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Pm Pres

  1. 1. Project Management -The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Dr. Philip E. Burian Dean, Business Administration & Management Sioux Falls, SD Spirit. Drive. Education @ CTU
  2. 2. The prime directive of Project Managementshould be to provide the most effective and efficient “delivery” of products and services – NEVER lose site of this!
  3. 3. Frameworks All of these frameworks are descriptive and not prescriptive.They also have similar approaches and activities. Integrating them can be cumbersome, complex, and confusing• PMI (Domains/Project Processes)• ISO 9000 (Quality Management System & Standards)• DSDM (Pre-project, Project life-cycle, & Post project Phases/Processes)• PDCA/Deming Cycle (Plan, Do, Check, Act)• CMMi (Maturity Levels, Staged and Continuous)• Six Sigma (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control)• SDLC (Waterfall, Spiral, Build & Fix, Rapid Prototyping, Incremental, Synchronize and Stabilize)• Proprietary (Systems Engineering)
  4. 4. The GoodStreamlined processes, coordination and cooperation, and a team with their eyes on the prize • A good PM implementation does in fact improve efficiencies • Delivery of products and services can be managed more effectively • More organized/structured approach • Team synchronization • Overall project plan-of-attack • Identified Risks • Goals and metrics
  5. 5. The BadYou have to be engaged and understand the business! • Improperly trained PMs • Zero personality PMs • Level in organization • Not understanding business • Too rigid and complex processes • Not aggressively tracking budget and schedule • Scope and Scale creep • Little to no metrics/measurement
  6. 6. The Ugly What do you want me to do next?• PM dictating what will be delivered and when• Youll follow the process or else attitude• Cumbersome and bureaucratic organizational structure• By-the-book mentality• Too large of a project• Top-down or bottoms-up direction• No executive involvement or support• Communication breakdown
  7. 7. How Can We Improve?• Gain executive sponsorship• Tailor the program or methodology• Use meaningful metrics and measurements• Use qualified PMs• Understand the business aspects and impacts• Integrate the processes into the organization• Really use lessons learned to improve the processes• Communication• Implement a recurring and PM level training program• Respond to issues with a sense of urgency• Focus on the end result – a successful delivery
  8. 8. Working ModelRequirement Capital Planning Biz Initiative The Program or Project Management or Initiative Strategic Plan Framework MUST be woven into the fabric of the organization as well as with business vision, objectives and strategies New Capability Major Modification/Update Assess Function/Feature Change Operations & Maintenance Remember, you may have to use or ROI Integrate other Feedback Economic NPV frameworks Lessons Learned Analysis CBA depending on the Improvement type of project or & Decisions Break-Even program Initiating Planning Execution & Closing Control Cross-Functional A Schedule is Metrics and Completion and Team not a Plan Reporting Turnover to Support