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Gcompris proposal

  1. 1. Natural Environment and Morse Code Concepton GComprisGNOME Women Internship 2013 Proposal
  2. 2. AbstractEnvironmental problems are the esteemed issue these days.Learning aboutenvironment functionality and issues would be a plus point for children atthis very tender age. All the softwares developed on environment thesedays are usually very complex and confuses children in terms ofterminology without talking about their operational behavior.Learning about Morse code will extend their knowledge towards theencryption science.It will allow a secrative way of communication whichwould open their minds towards the more practical situations. Morsesoftware for children will be a rare thing to find.During the internship period,my tasks would be to develop an engaginguser-experience by extending GCompris to kids between the agegroup(2-10), letting them to explore a variety of interactive activitiestheming Morse code and Environment Section.
  3. 3. MotivationI chose this project since its rooted from FOSS and highlights theGNUosphere concept,bring linux to kids and kids to the practical science.This implementation will enable the elementary kids to discover ournatural environment in more fun way. Implementation will allow kids toclassify between goods and bads of environment virtually and creatingand sharing their ideas in the real one.Introducing Morse world for those who are fascinated by Morse conceptas a kind of “secret code”.They will began to understand its significancefor people who are in secret services in a play-way manner.
  4. 4. Proposal DesignThe proposal for GCompris intends to focus on providing information ,activities & game concept for a range of activities for kids under the agegroup of (2 to 10) .Two sections which I want to introduce in GCompris are :-➢ Getting kids more closer to our naturalsurrounding and helping kids to learn aboutorganic gardens ,natural cycles and plantsthrough games. Giving them way to classifyobjects which are not harmful.➢To help them unlock the Morse code which isusually in form of dots and dashes ( forming aline of dots and dashes with specific spacespositions , arranged so that words and letterscan be differentiated )Creating 4 main section of activities touching 2 sections of the GcomprisSoftware
  5. 5. Categorization of Gcompris Environment SectionEnvionment SectionIntroduction to Organic garden Plant growing StimulatorEnvironment protectionIntro to Recognizeplants plantsGarbage classification Oxygen cycleCategorization of Gcompris Morse Code SectionMorse CodeIntro to Morse Code Encryption
  6. 6. GCompris Environment ActivitiesPart -1: Plant growing StimulatorActivity -1: Plant growing StimulatorEngaging kids to manage roots,leafs andflower growth of their own virtual plant.What Kids can choose :- By Spendingsome Sugar + Minerals they can chooseprovided options like Leaf, Roots, Flower,Seed to fall, Bees(to pollinate flowers intoseed), Grow seed(enlarge them in size forbetter productivity)There will be Rains according to theMonths Weather and Insects that makesome potential harm to kids plant.Kids needs to be very smart in terms ofspending sugar+minerals. And they willneed water for Photosyntesis ofplants,CO2+water+sunlight = Sugar. Withmore minerals more water will be aborsbedand with more water, more sugar will beproduced with sunlight(depends no. ofleafs)
  7. 7. Part-2: Introduction to Organic gardenActivity – 2 :Introduction to Organic plantsMentioning all the information like botanical name,season,spacing,height and uses ingarden & salads.Kids engagment – Here kids only have to learn about many diversity of plants and try tomemorize them with pictrues.I am planing to include these following plants :-A. AmaranthB. BasilC. BalmD. Bee BalmE. Burnet, SaladF. Calendula, Flashback mixG. CatmintH. CatnipI. Chamomile, GermanJ. ChervilK. Chinese Parsley (Cilantro)L . Chives, Garlic-- And many more fromPantry Garden Herbs [1]
  8. 8. Activity 3 : Find me !!Match the Shown Pics of Plants to their names in the graden.There will be 5 different levels for this particular activity with every level number of flowerswill increase as shown in the figure.Kids have to select the correct name and then select the corresponding flower.
  9. 9. Part 3 : Environment protection sectionActivity 4 : Garbage classificationThere will be 2 levels for this activity.Littered Garbage will be classifiedaccording to the different types.First level will be of classifing organicand non-organic things.On higher level, things will becategories into Plastic,Glass and Metals.Activity 5 : Simple oxygen cycleAs shown in figure, in activity there will be one human and some animal creatures andtrees on along side and up above some air molecules will be shown.This willl be a descriptive activity, molecule of CO2 will collaborated and goes in tree tohelp synthesis.Synthesized leafs will produce oxygen molecules in air.In air kids selectedmolecule of oxygen will be transfered to human and he will be shown refreshed andenergized.Through this activity kids will be able to learn how respiration of humans and plants arerelated and air plays important medium part in it.
  10. 10. Part 4 : Morse Code ConceptActivity 6 : Learning the Morse codeStory narration of Samuel Morse and Alfred Vail life in a lively style. It will includeintroduction to their biography, their failures, discovery of Morse and its modifications.For Details check this - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oo0hSZ9R_XkThe Morse code will be taught in aninteractive manner.It will be further classified into2 activities :- alphabet & numeral .As shown in the picture, for each letterthere will be a separate lesson withexplanation for the correspondingMorse code.See:- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JT9zM_-2S6ghttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJdCPWa5vIMActivity 7 : EncryptionIn this activity ,Kids will try to pass morsecode to tux.One letter will be shown to kids and theyhave to press dots and dash button insequence, as shown in figure.How to play– Kids have to first click on tuxto show them any number .They need toclick on DOT and DASH buttons accordingto that alphabets morse code .For submission they need to click on tux.
  11. 11. ImplementationTo begin with,implementation would include a deep study of interaction & code➢flow between GCompris core (that includes all utility methods & menus) &activity plugins in GCompris game sequence.[2]Create menus in xml formats for each activity including all important information➢& fields related with activity.To develop the activity,use of python programming language & Emacs.➢Emacs with Python plugin & git as a version control system.➢Designing the User interface with PyGoocanvas to implement the canvas widgets➢& PyGTK for creating the GUI.Use openclipart & gimp for creating the icons,skins,etc .➢Developing algorithms for each game activity.➢Integrating algorithms with the code.➢To get started with sample code of pythontest & pythontemplate activities.➢To code an activity,gripping over the set of functions implemented by plugin➢activities both :-mandatory & optional entry points using GCompris pythonAPI. Creating a class for activity to form the python board structure ofGCompris.
  12. 12. Timeline | RoadmapJune 17 - July 13Further discuss the activity ideas with the mentor➢Final list of activities to be implemented under GCompris environment and➢Gcompris Morse Code.Read & study documentation on PyGoocanvas ,PyGTK ,Python and GCompris➢API.Setting up the development environment.➢Study the overview of game sequence & interaction between GCompris core &➢activity plugin.I would love to code in python using Emacs and Vim. Getting familiar with➢writing a GCompris activity.Assembling skins ,sounds ,content ;designing icons & logos using GIMP &➢openclipart for the activities.Formulate Algorithms and Use Cases for all activities.➢July 14- July 31Start Coding!➢Designing the UI for the activities : Part 1➢ Plant Growing stimulator and Part 2Organic Garden environment.Building up algorithms for these two parts i.e 3 activities .➢Complete Code integration with the UI.➢Test functionality of written code.➢Document the work➢
  13. 13. August 1 CheckpointSubmit all three complete activities of Part 1 Plant Growing stimulator and Part 2Organic Garden environment along with documentation.August 2- September 5➢ Designing UI for Part 3 Environment protection section and Part 4 Morse code.Code integration of both activities with the UI➢Document the work.➢Debug ,reduce code complexity.➢September 5 - September 17Testing ,documentation & debugging.➢Code refactoring➢September 18 - September 23Buffer period(This time can be used for all the last minute tweaks as somthing➢can possibly go wrong)
  14. 14. StudentName : Pratibha ChhimpaEmail : pratibha.chhinpa1@gmail.comIRC nick : flameBlog : http://pythonhack.blogspot.in/Git Url : https://github.com/pcakapratibhaLocation : Rajasthan ,IndiaTimezone : +530 GMTI am a third year student pursuing Bachelors of Technology in ComputerScience discipline at The LNM Institute of Technology, Jaipur,India .I ama FOSS enthusiast & familiar with it for more than a year now .I am wellversed with C,Python ,Java ,php,web designing and also with thecommunity interaction of OSS projects.I use mailing list,IRC and versioncontrol system like Git and host all my code on Github so,I can startworking on project early.Some of my past projects are designed ISA and built Assembler andInstruction Set Simulator for an 8-bit microcontroller ,Process priorityimprover in PyGtk and Tkinter and designed a Website for Arcelor Mittalfest Vivacity[3].I take Summer of Code as an opportunity to get engaged with GnomeCommunity and GCompris as a contributor and continue this associationeven after internship. I have reported two bugs (#698038)[4] and(#698039)[5] and also found a solution for the latter one and will besubmitting more.I would love to be contacted if any part of this proposal is not clear toyou. Thank you for considering this proposal and for your time!
  15. 15. References[1 ] - http://pantrygardenherbs.com[2 ] - http://gcompris.net/wiki/File:Overview.jpg[3 ] - http://vivacity.lnmiit.ac.in/index.php#home[4 ] - https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=698038[5 ] - https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=698039