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what i have learnt working with startups.

  1. what i have learnt working with startups. phil calçado @pcalcado
  2. hi, i am phil.
  3. i work here:
  4. mandatory “we are hiring” plug:
  5. but i used to work here:
  6. “we are in trouble. get those agile people in.”
  7. often too late.
  8. how it all begins
  9. startups take on debt
  10. startups take on debt financial technical
  11. financial debt (oversimplified)
  12. Weekend hack
  13. Uh? People are using this...
  14. We are on TechCrunch!
  15. Pump in new features!
  16. More people!
  17. A-Round Investment
  18. tech debt (oversimplified)
  19. Weekend hack
  20. Uh? People are using this...
  21. We are on TechCrunch!
  22. Pump in new features!
  23. More people!
  24. A-Round Investment
  25. More engineers!
  26. More Features! Fast!
  27. we solve financial problems with re$ources
  28. technical problems require re$ources and time
  29. why it happens
  30. cause #1: getting shit out.
  31. you don't want to be
  32. “I thought we were going to build a better Facebook,[But] within 30 minutes I realized, Oh my God, it's broken. Holy shit, we totally fucked up.”
  33. a startup needs to validate its idea. soon.
  34. we all know what that means
  35. cause #2: we like it easy.
  36. simple: ●one role ●one task ●one concept ●one dimension
  37. easy: ●near, at hand ●near to our understanding, skill set
  38. top 3 measures for minimising damage
  39. #1 don't stop the world. the industry won't wait ● until you have it all fixed.
  40. #2 careful with interest vs. principal. measure investment made ● because of tech debt; paying principal may be cheaper in the medium term.
  41. #3 break the big ball of mud. componentise your ● infrastructure; even if this means duplicated code for a while. use queues and webservices.