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A trip to london


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A trip to london

  1. 1. A TRIP TO LONDON Paula Barrau , Laura Corbatón,Laura Abulí and Oliu Llorente
  2. 2. FIRST DAY morning• We left Barcelona at 6:00 am.• We arrived at London at 8:00 am.• At 11:00 am we went to see the Guard change.• We had lunch at 14:00 pm.
  3. 3. FIRST DAY afternoon• At 19:30 we went to the theatre• We had dinner at 23:00
  4. 4. SECOND DAY morning• We had breakfast at 10:30• At 12:00 we went to the London Eye• At 13:30 we visited the Big Ben• We had lunch at 14:00
  5. 5. SECOND DAY afternoon• We went shopping at 15:00• We had dinner at 21:00
  6. 6. THIRD DAY morning• We had breakfast at 10:00• At 10:30 we went to Hyde Park• We had lunch at 14:00
  7. 7. THIRD DAY afternoon• We collected our baggage at 15:00• We arrived at the airport at 17:00• We left London at 18:15• We arrived Barcelona at 20:15
  8. 8. PricesPrices for 4 people in euros:Plane:274,96Hotel: 253,66Travel card (underground):64London eye: 98,64The Lion King:138,8British museum: freeGuard change: freeShopping: 200Emergencies: 26