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Geek & Gamer Girls: High vs. Low Tech Games


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Presented at the 2012 NJLA Annual Conference.

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Geek & Gamer Girls: High vs. Low Tech Games

  1. 1.  72% of American households play video and computer games, and 42% of all players are women (ESA, 2011). 68% of parents believe game play provides mental stimulation or education (ESA, 2011). Of the most frequent game purchasers, 52% are male and 48% are female (ESA, 2011). Consumers spent a total of $25.1 billion on video games, hardware, and accessories in 2010 (ESA, 2011). 80% of all teens ages 12-17 own a game console (Pew Internet Study, 2009). 97% of all teens ages 12-17 play computer, web, portable, or console games (Pew Internet Study, 2008). 86% of all teens play on a console like the Xbox, PlayStation, or Wii (Pew Internet Study, 2008).
  2. 2. Games can help foster a variety of valuable and important skills for children, teens, and adults: Educational Skills:  Sorting, counting, pattern recognition, matching, reading, Cognitive Skills:  Critical thinking/problem-solving skills, logic/plan formulation Literacy (text and visual) Skills:  Reading, comprehension, vocabulary, interpretive analysis Social Skills:  Turn-taking, sharing, cooperating, learning social cues Physical Skills:  Hand-eye coordination, gross/fine motor skills, exercise
  3. 3.  Teen Gaming (Grades 6 and Up) Gaming for Kids (Grades 3 to 5) Gaming for Kids with Special Needs (Grades 3 and Up) After Hours Teen Gaming (Halo Reach, Just Dance, Dance Central) Gaming Tournaments (Mario Kart Wii, Super Smash Bros. Brawl) Family Board Gaming Day National Gaming Day Nintendo DS Meet Up Retro Gaming Day
  4. 4. Video Games Ping Pong Online “RP” GamesBoard Games Contact Games “Giant” Games
  5. 5. World’s Greatest Search & Discovery Poster Mega High Tower Speed Stacks | Chess & Card Games | Whiteboard Games | Ninja
  6. 6. Video Games White Board “Word” Games Ping Pong“Giant” Games Board & Card Games
  7. 7. Video Games White Board “Drawing” Games Ping Pong“Giant” Games Board & Card Games
  8. 8. Gaming provides children with a natural opportunity to: Practice their social skills Observe how other kids use same skills Improve conversation skills Initiate and maintain interactions Accept “no” responses Share and cooperate with others Solve problems effectively Take turns and practice good sportsmanship Learn cultural roles about social proximity and intrusionSource: Autism Encyclopedia: The Complete Guide to AutismSpectrum Disorders by E. Amanda Boutot, Matt Tincani, Ph.D. (2009)
  9. 9.  Less Video Games + More Board Games = More Social Interaction* Using a white board is fun, flexible, and creative, and works well with all age groups/grade levels Use Video Games as an incentive or reward for playing nicely (can save for the end)* With regularity, kids won’t miss shift from video games to more board games Video games may be over-stimulating for some kids with special needs
  10. 10. Slideshare: Rated E for Everyone – Expanding Services to Children with SpecialNeeds: in the 21st Century by Stephen E. Siwak: 2011 Industry Facts: Internet Study 2009– Trend Data (Teens) – Teen Gadget Ownership: Internet Study 2008– Teens, Video Games and Civics – Summary ofFindings: By AssistiveWare (iTunes): Factory Magnetic Mosaics Kids: High Tower with Bag: Stacks:’s Greatest Search and Discover Poster: Rush Hour: Zingo:
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  12. 12. Peggy Wong Piscataway Public Library email: pwong@piscatawaylibrary.orgGeek and Gamer Girls - High vs. Low Tech Games: