
  45. 45. +Always enter Pioneer Theatre Company from South lobby doors and go directly downstairs to classrooms.
  46. 46. + Students are not allowed to ―hang out‖ in the parking lots behind 7-11 and the University Pharmacy at any time, or to fraternize with individuals who may own these properties. Always be on alert for individuals who may pose a threat to our young people, and encourage students to be aware of their surroundings. Please keep your classrooms neat and tidy. Food and drink (other than water bottles with closable lids) are not permitted in any classroom. Teachers are not allowed to administer any medications to students. It is recommended that all staff members obtain their First Aid/CPR certification. In the event of an emergency situation, never leave the child alone. Send a Teaching Assistant or student to inform the administration of the emergency. Do not move the child.
  47. 47. + Three Strikes Policy  Youth Theatre at the U implements a ―Three Strikes You’re Out‖ policy. All students are required to sign a General Behavior Contract upon their acceptance to Youth Theatre at the U.
  48. 48. +  If a student violates one of the terms of their contract, it is the responsibility of the instructor to give the student a private verbal warning and fill out a Problem Behavior Report. This report must be given to the Penny or Zach, and will be placed in the student’s file.  If the student continues to have a problem, the instructor must bring the student to the office for a conference with Penny. The student’s parents will be called to be notified about their behavior problem and to be informed that upon another infraction that their child will be removed from the program. A parent/teacher conference may be scheduled at this stage.  Should the problem continue, the instructor and the student will meet with the Penny, whereupon the student’s parent(s) will be called and the student will be removed from the program. Fees will not be refunded.
  49. 49. +  Behavior that results in the immediate termination from the program without the implementation of the ―Three Strikes‖ policy include:  Possession of alcohol, drugs, or illegal substances,  Possession of weapons (guns, knives, Chinese stars, etc.)  Minors possessing cigarettes or students age 18 distributing cigarettes to minors.
  50. 50. + Final Performances  Final Company performances will be held at Kingsbury Hall on July 1 and 2 (Wednesday and Thursday nights – Friday is a holiday).  Companies should plan on filling 20 minutes.
  51. 51. + Class Changes  Students may make class changes based on availability through Wednesday, July 17.  Class changes will happen in Penny's office before school, during morning company class, and after school only. Penny is in her office from 8:30 am until 9 am., 9:30 to 10:30 am and from 3:30 pm to 5 pm.  Youwill not get a final roll sheet until the first Thursday of classes.
  52. 52. + Required Paperwork  You will have a Guest Lecturer/Performer contract and an W-9 to fill out on Orientation day.  Those of you who already work at the U need to fill out the Guest Lecturer/Performer contract but not the W-9  Everyone will be paid at the end of each session.  The department has a part-time accountant at this time. No special arrangements will be made regarding when you get paid.
  53. 53. + Buying Supplies  Penny will go shopping 1-2 times a week.  There will be a shopping list in my box for you to fill out when you need something for your class.  Reimbursements will be handled in my office only. Please consult with Penny prior to purchasing something yourself. We may or may not have the petty cash to cover those costs.  All receipts must be turned into Penny’s office.  Company and Elective class budgets are small. $100 for companies and you need to speak to Penny regarding elective class supplies.
  54. 54. + OREINTATION for Preteen and Teen  Monday, June 8th 5:30 – 8:30  5:30 – 6:30  Penny goes over Rules and Regs  6:30 – 8:30  Auditions for Melodrama and Adv.Acting in Room 150 • Zac and Jamie  T-shirts are handed out in rooms 202 and 204 • 4 people needed  Schedules are handed out in main lobby • 4 people needed  Penny does schedule requests/changes in Office Area. • Penny and Kelby
  55. 55. + Session Dates  Preteen Session  June 15 – July 2  Teen Session  July 13 – August 7  Dramatic Discoveries  August 10 - 21