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  • Au Psy492 E Portfolio Cardenas P

    1. 1. Undergraduate Studies ePortfolio Paola Cardenas Psychology, 2010
    2. 2. Personal Statement My name is Paola Solach Cardenas; I was born in San Luis Potosi, Mexico and brought to the United States in 1996, when I was 14 years old. I attended and graduated Central Gwinnett High School in 1999. It was really hard being a new comer and not knowing a word of English, although that was a big challenge, I manage to have good grades qualifying to be part of the Beta Club, The Legal Explorers, and The National Honor Society. After high school I enrolled in Georgia Perimeter College, as a part time student. I attended until 2009, when I transferred to Argosy University to become a full time student and earn my degree in Psychology. I am scheduled to graduate on February of 2011. I worked for the Latin American Association, Gwinnett Branch Office, for 4 years as a paralegal for the Immigration Department. While working there, I got a Paralegal certificate from The University of Georgia and I was also certified by the USCIS, (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) to work as a representative. Due to the long commute, in 2004, I decided to change jobs and I started to work as an Insurance Agent for Perimeter Insurance Agency. I worked there for 6 years helping build the clientele for that office and increased sales from $0 to $720,000 a year. Wanting to go back to my career field, I went back to work for the Latin American Association as an Outreach Center Manager. I serve as a liaison between government organizations and the Latino community as well as develop and manage programs and services such as ESL (English as Second Language) and computer classes, employment seminars, presentations, translations and interpretations. To be an effective outreach center manager I continue to train in the areas of family services. The area of family services includes, but is not limited to child sexual abuse, anger management, parenting, housing, and anything pertaining to the well being of the family and the “American Dream”. I have also been a volunteer at Saint Lawrence Catholic Church, in which I was a Youth Leader for 2 years. As a youth leader for the youth group, I also held a position as secretary for the Archdioceses Hispanic Youth Council; later I held the Director position of the same. Due to my involvement in the church activities I was elected to go to Toronto, Canada to the World Youth Day to see the Pope in 2002. On February 1999, I met Mariela Bernal, a community leader, and started working with her as a volunteer for Neighbors Working Side by Side, in which I helped develop youth programs. I helped and organized two Health Fairs with Mariela Bernal along Gwinnett County. Also I volunteered for Gwinnett Clean and Beautiful, bringing a group of kids to help paint over graffiti. I was the Co-founder and Administrative-Director of Kminantes, a cultural, support group for teens and young adults, founded in April 2001. I worked in that project for 2 years, helping over 70 kids. At the same time, I was also a member of the Diversion Panel of the Juvenile Court in Gwinnett County, Georgia. I helped the diversion of first time teenage offenders by helping them right their wrongs and giving back to the community. From 2004 to 2007, I volunteered with William Rojas, a Psychologist, as a moderator for young adults in their path to self-discovery. Unfortunately, we had to stop this project because Mr. William went back to Colombia. As having experience coming to the United States without knowing how the system worked, I would like to help new comers adapt and be helpful to the community. I think we, as young adults, need to set an example to future generations and lead them to be the best they can be.
    3. 3. Resume Resume
    4. 4. Reflection I started in Argosy on June of 2009. I really like the format of the classes, it has helped me apply the concepts I learn in class to real-life cases. I still have to work on being able to identify the several theories and their developers as well as being able to apply APA format to papers. Most of the classes I have taken have helped me do a better job in my current employment as a manager for a non-profit organization focused on Latinos.
    5. 5. Table of Contents • Cognitive Abilities: Critical Thinking and Information Literacy • Research Skills • Communication Skills: Oral and Written • Ethics and Diversity Awareness • Foundations of Psychology • Applied Psychology • Interpersonal Effectiveness
    6. 6. Cognitive Abilities “Cognitive abilities are the brain- based skills and mental processes that are needed to carry out any task” (Latham)
    7. 7. Dialogue - Time Management • Interpersonal Effectiveness class assignment • Tips on time management, organization, note taking, and useful things to help be a successful student – This dialogue was intended to put in writing the excuses one makes to procrastinate and not organizing the time in an effective way. Dialogue - Time Management file
    8. 8. Reading Technique • Interpersonal Effectiveness class assignment – There are a couple of reading techniques, this assignment was intended to explain which technique is better for me and why. Reading Technique file
    9. 9. Research Skills
    10. 10. Effect size in a Research study • Psychological Statistics class assignment • Difference of a correlational and a causal research study • Guidelines for a research Effect Size in a Research Study document
    11. 11. Ethics in a Research Study • Psychological Statistics class assignment • This assignment gives an example about the ethics a research has to follow. Ethics in a Research Study document
    12. 12. Communication Skills How well do I communicate with others
    13. 13. Child Sexual Abuse Presentation • Children and Violence class assignment – Slide show presentation about Child Sexual Abuse – It explains: • Different ways of sexual abuse • Signs of sexual abuse in children • Long term effects of sexual abuse Child Sexual Abuse presentation
    14. 14. Outline - Global Warming • Environmental Perspective class assignment – Outline made to organize Global Warming research paper – Gave structure to the paper, to communicate in an effective manner. Outline - Global Warming document
    15. 15. Ethics and Diversity Awareness
    16. 16. Diversity Exploring Diversity through Self-Examination • Diversity class assignment • Course project that focused on the following topics: – Personal Biases – Discrimination – Culture – Religion – Gender – Elderly – Disabilities – Sexual Orientation Diversity Course Project document
    17. 17. Sexual Orientation • Interviewing a homosexual and a transgender – Topics on: – Discrimination – Family – Stereotypes – Education on sexual orientation Sexual Orientation
    18. 18. Foundations of Psychology
    19. 19. Developmental Psychology - Self-Reflection • Developmental Psychology class assignment • Physical development • Cognitive development • Socioemotional development Develpmental Psychology - Self-Reflection docu
    20. 20. Personality Theory - Course Project • Personality Theory class assignment • Overview of different personality theories Personality Theory project
    21. 21. Knowledge of Applied Psychology Ability to apply psychology to personal social, and/or organizational problems.
    22. 22. Deterrence • Crime and Causes class assignment • This paper tried to define and apply the concept of “Deterrence” • Applied the concept to the Columbine shootings and WWII – Would deterrence had worked on Eric and Dylan (Columbine shootings) or Hittler? Deterrence document
    23. 23. Effective Counselors • Counseling Theories class assignment • Characteristics to be an effective counselor Effective Counselors document
    24. 24. Children and Violence Course Project • Domestic Violence • Sexual abuse • Bullying • Psycho educational approaches • Supportive approaches • Professional Help available to families and children Children and Violence Course Project
    25. 25. Defense Mechanism • Personality Theories class assignment • Examples of defense mechanism Defense Mechanism document
    26. 26. Interpersonal Effectiveness Ability to interact with others to accomplish one’s goals
    27. 27. Interpersonal Effectiveness Course Project • Project about strengths and weaknesses in self • Communication skills • Listening skills • Comparison in how people sees me and how I see myself. Interpersonal Effectiveness Course Project document
    28. 28. Michael Jackson Trial • Forensic Psychology class assignment • Power point presentation intended to convince the jury that Michael Jackson was innocent of child sexual abuse. Michael Jackson Trial presentation
    29. 29. My Future in Learning I love Psychology because it does not only give me the opportunity to help others but to learn about myself. Since I started my education path in Psychology I have learned and grow considerably. It has helped me open my eyes and mind to new things. I learn everyday a little bit more about the world and its complexities.
    30. 30. Contact Me Thank you for viewing my ePortfolio. For further information, please contact me at the e-mail address below.