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Inbound networking

  1. Inbound Networking Peter Caputa IV 6/22/2012 Collaborative Growth Network
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  3. Mission (for clients) 1. Help businesses - more quickly - generate more traffic, leads and sales from their inbound marketing. 2. Help businesses start to learn and do inbound marketing and online networking with less commitment of time and money. * Does not require the business to be a HS customer or retainer client.
  4. Mission (for agencies) 1. Help agencies retain clients by delivering better results to clients more quickly. 2. Create a profitable revenue stream for agencies. 3. Enable agencies to get smaller businesses and ‘slower to change’ businesses started with inbound marketing. 4. Help agencies generate more leads for their services.
  5. Mission (for HubSpot) 1. Help existing customers generate more traffic, leads and sales. 2. Create a system for customers to get frequent support and help from agency partners and other companies who target their same market. 3. Help our agency partners grow. 4. Create network effects for us and our partners where the inbound marketing movement grows faster and the value of our network is stronger as we add more members. 5. Help the 5k/mo soloproneurs who convert on our website, who we don’t have the best solution for.
  6. How Does it Work 1. Create a group website that features members and their content. 2. Members apply, get accepted, pay… join. 3. Each member creates blog posts and landing page content. 4. Leader facilitates, edits, approves, publishes content. 5. Other members promote the content. 6. Everyone attends a weekly meeting where the leader trains the members how to do inbound marketing; reports the group’s traffic and lead growth; as well as holds members accountable to creating content and promoting other member’s content.
  7. Bottom of the Funnel Call to Action Goes Here: Sign me up! I want to form, lead and manage an Inbound Networking Group If this is you, please email me: my first initial and last name at HubSpot dot com
  8. Middle of the Funnel Call to Action Goes Here: I’m still curious. It’s too undefined for me right now. I’ll tune in next week. If this is you, please email me and I can invite you: my first initial and last name at HubSpot dot com
  9. Top of the Funnel Call to Action Goes Here: No thanks. I’ll wait until you write the ebook.

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