Librarycamp - a channel for change (Internet Librarian International 2013)


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Librarycamp presentation at Internet Librarian International, Olympia, London, 16th October 2013. Presented by Richard Veevers, Sue Lawson and Penny Andrews.

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Librarycamp - a channel for change (Internet Librarian International 2013)

  1. 1. Librarycamp A channel for change Richard Veevers, Sue Lawson, Penny Andrews @richardveevers, @pennyb, @shedsue
  2. 2. What is it? Born 2011 Daughter of Barcamp, Govcamp, Thatcamp… Spawned Radical, London, Brunel, Leeds, Manchester, Exeter, Dublin, Essex, Glasgow... Friends of MuseumCamp, CareersCamp, BlueLightCamp, Housing camp
  3. 3. Richard Veevers Library Assistant, Lancashire County Council
  4. 4. One view of me! Library assistant 10 years experience Baby Bounces Story Time Hands On IT E Reader advice
  5. 5. Record turnouts!
  6. 6. How We Got Too Good A staff conference presentation Shared online Heard by Librarycamp organisers Part of first Librarycamp team
  7. 7. Librarycamp 2011
  8. 8. Librarycamp Leeds Librarycamp Manchester
  9. 9. Met up with Arts Council England libraries team
  10. 10. Librarycamp 2012 Sponsors Venue PR Event management Event MC!
  11. 11. Librarycamp UK 2013 What’s next?
  12. 12. Sue Lawson Service Development Coordinator Manchester Libraries, Information and Archives @shedsue
  13. 13. I love my job... Library Facebook Twitter Blog Social media training Library app Manchester Zoom Email marketing Library website content IP
  14. 14. Librarycamp 2011
  15. 15. I did this!
  16. 16. Post librarycamp Intrapreneur Innovator Networker Presenter Photo credit: Kalexanderson
  17. 17. Penny Andrews MSc Digital Library Management Student, University of Sheffield @pennyb
  18. 18. Who was I? Never worked in a library Open University undergrad Writer & musician Unemployable Volunteer at Feminist Archive North Lost
  19. 19. Who am I now? Librarycamp has made me: A library school student Employable Not invisible A conference presenter An award winner...
  20. 20. How? Anyone can lead Anyone can have a say Anything can be said I found people like me…
  21. 21. Sessions I have run (not an expert!) Ebooks (with Richard) - Leeds Invisible Disabilities - Leeds Mental Health - National Aiding Self-Advocacy - Sheffield Leadership Without Portfolio - London Libraries as Monocultures - Radical Library Camp
  22. 22. What is Librarycamp about? Making the service better Making the profession better Sharing knowledge and best practice Sharing questions Making friends Making STUFF
  23. 23. What is Librarycamp not? Something just to put in your CPD or Chartership portfolio A way to get promoted An ego boost Passive All talk and no action
  24. 24. What next? The Librarycamp OpenCPD MOOC: Ethical leadership Better systems Practical skills Critical information literacy ...and more