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Sonex deposit meeting_ws_20110301

  1. 1. The SONEX Workgroup: Providing an overview ofdeposit usecase scenarios to JISCdepo projectsPablo de Castro, Carlos III University
  2. 2. Ongoing projects at JISC Deposit Call (source: JICdepo blog planet)Deposit Projects Meeting, Birmingham, Mar 1st – DepositMO, JISCDura, RePosit
  3. 3. Measuring success of strategies to promote deposit Measuring success for particular deposit strategies: much harder than getting a general picture Specific questions should be asked to repository managers, such as: - was any given automated deposit strategy used for content ingest purposes? - could an approximate amount of items thus ingested be estimated as a percentage of total item input?
  4. 4.
  5. 5. SONEX are…As of Nov09 the workgroup coordinator Pablode Castro changed affiliation from SpanishNational Research Council (CSIC) to CarlosIII University Madrid, and Richard Jones(Symplectic Ltd) became a member of thegroup in Apr10 replacing Jim Downing.
  6. 6. How it all started:Institutional Repositories Workshop (IRW’09)
  7. 7.
  8. 8. The SONEX paper:deposit-related interoperability in a nutshell
  9. 9. SONEX: not a coding project
  10. 10. SONEX: not a coding project
  11. 11. SONEX usecase-based interop analysis
  12. 12. SONEX usecase scenario I: publisher-driven deposit OA-RJ workflow PEER workflow
  13. 13. SONEX usecase scenario I: publisher-driven deposit
  14. 14. SONEX usecase scenario II: CRIS/IR integration (from: “KE CRIS-OAR [publication metadata] interoperability project” presentation, CRIS2010 Aalborg, Denmark, June 2-5, 2010)
  15. 15. SONEX usecase scenario II: CRIS/IR integration
  16. 16. SONEX usecase scenario II: CRIS/IR integration
  17. 17. SONEX usecase scenario III: Funder-mandated deposit
  18. 18. SONEX usecase scenario III: Funder-mandated deposit
  19. 19. SONEX usecase scenario IV:Deposit via personal software
  20. 20. (Potential) SONEX usecase scenario V:are IRs a proper target for research data & datasets?
  21. 21. Widening deposit use-case analysis: beyond research papers First Task is ‘Re-thinking the Use-Case Actors’ to establish Use Case Scenarios and to pose question of relevance of Institutional Repository (see DISC-UK DataShare Project): Research Data (then learning materials) [a first cut]1. (Individual/Group) Originator/Researcher 1. Via the PI (Award Holder) 2. Where there is no PI2. Depositor (not originator) – mediated deposit 1. Where agent reports to PI 2. Where agent does not3. Institutional/Departmental4. Libraries (or other long-lasting organisations)5. Repository/Archive/Database Manager6. Publisher7. etc
  22. 22. Some questions on research data management Are IRs a proper target for research data deposit? Could Sword deal with data transfer? Available workforce for dealing with data management: is it big enough? Trained enough? Research data file sizes: should deposit by reference be considered instead/besides binary data transfer? At what point along the publication lifecycle should dataset deposit take place?
  23. 23. ‘A summary of ongoing deposit-related projects’,
  24. 24. SONEX current tasksWidening deposit use-case analysis in cooperation withselected projects at JISC Deposit call: further use-casescenarios, more digital object types (beyond researchpapers)Analysis on research datamanagement from JISCMRDenvironmentProviding support to selected projects atJISC Deposit callCooperating along Sword v2 definitionGathering information on new & ongoingdeposit-related projects and initiatives, of initiative for potentialintnl cooperation: OpenAIRE,
  25. 25. Thank youMore info on Sonex: de Castro, Carlos III University Madrid,