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Thomas gainsborough. Melenivska Daryna


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Thomas gainsborough. Melenivska Daryna

  1. 1. Thomas GainsboroughThomas Gainsborough (1727—1788)(1727—1788)
  2. 2.  ThomasThomas GainsboroughGainsborough was born inwas born in Sudbury in 1727Sudbury in 1727 and was the sonand was the son of a merchant.of a merchant.  He was a masterHe was a master of English schoolof English school of painting.of painting.  He was aHe was a portraitist and aportraitist and a landscapelandscape painter.painter.
  3. 3.  His father sent himHis father sent him to London to studyto London to study arts.arts.  He spent 8 yearsHe spent 8 years working andworking and studying in London.studying in London.  There he gotThere he got acquainted with theacquainted with the Flemish traditionalFlemish traditional school of of painting.
  4. 4.  In his portraits greenIn his portraits green and blue coloursand blue colours predominate.predominate.  He was the firstHe was the first British painter whoBritish painter who painted British nativepainted British native countryside.countryside.  He painted a wagonHe painted a wagon of hay, a poorof hay, a poor cottage, poorcottage, poor peasants.peasants.  His works ofHis works of landscape containlandscape contain much poetry andmuch poetry and
  5. 5.  Gainsborough's landscapeGainsborough's landscape paintings were selling verypaintings were selling very well, and he was able towell, and he was able to get high society clients andget high society clients and send works to the Royalsend works to the Royal Academy's annualAcademy's annual exhibitions.exhibitions.  His portraits display theHis portraits display the individuality of hisindividuality of his subjects.subjects.
  6. 6. ““Blue Boy”Blue Boy”
  7. 7. ““The PortraitThe Portrait of theof the Duchess ofDuchess of Beaufort”Beaufort”
  8. 8. ““Sara Siddons”Sara Siddons”
  9. 9.  His works, painted in clear and trans-His works, painted in clear and trans- parent tones, had a considerableparent tones, had a considerable influence on the artists of the Englishinfluence on the artists of the English  He was in advance of his time.He was in advance of his time.  His art became a forerunner of theHis art became a forerunner of the Romantic Movement.Romantic Movement.
  10. 10.  Gainsborough died of cancer on 2Gainsborough died of cancer on 2 August 1788 in his 62nd year.August 1788 in his 62nd year.
  11. 11. Thank you forThank you for your attention!your attention!