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A Brief Talk On High-Performing Organisations


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A slide deck describing some of my current thoughts around building software engineering teams.

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A Brief Talk On High-Performing Organisations

  1. 1. A Brief Talk On High- Performing Organisations Phil Calçado -
  2. 2. The Employee Lifecycle Hiring Nurturing Exiting
  3. 3. Hiring Sourcing Screening Interviewing Hiring Sync Offer Candidate Experience
  4. 4. Sourcing is the hardest part of hiring.
  5. 5. Screening needs to be as automated as possible, but not generic.
  6. 6. Hiring Sync needs to be a conversation between members of the committee.
  7. 7. Offer is hard in the beginning, but it becomes easier with more data points.
  8. 8. A good Candidate Experience is mostly about short lead times and frequent updates.
  9. 9. Nurturing Drive & Alignment
  10. 10. Some people are driven by building products, others by solving hardcore engineering problems, others by teamwork.
  11. 11. What makes the person tick must be aligned with the best interest of the organisation.
  12. 12. Exit Misalignment, Performance, and outgrowing.
  13. 13. When the person’s motivation isn’t aligned with what the organisation needs, an assisted exit can help everybody.
  14. 14. Give feedback on performance always and often, and do not move under performers to a corner hoping they’ll eventually quit.
  15. 15. The organisation doesn’t need a Senior Vice President of Photocopy. Acknowledge when people outgrow the current organisation’s size and consider an assisted exit.
  16. 16. Shaping Teams Horizontal Vertical Mixed
  17. 17. Horizontal teams increase lead time and can cause misalignment.
  18. 18. Vertical teams often don’t leverage economies of scope.
  19. 19. Mixed teams require a servant leadership culture.
  20. 20. Measuring Productivity
  21. 21. Vertical teams should be guided by a business business metric.
  22. 22. Horizontal teams should be guided by feedback from teams they serve.
  23. 23. All teams should use lead time as their continuous improvement metric.
  24. 24. ?Phil Calçado -