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Pedro medeiros citi-cloudviews

  1. 1. CITI C entro de I nformática e T ecnologia da I nformação Center for Informatics and Information Technology Pedro Medeiros, Nuno Preguiça Cloudviews 2010
  2. 2. Presentation Overview CITI Presentation CITI contributions to the Cloud scientific area Conclusions
  3. 3. CITI Overview Context: Founded 1997, hosted by Dept. Informática, FCTUNL Funded by FCT/MCTES, FCTUNL and projects contracts Mission: Research in core areas of Computer Science / Informatics Breath of coverage w.r.t. both traditional and emerging CS topics; DI-FCT-UNL is a graduate school in CS (~60 PhD since the 80s) Currently: 32 full time investigators + students (Phd, Msc) Collaborative network at the local, national, and international levels High-quality research in many areas
  4. 4. Plastic Solar Computing Systems Software Principles and Methods Multi-Modal Systems Fox Valse Adsir Paradise Persys Trxsys Cores Giss Imedia Agravis TramaFix CITI Organization
  5. 5. Sample National Collaboration Network U Minho U Porto IST U Lisboa U Évora Software Principles and Methods Multi-Modal Systems Computing Systems U N Lisboa Collaborative activities involving CITI and other portuguese research units U Coimbra
  6. 6. CMU SEI Microsoft Research Sample Global Collaboration Network Software Principles And Methods Distributed Systems Multimodal Systems Computing Systems U Cardiff GC2 community Imperial College U Lancaster U Leeds UT Austin U Bologna U Pisa INRIA SUNY stonybrook MIT MediaLab U Paris VI CMU CS CMU Cylab U Linz UFRS, Br Max Planck U Twente AOSD community U Zheijiang INPG Grenoble U Tsinghua INRIA
  7. 7. CITI & the Cloud CITI Presentation CITI & the Cloud Core technologies Running domain-specific applications Conclusions
  8. 8. Core technologies Software Principles and Methods Techniques for safe and efficient software development Computer Systems Algorithms for large-scale data management and processing Runtime environments for high-performance computing Security techniques for distributed systems
  9. 9. Software Principles and Methods INTERFACES project: Certified Interfaces for Integrity and Security in Extensible Web Based Applications - Funded by ICTI @ CMU-Portugal - CITI, Carnegie Mellon Univ, Fac. Ciências Univ. Lisboa, - OutSystems, SA Project main goal Development of new techniques for enforcing security, integrity, and correctness requirements on distributed extensible web‐based applications by introducing novel, semantically rich notions of interface description languages, based on advanced type systems and logics
  10. 10. CRDTs: Consistency without concurrency control CRDTs project: Commutative Replicated Data Types - Funded by Google, ANR/France - CITI, INRIA, U. Minho Project main goal Simplify geographic replication by designing data types that converge without complex concurrency control Main idea Design data type for which all operations commute E.g. key-value store (basic cloud storage – Yahoo PNuts, Amazon Dynamo), text buffer (Google Docs), etc.
  11. 11. Byzantine fault-tolerance in the Cloud Byzantium project: Byzantine Fault Tolerance - Funded by FCT - CITI, INESC-id, Max Planck Inst. Project main goal Provide correct behavior in the presence of non fail-stop errors from software bugs, hardware malfunctions, misconfigurations, compromised sites
  12. 12. wrong right right right Byzantine fault-tolerance in the Cloud right Incorrect behavior from software bugs, hardware problems, etc. Results must remain correct
  13. 13. Cluster File System pCFS project: Parallel Cluster File System - CITI, INRIA Project main goal Achieving high I/O throughput in HPC applications, where processes write in shared files, supporting POSIX semantics and high-availability
  14. 14. Personal storage meets the Cloud FEW project: Files EveryWhere - Funded by FCT - CITI, U. Minho Background Most users’ data is also somewhere in the cloud General web sources (e.g. web sites, p2p, etc.) Personal repositories (e.g. Flickr, Gmail, Google Docs, DropBox, etc.)
  15. 15. Personal storage meets the Cloud FEW project: Files EveryWhere - Funded by FCT - CITI, U. Minho Project main goal Provide users with a uniform view of their workspace everywhere by having reference to cloud sources
  16. 16. Running domain-specific applications in the cloud Processing of tomographic data from composite materials with Materials Science and Engineering Ocean and Earth simulations with Geology, Oceanography Protein folding with Chemistry
  17. 17. Support of high-demanding scientific and engineering applications <ul><li>Geological units </li></ul><ul><li>Permeability </li></ul><ul><li>Porosity </li></ul><ul><li>Fluid saturation </li></ul><ul><li>Exploitation and recovery </li></ul>output = f (i 1 , i 2 , i 3 ...) Static model Dynamic model Outputs Data
  18. 18. Conclusions CITI Presentation CITI contributions to the Cloud scientific area Conclusions
  19. 19. Conclusions Solid background in key enabling technologies for the cloud Software development techniques – secure, flexible, re-use Data management for large scale High-performance computing techniques Tradition in supporting domain-specific applications Experience in collaboration with companies (technology transfer, joint research) OutSystems, Edisoft, PT inovação Google, Microsoft Research Seeking potential collaborations for cloud environments