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Cloudviews eurocloud rcosta


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Cloudviews eurocloud rcosta

  1. 1. European Cloud R&D projects Cloud Catalyst Workshop Ricardo Costa
  2. 2. Outline
  3. 3. Cloud TM
  4. 4. Cloud TM● Defining a novel programming paradigm to facilitate the development and administration of cloud application● Developing a Self-Optimizing Distributed Transactional Memory middleware● Spare programmers from the burden of coding for distribution, persistence and fault-tolerance● Letting them focus on delivering differentiating business value● Aims at minimizing the operational costs of cloud applications, pursuing optimal efficiency via autonomic resource provisioning & pervasive self-tuning schemes
  5. 5. OpenNebulaReservoir Elsag Datamat, CETIC, OGF.eeig standards organization, University of Lugano
  6. 6. OpenNebulaReservoir● Enable smaller infrastructure providers to collaborate through the federation of their resources on demand● Allow automatic allocation and deployment of resources to a service as demand fluctuates using a concept called elasticity● Allows service providers the ability to define both an initial and maximum allocation of resources● Automatically monitors the service performance that it is running, increasing or decreasing allocated resources behind the scenes to minimize costs● Allows a greater utilization of physical resources in the Cloud - translates into lower costs (for infrastructure, service providers and consumer)
  7. 7. ABC4Trust Söderhamn Kommun
  8. 8. ABC4TrustAttribute-based Credentials for Trust ● the goal is to address the federation and interchangeability of technologies that support trustworthy yet privacy- preserving ABC ● the aim is to deepen the understanding in ABC technologies, enable their efficient/effective deployment in practice, and their federation in different domains ● to define a common, unified architecture for ABC systems to allow comparing their respective features and combining them on common platforms ● to deliver open reference implementations of selected ABC systems and deploy them in actual production pilots allowing provably accredited members of restricted communities to provide anonymous feedback on their community or its members
  9. 9. Optimis
  10. 10. Optimis● to identify, capture and codify what an optimized cloud ecosystem driven by trust, risk, eco-efficiency and cost will look like● a framework and toolkit that will simplify service construction, and support deployment and runtime decisions based on prior evaluation of providers● to facilitate the use of resources based on economic and eco-efficiency goals while achieving a dynamic and proactive management of cloud infrastructures● to enable clouds to be composed from multiple services and resources● to identify value networks for these cloud markets and recommend suitable legal and regulatory guidelines for operation
  11. 11. Vision Cloud
  12. 12. Vision Cloud● Raising the Abstraction Level of Storage - Encapsulating storage into objects with user-defined and system-defined attributes (a.k.a. "metadata")● Data Mobility and Federation without Boundaries - extend the limited data migration capabilities available in contemporary infrastructures to migrate and federate data across geographically distributed administrative domains, ensuring comprehensive and transparent data interoperability and overcoming the problem of data lock-in● Computational Storage - Providing an architected solution for bringing computing to storage by enabling secure execution of computational tasks near their data
  13. 13. Vision Cloud● Content Centric Storage - Facilitating access to data by content and its relationships rather than details of the underlying storage containers● Advanced Capabilities for Cloud-Based Storage - Combining the base concepts for cloud computing with additional capabilities of storage virtualization, advancing the state of the art by creating a platform where data- intensive services can be provided securely, at the desired level of service, and at competitive costs
  14. 14. TClouds
  15. 15. TClouds● aims to build a prototype Internetscale ICT infrastructure which allows virtualized computing, network, and storage resources over the Internet to provide scalability and cost- efficiency● to identify and address the legal and business implications and opportunities of a widespread use of infrastructure clouds, contributing to building a regulatory framework for enabling resilient and privacy-enhanced cross-border infrastructure clouds
  16. 16. TClouds● to define an architecture and prototype for securing infrastructure clouds by providing security enhancements that can be deployed on top of commodity infrastructure clouds (as a cloudof-clouds) and assessing the resilience and privacy benefits of security extensions of existing clouds● to provide resilient middleware for adaptive security on the cloud-of-clouds - the TClouds platform will provide tolerance and adaptability to mitigate security incidents and unstable operating conditions for a range of applications running on such clouds-of-clouds
  17. 17. European Cloud R&D projects Cloud Catalyst Workshop Ricardo Costa