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Introduction to Creative Convergence Inc. for Businesses, Brands and Advertising Agencies


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At the intersection of entertainment, technology and advertising, Creative Convergence Inc., specializing in business development, content monetization and consumer engagement solutions, consults technology start-ups, advertising agencies, businesses, brands, entertainment companies and content owners.

Clients look to Creative Convergence for its experience and relationships within entertainment, advertising and technology while providing services such as content development, business development, marketing, sales and project management.

With offices in both Los Angeles and Chicago, Creative Convergence has strong ties to the entertainment industry and is part of Y&R Advertising's (a WPP company) Spark Plug Program with access to hundreds of brands worldwide.

Please review our company decks where you can learn more about what we can do for you and your company.

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Introduction to Creative Convergence Inc. for Businesses, Brands and Advertising Agencies

  1. 1. Los Angeles | Chicago
  2. 2. Welcome To The ConvergenceWe are at a point in history where technology, entertainment andadvertising are converging to bring new avenues of brand awareness,consumer engagement and customer loyalty.Creative Convergence is here to help brands break new ground andpush the envelope by being one step ahead of what is trending inculture, business, technology, entertainment and consumer demands.Armed with a roster of cutting-edge technology solutions andentertainment industry experience, we are uniquely situated to bringtechnology, storytellers and brands together in a seamless andstreamlined process that allows brands to express themselves in newand innovative
  3. 3. What We Do & What We DeliverWe provide:• Consumer Engagement Solutions• Content Monetization Solutions• Business Development• Strategic Partnerships• Content Development• Content Strategy• Social Media StrategyOur services result in:• Greater Consumer Engagement• Higher Visibility• Increased
  4. 4. We help BRANDS tell their STORIESWe find BRANDS the right PLATFORMS, PARTNERS and TECHto tell those STORIES that will increase CONSUMER ENGAGEMENT.We show BRANDS how to MONETIZE the CONTENTthat is created from their
  5. 5. Consumer Engagement TechnologyCreative Convergence works with and represents the following technologycompanies and their technology solutions:HumInteractive video platform thatcan tell stories across multipledevices.Social-media enabled debatetool and interactive Twittersolution.Heightened multi-sensory experiencesdesign firm for brand environments.Scripted social mediasolution for characters andbrands.Motion capture, 3D animation,and 3D Special Effects productioncompany.Software tools that includecross-channel marketinganalytics, data visualization andmedia research informationmanagement.Hotspot touchscreen technologythat allows users to learn, shopand share off of the secondscreen.App developer with imagerecognition, audio recognition,augmented reality, GPSlocation-based services.Social media wall with Twitterand Instagram
  6. 6. Creative Convergence has been working in the Entertainment Industry since 2004. We have an intimate understandingof the inner workings and processes of the entertainment business.Since our inception, we have developed and sold TV and film projects to companies such as ABC, CBS Paramount,Warner Brothers, Lifetime, Paramount, Hallmark, and Disney Channel.We have the ability and knowhow to navigate and connect brands to entertainment executives, representatives, contentcreators, and talent achieving powerful results.Creative Convergence:A Hollywood
  7. 7. Y&R Spark Plug ProgramCreative Convergence has joined Y&R Advertisings(a WPP company) Spark Plug Program. OurChicago office is located within Y&R Midwestsoffices.As part of this arrangement, we provide Y&R withour expertise in the fields of entertainment, media,and technology and access to our technology clientsand capabilities.This is a non-exclusive relationship which allows usthe flexibility to work with your agency to helpattain your brands consumer engagement, contentmonetization and business development
  8. 8. Companies engaging
  9. 9. Engaging Creative Convergencewww.creativecvg.comAt Creative Convergence, we collaborate with your teams tomaximize your brands growth, improve brand awareness andincrease consumer attraction.We assist your organization by providing specific consumerengagement solutions directly from our technology partners,developing and delivering innovative solutions for a campaign,or lending our technology, content and entertainment industryexpertise.It is our mission to enhance your brands ability to reach itsgoals through our solutions, creative thinking and experience.
  10. 10. Partner BackgroundsBefore joining Creative Convergence:Brad Kushner worked for Sony Pictures Entertainment, William Morris, director Ivan Reitman, andcelebrity Adam Sandler in the fields of production, creative development, representation, publicityand marketing. He graduated with a BS in Radio/Television/Film from Northwestern University.Philippa Burgess worked at International Creative Management (ICM) before she co-founded themanagement company Mason/Burgess/Lifschultz where she was a literary manager for over 5years. She graduated with a BA in International Relations & Cinema-Television from University ofSouthern California (USC).Kushner and Burgess are currently members of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences in theInteractive Media Peer Group (ATAS-IMPG)
  11. 11. Contact InformationPhilippa Burgesspb@creativecvg.com310-310-1993Brad Kushnerbdk@creativecvg.com312-596-3036www.creativecvg.comLos Angeles | Chicago at