Pb secure amazing & ground breaking


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Document Security, Preventing Fakes & Tampering of Degrees, Certificates & Marksheets

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Pb secure amazing & ground breaking

  1. 1. pbSecureTM for Indian Universities & Educational Boards Tamper Evident Degrees & Marksheets with ‘Issuer Independent’ Verification (Online+Offline)(A MOVE, AWAY FROM ‘COST-ONLY’ PROCESS TOWARDS ‘COST+REVENUE’ PROCESS) $ 5.4B GLOBAL MNC SINCE 92 YEARS
  2. 2. About pbSecureTM pbSecureTM is Pitney Bowes’ ground-breaking and indigenously developed Secure Certificate Management System for Creation of Degree Certificates and Mark Sheets; which is based on its global expertise in the field of Secure Evidencing technology. pbSecureTM is a hybrid solution consisting of patented hardware & a software application built around highly advanced Cryptographic & PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) technology The technology behind pbSecureTM is built on a platform that is used globally by Pitney Bowes to secure billions of dollars of annual government revenue. Pitney Bowes is known world over for pioneering the concept of secured evidencing, starting with postage payment in US way back in 1920. Pitney Bowes has spent millions of dollars in R&D for several years to develop the cryptography technology in pbSecureTM and is uniquely enabled to provide a Secure Certificate Management System for Creation of Degree Certificates and Mark Sheets. Certificates created using pbSecureTM are secured & any modifications can very easily be detected and reported. Verification of these certificates is possible both online and offline environment – with ZERO involvement/overhead of issuing authority. Pitney Bowes offers to invest in implementing its worldwide proven and Patent-Protected technology at your organization to protect your Degrees & marksheets from tampering; along with a revenue generation Model built around Online Verification without any administrative overhead to your organization.Page | 2
  3. 3. pbSecureTM – Solution Capabilities ONLY SOLUTION  Freedom from expensive & time consuming Paper- Based Physical Security features. which can successfully replace Paper-Based Physical Security  In-House & On-Demand generation with Features TM ‘pbSecure ’ security feature ONLY SOLUTION  On-Spot Verification without any need to connect back to a Database. With Online Verification without any need for an Online/Offline  No Need to maintain, update & safeguard a central Database. database. ONLY SOLUTION  Issuer Independent Verification which guarantees reliable &  ZERO Overhead/Manpower Cost for Verifications instant verification without contacting the issuer  Instant ‘Anyone-Anywhere-Anytime’ verification. ONLY SOLUTION which enables verification even  Every Copy (of the original) becomes a from Copies (Photocopies & True copy. Scans) ONLY SOLUTION  Due to quick-on-spot verification process, more people opt for verification services COST+Revenue Model but with ZERO additional Verification  Increased & Effortless In-Flow of Revenue from workload verifications. ONLY SOLUTION  Completely in-house process. which works entirely in-house &  Protects data from internal threats & also from safeguards original parent database external/online attacks since the Data is never hosted online or on a Web Server. ONLY SOLUTION  Automated MIS reports for every single document which automates Generation of Generated. Secured print-ready files of Degrees/Marksheets  MIS Reports of Failed/Passed Verifications.Page | 3
  4. 4. How Does pbSecureTM Work The process involves capturing the valuable data points on a Document and securing them by processing through pbSecures patented cryptographic encryption system which is a combination of Patented Hardware & Software/Application.Page | 4
  5. 5. The pbSecureTM produces a PDF document as per organization’s template/design, which carries the valuable data points in an encrypted format - A 2D Barcode is used merely as a medium to carry & deliver the encrypted information. Since the Encrypted data carried via the 2D-Barcode cannot be deciphered by human eye, it therefore cannot be tampered with. pbSecureTM executes successful & 100% reliable verification remotely by merely enabling any verifier to read the original encrypted information using pbSecure technology & then comparing it with whatever is visible on the physical document. Any document which carries a code not generated by a valid & authentic issuer is immediately detected as a fake by pbSecureTM online & offline verification ecosystem.Page | 5